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  1. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    If he somehow gets the gig, he's gold at Yahoo with that SP tag, with the right league settings.
  2. YPL only require 7IP/week to qualify. Many owners will draft only RPs in those leagues thinking they’ll steal S, ERA, n WHIP each week, but to do this they need top tier closers. Therefore, they go way over drafted in YPLs. Some owners try to combat this by getting one or two stud SPs thinking those two can match ratios w lineups full of closers and no SPs to wreck ratios. So, drafting pitching as a whole becomes way too popular in these leagues. It’s been a pretty popular strategy there now the last few years.
  3. Evan Gattis 2018 Outlook

    Thank you. People talk about this in other areas and it always frustrates me due to what you stated. Days off throw it all out of whack pretty quickly.
  4. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    I know ST doesn’t matter a whole lot, but I’d MUCH rather my players be raking than tanking.
  5. Ian Happ 2018 Outlook

    He crushed it in ST last year, too, but that won't be enough to slow down the hype train.
  6. Ian Happ 2018 Outlook

    For perspective, I drafted him in my first two $50 YPL’s at picks 146 and 125. Drafts were both last week.
  7. Ian Happ 2018 Outlook

    Big believer. If he wins the job outright and hits at the top of the lineup, watch out.
  8. should i accept????

  9. Rate My Draft Pls

    Thanks. Yeah, I’m all about the closer carousel. Some years are better than others, but last year was gold w Knebel and Rivero, both of which the world’s greatest closers thread here helped me snag in almost all leagues (8).
  10. Rate My Draft Pls

    Anderson is worse than iffy. Agree on Rosario. Right about Kuechel too. I’m all-in on Castillo. He has upside Top10 stats other than maybe wins, due to his team.
  11. Rate My Draft Pls

    5x5 H2H Yeah, I keep finding myself w Happ. Ha. He just needs everyday ABs imo. And therein lies the problem. Heh. I was between Kershaw and Goldy at pick 5. Had planned to not touch pitchers til around 9-10 after that, but changed strategy after lucking out (imo) on Rizz/JoRam with my next two picks. I’ve also snagged Contreras in first two drafts, since I can’t get Sanchez. Really the only 2 C I’m willing to pay for. Guys like Montgomery and Anderson will probably be dropped early for steamers, but I have a little faith in JoMont. I try and draft best available in first 7 rounds or so, but then I’m off script. Just looking to snag upside thereafter: Happ, Hicks, Bird, Castillo, Minter, etc. There’s just so much movement during the season. I’ve had many seains where I’ll have ~8 guys still around that I drafted. And, god bless his board for the help it provides with all those pickups.
  12. Overpay for Trout? WHIR

    If you can get Trout, you get Trout. Plain and simple.
  13. Rate My Draft Pls

    12-team H2H Yahoo $50 Pro League I had the 5th pick and went Kershaw. C Contreras 1B Rizzo 2B Schoop SS Anderson 3B JoRam OF Benintendi OF Rosario OF Happ UT Bird UT Hicks BN ChDavis SP Kershaw SP Kuechel SP Castillo SP Morton SP Walker SP ChAnderson SP Montgomery SP Reyes RP Brach RP Osuna RP Minter RP Claudio
  14. Yahoo Pro League - Rate My Draft

    I thought I read HanRam will hit 3rd for Boston. It’s the only reason I took him with my last pick. I agree though, he’s probably done.
  15. Thoughts on my 1st Draft? WHIR

    Like that you focused more on hitting as it seems arms are more readily available in th FA pool. Think your offense has a great balance and will crush. Pitching has upside, but could struggle some, though you’ll just add and drop there as needed.