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  1. So no Eduardo talk in a few weeks. I just thought that it's worth noting that his last 7 starts have been outstanding...45 innings, 1.00 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, 5 wins, 53 Ks. He's still likely to have a career high WHIP, but overall this has been a solid year for those in season-long roto leagues. Looking at a career-best ERA, good K totals, and at least 17 wins.
  2. So should we all figure out stats for OL and play them, too? Are you in an IDP league that utilizes all three levels of defense? What about ST coverage teams? They're all part of the real NFL game, too. Not trying to be snarky...just pointing out that there are many parts of the NFL game that are not included in FF.
  3. It’s only available on the app, and Discord is available via app and on my laptop for starters. Past that, the Discord app just blows Yahoo away in every facet and goes beyond just a basic chat feature.
  4. Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve been so snake bit in the first two weeks that i desperately need a week 3 win, so I was willing to pay up and stick him in my FL2. When you hit desperation mode, you do things you normally wouldn’t like pay up for KC’s flavor of the week.
  5. So you’re saying Robinson is trending in the right direction? Lol.
  6. He’s not even the top QB after the first two weeks. He’s 3rd in my league behind LJax and Dak.
  7. Harris isn’t hurt. He’s been a healthy scratch both weeks. Rexy is the 3rd RB right now. Or maybe even the 2b RB.
  8. The chat feature on the Yahoo app sucks, too. But it is still far and away my favorite platform. Two of my Yahoo leagues have taken our chat to Discord, and it is awesome. Pairs up nicely...Yahoo with the fantasy platform and Discord with the chat platform. Hate leaving Yahoo for league chat, but it’s worth it. And I agree with BBT about the NA issue. Our league is having to keep up with it on our own because we allow two NA keepers each spring. It’s a pain.
  9. Contreras started at 1B yesterday with Rizzo out. Any chance he gets four more starts over the final 13 days to get 1B eligibility? Has anyone heard if there is a plan to play Contreras there some more?
  10. I have no shares and haven’t seen Johnson play much in college. But I will say, college receptions aren’t the best measure to use. Because for instance, before this season, no one would ever know if LSU RBs had elite passing skills or not because LSU just simply has not thrown to RBs for years. It was not part of the offensive scheme or gameplan. It is now, thankfully, but it hasn’t been. Now that is not commentary on Ty or a statement that he is or isn’t a good receiver. I’m just saying that receptions in college isn’t the best way to gauge that skill. Jmho.
  11. Shouldn't be any surprise. He's struggling big time in AAA...and in the PCL, no less. He has no HRs, 1 SB, and 8 RBI in 132 PAs (.676 OPS) with a 32.6% strikeout rate. It hasn't been pretty, and my guess is that he'll need a couple of months of solid production at AAA next spring to get the call to LAA. I was hopeful that maybe he'd win the RF job in ST, but I think that's a longshot at this point.
  12. Of course he’s not going to sustain 128-1760-16 pace, but why would you not keep him? He’s looking he’s going to be the TE breakout of 2019. The most important number is the 136 targets he’s on pace for, and judging by his performance to date, that number should stay pretty high.
  13. This is not a Yahoo issue. They will only label a player with the designation the team puts on a player. If you want to fuss at someone, fuss at SF for labeling him as questionable instead of out.