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  1. Drew Brees 2017 Season Outlook

    He was the QB when we won that playoff game...that didn't make him a good QB. The Saints were a middling team after he won that first playoff game as a rookie. So I'll show him as much respect as he's earned...which isn't much. He was a terrible QB and had an awful football IQ. He had a rocket arm, but couldn't hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle. He was an even worse leader. When your NFL QB is told by the organization to go to leadership development classes, you know you're in trouble. You can love Brooks all you want. I appreciate him being the QB for that historic win, but I'll always remember him for being a terrible leader, having little respect in the locker room, and for having a strong arm with no touch and no accuracy. Back to Drew Brees...that's a QB that commands the respect of people. The fact that you have to demand that someone show respect to Brooks should speak volumes.
  2. Drew Brees 2017 Season Outlook

    Aaron Brooks...dear lord. He of the backwards pass. Haha!! I'll never forget that loser throwing picks and walking off the field smiling afterwards. Always ticked me off.
  3. Drew Brees 2017 Season Outlook

    Trying to be as objective as I can be, I would say hold onto him for a few reasons. One, you still have a top 10 fantasy QB. Two, he still plays in an offense that throws the ball all over the place. Three, he still has a HC who believes in passing early and often. Four, he still has weapons to spread the ball around to. Five, he's one of the most durable QBs in the league right now. Six, as much as I believe in Ingram and Kamara giving us that needed running game, I'm not yet a believer in the Saints defense being as legit as it's shown over the last three games. Seven, as soon as you trade him, he's going to rip off that 30pt passing game you're looking for. The 13+ points against Detroit was disappointing, but if that game had been as close as the final score indicated, he would have had much bigger numbers. Keep in mind, he had 148 yards at the half. In the second half, Payton's play-calling went to crap and was overly conservative because of the big lead. Pass plays were short and conservative...of his 8 completions in the second half, only one went for more than 9 yards. Drew may be seeing some decline, but not to the point to where he's no longer a 250yd QB on a regular basis. I fault Sean Payton for Drew's second half numbers, and I think it was an anomaly as much as anything.
  4. Drew Brees 2017 Season Outlook

    As I said earlier, there is decline in Brees. Saints fans have been talking about it for a couple of years now, and I think until this year, that decline has been masked by a terrible defense that got the Saints behind a lot...making it necessary for Brees to chuck the ball all over the field, thereby putting up big numbers. The big numbers hid the fact that his arm isn't as strong and his decision-making isn't as quick. I think we're starting to see that more now than in the past.
  5. Drew Brees 2017 Season Outlook

    Lol, no it wasn't. But if one player (or even two players) "crater" your team, you didn't piece together a very good team to begin with. Instead of griping about their lack of performance, perhaps that person should focus on drafting a better team or making better WW pickups. I understand that drafting Brees in the 3rd can hurt when he's in the bottom half of the QB1 tier, but that alone shouldn't "crater" a team, especially when he's still producing top 10 numbers. I drafted him in the 3rd round in one of my leagues. After tonight, I'll be 5-1 and ranked 2nd in that league. And before you or anyone, I don't believe losing Aaron Rodgers for the season should crater anyone's team. Hurt them? Yes. It can turn a championship contender into merely a playoff contender, but his loss shouldn't "crater" a team. But maybe we define "crater" differently.
  6. Drew Brees 2017 Season Outlook

    Actually, I own both and had my highest point total of the season, lol. High-scoring team in that league this week .
  7. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

    I'll believe he plays this week when he lines up on the field. I just don't see the need to rush a guy that injured his hammy and then re-injured (worse than the first) because he was trying to get back. I'm personally looking at a week 9 return. I know others disagree, and that's cool. I just don't want him back in the lineup until he's fully healthy.
  8. Drew Brees 2017 Season Outlook

    As a Saints fan and his owner in one league, I sure hope so, lol. I could use it. But I'll take a better defense and a more balanced offense helping my Saints get back into the playoffs and making some noise over Brees going bonkers and helping me win a fantasy league :).
  9. Drew Brees 2017 Season Outlook

    The downward trend is undeniable...and I say that as a Saints fan. In my Yahoo leagues, he's currently 10th in points per game, which makes him a QB1, but not a championship level QB1. At least not right now. When you consider that that most teams drafted him in the first 3-4 rounds, that hurts because a QB1 could have been drafted later. As for what is off...I personally believe his decision-making is slower than we're used to. For all the talk about age affecting his physical abilities, I think it's starting to hit in non-physical ways, as well. He just seems a tick slower in his decisions than I'm used to seeing from him. You add that to an arm that isn't quite as strong as it used to be, and the decline becomes more visible. He's still a good QB...but not the elite QB we've come to see in Brees. Maybe that changes ROS. I sure hope so.
  10. Drew Brees 2017 Season Outlook

    Actually just weeks 1-2. They looked studly for weeks 3-4 and then for 2 1/2 quarters of week 6. Even yesterday, the defense only allowed 24 points, which isn't awful against Detroit.
  11. Rob Gronkowski 2017 Season Outlook

    Don't feed the troll. That's all Dr Whom is.
  12. Jameis Winston 2017 Outlook

    Who in the world is on your waiver wire?? There's no one near Winston available in my league, lol. And we're not a 2-QB league.
  13. Jameis for Golden Tate?

    I don't have my team in my sig. QB: Siemien RB: Hunt, Freeman, Mixon, Charles, McGuire WR: MThomas, Hopkins, GTate, MWilliams, Louis, Davis TE: Graham, Engram PK: Zuerlein D: stream 11 IDPs started.
  14. 12-team redraft that starts 3 WR. I need a QB and put a message out to our league saying as much. I got an immediate offer to send Winston to me for my Golden Tate. Make the deal or no? I read Winston's thread, and his owners are ripping him pretty hard. My other WRs are MThomas, DHopkins, MWilliams, RLouis, and CDavis. I was also told by a different owner that I can have Andrew Luck, so I'd like to see what he offers me, too. Thoughts?
  15. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

    Depends on if he's definitely 100 percent. He's already reinjured this once, so I feel like they'd much rather be more careful this time around.