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  1. Cannot lie...I never understood Silverdome hyping this guy so much. Maybe he's knocking off the rust, but the results are pretty bad after two starts.
  2. Any idea why his latest start was pushed back to the 22nd?
  3. Maybe they think Lamb needs protection than JDM needs protection? I dunno...just trying to think of a reason.
  4. Probably so...but he's still going to be considered (and rightfully so) a tier 2/3 SP next year, depending on how you break down tiers. He's definitely not in the Kershaw/Scherzer/Sale/Kluber tier, but I think he could climb in that tier below them with guys like deGrom/Stras/Greinke/MadBum/etc. But he needs a better team surrounding him.
  5. And he finished as OF76 in my 5x5 roto league last year...but that was with only 366 ABs. I may be biased because I've had him stashed on my DL for a long time, but I think he's definitely worth picking up in a 12-team/5OF league.
  6. Unless you're a Matt Belisle owner. -- Signed, a Matt Belisle owner
  7. And at 24, he will only continue to get better as he gains more experience. I just hope the Phillies' offense can give him more support next year. Even with a terrible offense, he's 9-8 through 20 starts.
  8. I'll draft the proper round. Which means I probably won't be drafting him because he'll go earlier than I'm willing to draft him right now.
  9. He was not injury prone in college. That's not even remotely correct. The fact is he was injured last year, and Les Miles rushed him back, playing him before he was ready. That injury never completely went away, and he unwisely told the LSU staff he wanted to play vs Florida. And Orgeron made a poor decision by allowing him to suit up. It was one injury that was never allowed to fully heal. That is not "injury prone".
  10. How is he extremely overrated?
  11. I would definitely pass on Miller for a 4th. So it's down to Adams or AD for a 10th. The comments about Peterson so far is that he looks phenomenal, but I'm not convinced he'll completely take the no1 role from Ingram. He might, but Payton loves Ingram. As for Adams, he could have a huge season if Cobb cannot stay healthy...or he could have just a solid season if Cobb does stay healthy...or he could get hurt again. Personally, I come down on the side of Peterson for a 10th. If Ingram goes down, AD could potentially cement a larger role in the offense than he'll already have. His upside is greater to me than Adams.
  12. Or Matheny could prefer to keep Lyons in his 8th inning role and give Oh a role he's been in before. I own no shares of the Cards' pen, so I have no vested interest.
  13. Belisle gets another save.
  14. He's a guy who would probably be a 20-20 guy if he could ever stay healthy, so I think he's worth a look. Last year and this, he has 599 AB. In those ABs, he has 85 runs, 19 HR, 57 RBI, and 31 SB. The potential is intriguing.