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  1. Agreed. I never break first half and second half up by the ASB. I'm referring to April-June and July-Sept when discussing halves. Otherwise I'll just say "pre-ASB" and "post-ASB".
  2. It's a worthy gamble, but I'm less and less confident that Brasier will be given the job to open the season. I beginning to believe Barnes will have the first opportunity to run with it. We'll see soon enough.
  3. Good lord. I googled "What is Brazzers". So I live in a cave because I don't view that kind of stuff on my internet? LOL okay bud. If that's living in a cave, I'll happily do so.
  4. Part of me wants to google that to see what it is...the other part of me says I probably shouldn't. Lol.
  5. I played in a Fantrax league last year and wasn't enamored. It's great for customization and the support is great, but I really didn't like the interface at all.
  6. Even before the report about him being expected to be the starting 2B, I disagree that there's no reason to draft him. He's a guy who can play multiple positions, and he's a guy who was going to get ABs...starting 2B or not. Prior to this latest news, I wouldn't have drafted him as a starter, but imo he would have been a valuable bench bat because of his versatility.
  7. I am pretty happy about this info. I drafted Kike as one of my "Swiss army knife" players, hoping he'd grab 400ish ABs this season. To find out he's going to be a starting 2B is pretty cool. What kind of numbers should we expect from Hernandez if he get get 550 ABs this season? RR has him hitting 6th, so maybe a .250-25-75 with a few SBs. I'll take that on my bench.
  8. What steals will be there? He's stolen 36 bases as a professional in 2,115 PAs...and he's been caught 38 times. A .300 average with 8-10 HR and a handful of steals is not an "awesome MI" guy, imo. Maybe a decent MI in an NL only league...a passable MI in 14+ mixed leagues.
  9. I'm playing in a points league for the first time since the early 90s when I was a teenager. It's just a casual fun H2H league, but most of the guys have been playing in the same league for a few years...autodraft, redraft, no $$. I didn't realize how heavily weighted towards pitching the league is. I looked at my lineup and thought, "Daaaang! Nice infield!". Pitching wasn't good, but I figured I could make it work like I always do in roto leagues if I have a bad pitching draft. Then I noticed the league vets had loaded pitching staffs...then I noticed that they are carrying very few bats on their benches...then I looked at the draft results and saw mostly SPs going early...and then I looked at the scoring last year and saw that elite SPs are OVERWHELMINGLY valuable and important. And then I thought, "Well crap...I guess I'll suffer through this season and set my draft order next year."'s going to be a long year in that league. So I am looking for every sleeper SP I can find.
  10. Just hasn't been good at it. Once he got to AAA and the Majors, his success rate plummeted. He obviously has the speed, but it seems he just thrived on that speed in the lower minors against lesser catchers. If he can't do better than his 50 percent rate last year, he isn't going to be given the green light very often. He's got the jets to steal 20+ in the Majors...I just don't know that he has the instincts to do so.
  11. Makes a lot of sense. My kids and the kids I coach probably get tired of hearing me talk about quiet hands and quiet swings. Lol. It’s just trying to remove all the unnecessary movements that can affect timing from of a swing. But my kids aren’t Bryce Harper either. Lol!
  12. Good tout. He was drafted in both of my leagues. He was someone I targeted, but he went earlier than I expected.
  13. Can’t believe no one has mentioned Ryan Yarbrough yet. Provides innings, which leads to more Ks, and gets wins.
  14. Seems like nothing more than coincidence to me. But I don't have any info or anything.
  15. He could be getting it from RotoChamp and RosterResource, both of which have Renfroe starting and Reyes on the bench. Not saying they're correct...just pointing out that he's not pulling it out of thin air.
  16. I've seen him talked about as a deep sleeper in places. His ST stats are fugly, lol. No, we don't put stock in ST stats, but still. Yikes. That said, I agree with Sidearmer that he looks like a mid-to-high 3's ERA, a 1.20s WHIP, and a K/IP kinda guy. He doesn't go deep into games, so a high inning count is unlikely.
  17. I agree with you that Renfroe's ceiling is not 30 HR. I also agree that Reyes' floor this year is not 30 HR, but I do think it won't be too much longer before we'll be able to say that. He's only 23, and we've seen his HRs increase from 8 at A in 2015, to 16 at A+ in 2016, to 25 at AA in 2017, to 32 at AAA/MLB last year. The trend seems to indicate that his power is growing as his body matures, and I think it's very possible that we may be discussing a 30 HR floor as early as 2020. Jmho .
  18. Linebacker? Dude's a DE, LOL. He's a big ole boy tailor-made for DH. I don't really look at Reyes as a .280 hitter. He's a career .268 hitter in the minors and until last year, he had hit .280 or higher once in 2013 (though he did come close in 2016). But, he's young and last year at AAA (albeit the PCL) and in SD does offer hope.
  19. I don't think it'll be Edwards, nor do I believe it will it be a committee. If Strop is gtg by the start of the season, he'll be the guy. When Morrow returns, he'll be the guy. Now if Strop isn't ready for OD, then they may go CEJ or a committee until he is ready.
  20. Williams isn’t much smaller than Hyde at 5-11, 224...compared to Hyde’s 6-0, 229. Either is plenty big to be the lead back.
  21. Good thing Guice doesn’t have them. Lol.