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  1. Only 3 pages for this guy? I'm supremely disappointed at the lack of hype over this man. Points leagues and 8-cat owners especially should be happy with this line. Even played some decent defense in this game, although the game was pretty awful at times with sloppy play from both sides.
  2. Yeah, you could keep both and drop Fournier or Gay. Something I might note is positional flexibility.. depending on your format you might be thin after making that move. ESPN you would only have 1 PF after the move, Yahoo you would only have 3 I believe (Gay, Kuzma, and Embiid) and Fantrax idk. But it could be something to think about with Embiid and Gay's injury history, might be good to have another consistent PF option with Harrell. Tbh I would probably wait it out one more game, but if your league is competitive I understand why you want him now. Honestly also surprising to me because Mitch was considered a project big prior to the season, and he fell to the 2nd round in the draft. He went understandably high in Dynasty drafts, but If he's really able to do this right off the bat and for a whole season that would be an A+ move from the Knicks.
  3. I'm interested. By new draft do you mean like a team reset draft?
  4. This seems like the kind of thing that will get ignored now but could cause some confusion later.. hope they correct it. I agree with typo, but I dunno.
  5. Going off of how awful and inconsistent he looked last year, I'm pleasantly surprised by his consistent production, especially for a guy who was in the D-tier of PGs a lot of the time, available in the 90s-100s with Clarkson, Smart, and Rondo in my drafts. Only 1 real dud so far imo.
  6. He just keeps on improving. Last 5 games: 18 pts 6 reb 1.8 stl 0.6 blk and 1.4 TOs on 48% FG and 42% from three (and 2.2 threes per game). FTs still suck (67%) but you can't question the breakout. Kid is the real deal, especially if you don't care about FTs or you can mitigate the damage. T60 value this season if you're punting FTs.
  7. I wish I'd drafted him in more leagues. Clearly the real deal
  8. I think that's a really good way to make use of a traditional big in an era that is putting less and less emphasis on having a 7'0'' non-shooter on the floor. Bogut couldn't shoot like the other Warriors starters but he could defend, and just as importantly, pass pretty damn well.
  9. Forget the free throws talk, I gotta harp on these assists even more.. Through 12 games he already has 38 assists... a mark he didn't reach in 60 games in his rookie year, nor in 81 games (32 mpg) in his sophomore year.. he's really on pace to smash his old assist numbers. Career average is 0.8 and he's hitting 3.2, and back to the FTs despite going 0-7 he's still hitting around 60%+. I'm super interested in seeing what's sustainable and what's not.
  10. Just to piggyback, I also saw that they did do that and they do that a lot when players serve suspensions concurrently with injuries (KCP was still on the injured list during 1 of his 2 suspension games iirc,). Plus Bledsoe at one point had the INJ tag as well despite not being injured, he's still sitting in my IR slot right now on Yahoo and I can't stream because of it. As mentioned, there is precedent where they give INJ status to guys who are just out but not even injured (as they actually did with Bledsoe already this season and as someone mentioned Jrue was another case). Whether you agree on Bledsoe getting the designation or not, I do think it's kind of bogus how you can't predict how they'll apply their rules because it's so random and haphazard.. just pick a rule and stick with it.. either it's injury/illness only or it's for being "out" for other reasons too. Another point for this is Eric Bledsoe afaik is on the "inactive list", basically the NBA's equivalent of the injured reserve, along with Brandon Knight and Alan Wiliams. If the Inactive List is basically the NBA equivalent of the IR, and the guy is on that inactive list with no timetable for return, seems like the guy should be on the IR then. Just my two cents.
  11. Happy to be wrong about Murray, I wasn't entirely sure that this year would be his breakout year but he is gonna show me wrong for sure. Biggest thing I'm actually surprised about is how little Murray turns over the ball for a 20-year old handling the ball a lot. Out of his three 5+ assist games he's only had 1 TO in each, and he's only had more than 1 TO twice out of 7 games. I'm excited again for the Nuggs, they could take a '16 Utah Jazz-like jump (50 wins last year) next year if not this year as long as their young pieces Murray/Harris/Jokic keep on improving.
  12. 3 of his last 4 games have been 18-point scoring games.. I'd gladly settle for less, but I have to wonder what those people who didn't think Gary could improve his scoring are thinking. I'll always buy on guys like Gary; solid defense, smart shot selection, lets the game come to him. Coaches will always find a way to get guys like that on the floor.
  13. For a guy putting up such Phat lines he's got such a short thread.. only 3 pages? When's the last time a rookie put up numbers like this? Concerns about FT% and 3pters are well-founded, but decent steals with these amazing popcorn stats has gotta be worth getting excited over.
  14. Wtf I love this guy now Can he make the East All-Star team?
  15. He was never gonna be a FG% anchor but yeesh. 25% from the field tonight. Just gotta keep reminding myself his shot isn't broken, 16-17 on free throws still, well above 90%.. that's something at least.