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  1. no posts about this guy? amazing stuff lately at the most crucial time
  2. Mixon, McKinnon, RoyceFreeman thanks in advance
  3. a couple days later lol. at least hes been better than godley. ill give him a few more starts before a drop
  4. definite hold. i was actually surprised he kept his initial hot streak as long as he did tbh
  5. Good chance hes back next week, fwiw (Per annoucer in the current ARI/WAS game)
  6. MOST definitely... have him in a keeper league as well (where i can keep him near 20th round for the following three years). i feel like i gotta hold onto him (even if its on the bench ROS). if you are in a redraft, i would most definitely drop already. do not have to think hard about it actually.
  7. Yeah i was a lil frustrated first few days, maybe first week of season.... but been loving him ever since. Being in the middle of the Phils lineup is bringing us good counting stats... would be getting more noise if he contributed in HR/SB a bit more often. Other than that, cannot complain at all. Really been helping with batting average
  8. After today, perhaps. The way you worded it made it sound like he should of had the position already this morning, hence the answer you got above. If he plays 3B or OF, we should have it tommorow, if im not wrong
  9. your not wrong at all. just found the last part funny, cuz last season's owners had to deal with him (for whatever reason) ALWAYS being pulled out before the 6inning in the first half last year. was this just a slow start for him in 2017? any insight?
  10. not sure this is the correct forum for this question... regardless, maybe im crazy but i would still rather have Lauri instead of Kuzma. (coming from a laker fan, fwiw lol) i want to see how much kuzma's production decreases when Larry Nance comes back.
  11. 3 year drought :(

  12. Hey, a lot of guys drink beer while watching games on TV. Why would the RW blurb guys be any different? haha i wouldnt doubt if they did have a few... srsly some of their blurbs that happen at night are VERY bad: Maybe I am just misreading the latest WesJohnson update but i had to scratch my head reading this: "The money counting stats save the line but the overall impact is to reduce his standing in standard leagues. He should be owned in most of them, but even a low-level free agent is worth considering with Johnson lacking upside."
  13. Pitching against his own team! hahahhaha dude. ive seen this WAYYY too many times in the past 2+ years!!!! One recent example: "Andrew Cashner shut the Padres out over three innings in his start on Wednesday" One in NBA recently: "Jodie Meeks (ankle) will act as a reserve during Wednesday's contest VERSUS the Lakers" One last season when BJ Upton was already with the Braves: "BJ Upton is back in the Ray's starting lineup on Wednesday against the Blue Jays" LOL!!! AND HERE IS THE KING: (last season) "Matt Kemp launched his second homer of the season Monday off the Dodger's Yovani Gallardo" LMAO! que?????? not talking s---.... these guys give us such a great service and an excellent source of information....... just sharing some of the blurbs that made me laugh my a** off the past 2 seasons
  14. OMG. LOL @ this thread idea. i dont have a blurb to put out there but I CANNOT be the only one who notices the constant misspelling and grammar issues. never cease to amaze me. nothing serious, but they have some pretty funny typos here and there