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  1. Kris Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    I don’t think his thumb was ever right after he injured it in July. Think it sapped his power, and he’s going to get back to his MVP ways in ‘18. Also, the Schwarber leadoff experiment killed his RBI totals. That dude was hot garbage in front of Dem Eyes.
  2. Fast/Slow starters and Weather

    Cutch was the first guy I thought of, though I’m worried he’s not getting hot much anymore.
  3. My bad, fellas. Went to a concert last night, got drunk and totally forgot about this. I loaded my queue and set to autodraft. My apologies.
  4. Marcell Ozuna 2018 Outlook

    Any truth to this?
  5. Luis Castillo 2018 outlook

    Love this kid. I'm worried he'll find himself on the spring training hype train and be too expensive on draft day though. We shall see.
  6. I felt there were better pitchers out there. But as far as hitters go, Benintendi went 80-20-90-20 last season. I think he’s just getting started. I’m more concerned I reached for Hoskins than him. Again, there were better arms than bats, but no way I’m taking 2 pitchers in the first 4 rounds.
  7. On a side note, make sure and let us know when you find your 2017 JoRam for this season. That research was gold, Jerry.
  8. I'm bullish on Bryant this year, and if I can get him late in the first round everywhere, I'll do exactly that. I'm also not big on taking pitchers early, but no one is more consistent than Klubot, imo.
  9. Who do I keep?

    Trout is a lock. I traded Trea and Bellinger for him near the trade deadline as the Trout owner was out of it and looking to rebuild. Not an auction. Everyone has to keep 3 and they are kept in the first, second, and third round. Draft essentially begins in the 4th. And, fwiw, I don't think I can keep JoRam over Bryant. I think Bryant is going to rake in '18. Ceiling is obviously MVP, so I will probably roll with him, Trout, and Big Mike. However, if Big Mike winds up in San Fran, I may go JoRam.
  10. Who do I keep?

    I couldn't agree more about the catcher situation. I'm really going to miss owning Sanchez.
  11. Too Much for Trout?

    I would love to be on the Trout side, so if he says yes, by all means, imo.
  12. Harper vs Goldy **WHIR**

    Give me consistency. Give me Goldy.
  13. Who do I keep?

    Wow. Thanks for all the insight! I am leaning JoRam. I'm just worried about a huge year from Bryant. I think I'm down to him and JoRam. Also, sadly I will have no chance at Sanchez. I pick last due to winning the title, and all of those guys will be off the board before I pick. Heck, the three I don't keep will be gone in the first 5 picks.
  14. Who do I keep?

    12-team 6x5 H2H OPS We keep 3 players each year. You can keep whoever you want, but each year you keep a player the cost goes up $10 to keep said player. Entry is $100+keeper costs. My choices: Trout ($50) - will keep no matter what. Bryant ($30) Rizzo ($40) - 2B eligibility Stanton (Free) JoRam (Free) Sanchez (Free) I'm having a tough time deciding. The only one I know I want to keep is Trout. I'm not necessarily looking to keep the best players as much as I am wanting to create a well-rounded core. To do this, I'm thinking Trout, Stanton, and JoRam. Like the cheap keepers to go along with Trout, but saying that, money isn't a major concern, as I won the 'ship last year with this team. Trout, Rizzo, and Stanton sounds pretty juicy, too. Or, Trout, Bryant, and Stanton? How much is Stanton's value hurt if he goes to San Fran? I honestly don't think I will keep him if he does.
  15. Giancarlo Stanton 2018 Season Outlook

    I agree on Reyes, and while I agree Weaver is legit, we’re going to have to give up one of them, no? Sorry, Luke.