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  1. I'd make the move with confidence. Your OF is still studly, and you make your staff even scarier. Good deal, imho. Take a look at mine?
  2. I'd rather have Bellinger in a dynasty. Tough call, but I really like this kid. I do believe Bellinger will fade some down the stretch this year, but he's my longterm preference. Take a look at mine?
  3. 12-team, traditional 5x5, keep 8. I'm trying to figure out who to cut between Merrifield, Pirela, and Bregman in order to activate Villar when he comes off the DL, and I keep going back and forth. Who would you drop? Hitters are below... C: Martin, Zunino (we start 2) 1B/3B/CI: Bour/Turner/Bellinger 2B/SS/MI: Happ/Peraza/Pirela OF: JDM, Inciarte, KDavis, Schebler, Gomez UT: MATaylor BN: Merrifield, Bregman, Kemp, Alonso I still believe in Villar's talent, so I don't want to cut him. I'd like to ride out Pirela to see if this is a late-blooming breakout for him. Merrifield provides good BA and a decent HR-SB combo. Bregman has sucked so far, but he's still on pace for around 16 HR and 12 SB. If he turns it around in the second half, he can still have put up solid numbers for the season, and I hate to give up on him in a keeper league. Thoughts?
  4. Aren't they playing that AL team at home? No DH. I'm not upset with the move, though.
  5. Dropped him a couple of weeks ago. Zero regrets.
  6. Well, I guess it was my post that started this, and it wasn't a bench coach question...or at least wasn't intended to be. I picked him up as a streamer and decided to get a feel for how owners felt about him against a weaker opponent. He was already in my lineup for tomorrow, so it wasn't a solicitation for advice. I had no intentions of removing him unless someone responded that his arm fell off. In retrospect, I should have worded my post differently.
  7. Amen to that! I need the steals, but I need him to hit better than .220, too. If he can hit .260 the rest of the way and threaten the 40 SB mark, I'll be happy.
  8. Reverse jinx. Good idea.
  9. Agreed. He can hit 12-15 HR without trying. So just let them come naturally, and show the patience and speed he showed last year.
  10. I like the BA, but I'm getting tired of the lack of SB over the last few weeks.
  11. Gotcha. Thanks for the insight, and I hope you're right. Maybe this is just his time...but I'll continue to be concerned, LOL. Those Ks...yikes...33.2 percent right now.
  12. Hated to do it but dropped Altherr in a 5-OF keeper league for him. I hope he doesn't turn back into a pumpkin, but the Ks are very concerning. Seems like he's not really a different player...just incredibly hot lately. His BABIP and ISO would shatter his previous career highs if he managed to maintain them (unlikely). Are there any underlying numbers that support this breakout other than (likely) unsustainable BABIP and ISO? I might end up regret dropping Altherr, lol, even though he's only been a bench player for me in a 5-OF league.
  13. I'm streaming him but I'll be dropping him in a 12-team mixed. He won't be one of my top 6 SP, and I don't really want a starter that I don't feel comfortable puttng in my lineup for half his starts.