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  1. He still follows 6 of them what do you mean?
  2. Well I have both. If you have the lord, you have to have JI! 😁
  3. I think whether he starts or not doesn't matter as long as he plays 25-30min a game, which he already earned. Him and Bogey together in the 2nd unit is golddd
  4. This dude is dropping zeros across the board now? I already worked out a deal to trade him. Scared the other owner is gonna change his mind after tonight’s game😂
  5. Patty starting over him now? Pop is the master at tough love coaching
  6. At least he is not holding his shoulder and rib after every play anymore. And I like him playing with Rondo
  7. Blew a wide open dunk. Bron will never pass to him again. Drop cityyyy
  8. That is true. He is still experiencing some soreness. I think the magic is just being cautious.
  9. He was a full go during Saturday’s practice so I doubt it is anything serious
  10. Main reasons for underwhelming rbds: 1. Defending a lot of stretch 4’s which means closing out to the 3point line thus being further away from the basket. 2. Not hustling as much to go after these boards due to injury?/ playing with better rebounders (mcgee, howard, lbj) 3. Gameplan etc. I noticed he is all the way on the other side for offence every time the opposing team is shooting fts
  11. Pls be careful out there around Baynes tonight AD
  12. He bumped head with Paul Millsap on Tuesday. Might be the cause of this concussion
  13. https://dunkingwithwolves.com/2019/10/10/minnesota-timberwolves-the-return-of-robert-covington/ Nothing to worry about imo
  14. Adding this cat in all my 12-team leagues