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  1. That whooshing sound above your head was Cdub's sarcasm.
  2. Sitting right at .200 at the moment. He's got 11 hits in his last 35 AB...12 K and 3 BB in that stretch. But at least the BA is coming up.
  3. I personally believe he replaces Parra. He was their big FA signing...he's going to get ABs. And I don't believe that Gerardo Parra is going to be the obstacle that keeps Desmond on the bench, no matter how well he's hitting at this moment.
  4. You guys are feeding the obvious troll. Don't. It's not like it's the first time he's gone trolling.
  5. I don't believe it's a league-wide thing. Hamilton is on pace for ~80. Altuve and Nunez are on pace for ~55. Five guys are on pace for ~48, and eight more on pace for ~40. Several, including Gordon and Villar on pace for 30. If those paces hold up (not saying they will), they will easily surpass last year's total of five players who stole 40+ (and the other nine who stole 30+).
  6. Advice: Haniger connected for a three-run home run off Cole Hamels in the third inning. The tater was his fourth through the first two weeks of play. The 26-year-old outfielder hit all of five during the 2016 season. While he is unlikely to maintain his current .294/.410/.588 triple-slash, those in deeper AL-only formats looking for a little bit of bench heat might consider giving him a look while he is raking. ( Nevermind the other 25 he hit in the minors, I guess. Wouldn't it be thorough that his 5 HR in the Majors last year came in 109 AB? And deeper AL leagues should look at him as a potential bench bat?? Does the guy who wrote this play in 4-team AL only leagues or something? I cannot imagine an AL league of any substance not drafting Haniger...and possibly as a starter.
  7. Well, remember Bregman is SS playing 3B. He's still learning.
  8. I can buy the 25-30 SB, ~.270 BA, and an uptick in R. Not buying the HR, though. I think he's a 6-8 HR guy, though he's still young and improving. It's worth noting that he moved back down to 7th in the order yesterday.
  9. Part of Bregman's increase in SB was the fact that LSU turned their runners loose on the basepaths. The Tigers attempted 166 steals in 2015 (successful 130 times for a ridiculous 78% success rate). In Bregman's first two years combined, they attempted 154 steals, succeeding on only 103 (49-74 in 2014 and 54-80 in 2013). Also on that team those three seasons was the Nat's Andrew Stevenson, who has some serious speed, and another LSU speedster Mark Laird. LSU coaches just weren't giving the green light much until 2015. What it does show you, imho, is that Bregman is a smart baserunner. He has decent speed, but not great speed. He's quick but not super-quick. He was 66-83 over his career at 80 percent clip, which is good (even in college) for someone without exception speed. I'm with Stein in that anything more than a dozen this year is just lagniappe. I think in his prime SB years, he's going to be in the 18-22 range.
  10. Batted 7th in the opener but had a good start. I don't see how he's not useful in AL Only leagues, especially those that utilize a MI slot, and I still maintain that there are worse bench bats in 12-team mixed leagues with a decent-size bench. This year at least, he gives you three positions in Yahoo.
  11. Okay, so ran some numbers real quick. Of the 70 games that LeMahieu played on the road last year, Travis was healthy enough to play 41. In those 41 games, he hit .265-21-3-15-3 (155 AB). So in 2016, you would have been better off playing LeMahieu over Travis when DJ was on the road. Will that be the case going forward? We'll have to wait and see. Btw, project those 41 games to the total of 70 that LeMahieu played....265-35-5-25-5. For those who don't want to scroll back to the earlier page, DJ's numbers were. 303-35-4-23-6. Lol. Turns out Travis saved his best games for when the Rockies were at home, too, haha!
  12. Gotcha. Was just curious. Fwiw, the perspective on Travis for me is not his home/road's just games he plays while DJ is on the road. Some interesting info would be Travis' numbers in 2016 when DJ played road games. I think it's a worthy discussion and spices up and otherwise boring player's thread, lol. I mean, I really like DJ as a former LSU player, but he isn't exactly a scintillating player :).
  13. You never did explain why you lol'd at Devon Travis.
  14. Nice start to the season for JaCoby...1-for-3 with a 3-run HR, SB, and zero Ks through 6 innings.
  15. I agree. I was just thinking to myself about my part in derailing LeMahieu's thread, lol. I do think the start of it posed a worthy it worth platooning him if his road split goes back to pre-2016 levels? We just kinda got off-kilter from there, and the answer to the question (as you said) is largely league-dependent.