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  1. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    If KC drafts someone like Damien Harris or Josh Jacobs, who can both probably be gotten in the late 2nd or 3rd, then Damien Williams owners need to be concerned. That said, DW has show enough for KC to give him strong consideration as their lead back entering 2019. They are going to sign a couple of guys in FA, though...or sign one and draft another. As of now, the only two RBs they have under contract in 2019 are their two DWills. The question is going to be who they sign/draft, and do they go after someone with the intention of moving Damien back to second-string.
  2. I figured since I started Merrifield's outlook thread, I may as well start his partner-in-crime's thread, too. Both were very effective thieves in 2018, especially late in the season. Undoubtedly, Mondesi is going to be one of the most hotly debated players this offseason. It's easy to get excited when looking at a half-season worth of stats, but I do believe it's fool's gold. I feel like Mondesi is going to have a solid and productive season, but there isn't a chance he doubles last year's stats (my Mr. Obvious moment). There are some things to love about Mondesi. He has some power, enough to reach 20-25 to go along with blazing speed. It is a very tantalizing combination, but I believe we have to expect regression. There will also be regression in his BA. I just don't see him hitting .276 again...not with that bb/k rate. The good news is that he's young (23 entering 2019), so hopefully he'll be able to show some progression. He doesn't walk much, but he did show quite a bit of improvement in his K% in 2018. Super small samples, but his K% in his shorts stints with KC in 2016 and 2017 were 32.2 and 36.7, respectively. This past season, it was 26.5. That's a pretty significant drop and was more in line with his career MiLB numbers, outside of his first taste of AAA ball in 2016. Even with the very low walk rate, I'll be more optimistic about his 2019 if he can maintain, or even improve, on that K%. The risk with Mondesi is that his ceiling is pretty high, but his floor is Buxton low. But it's guys like this that make fantasy baseball maddeningly enjoyable, lol. He's going to be kept in a lot of keeper leagues, especially those with salaries or round designations. He'll be a 25th rd keeper for me (30 rounds), so for owners like me (and auction owners who got him dirt cheap), he is well worth the risk. At this moment, I will say I'm looking for something along the lines of a .240-.250 BA, 15-18 HR and 45-50 SB. But I fully understand he could also be back in AAA by June (though I believe he's up for good now).
  3. Derrius Guice 2019 Outlook

    I don't know, and I can't say whether or not Guice will ever be a good receiver in the NFL. What I can say as a life-long LSU fan is...LSU rarely throws to RBs, no matter how good or bad their hands are. It's been a point of frustration among fans.
  4. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    I'd have to elevate CMC to the Superstar level. Chubb down to the mid-range RB1, maybe low-end RB1. Johnson up to mid-range RB1 ith the new HC hire. If the Jags hire McCoy as their OC, will Fournette remain in the RB1 conversation, especially with his injury history? If AP doesn't sign with the Redskins, I think Guice should get bumped up to Low end RB1 level. Will McKinnon get enough touches to be a mid-RB2? Kerryon at least a High end RB2, imho. Where does Ingram fit in? If he stays in NOLA, I'd guess mid-RB2. If he goes elsewhere and is the bellcow, he has legit mid-RB1 ability.
  5. Simply not true. There are inning limits. Even in your scenario, there is still a limit. And frankly, if a guy wants to employ that strategy, I welcome it. How often would that sort of tactic actually work out? In a deep 12-team league, the bums that owner would have to pick up would do more harm than good.
  6. Doesn’t kill the value of backup hitters. That’s what two of my leagues use, and bench bats are still valuable.
  7. Nick Chubb 2019 Outlook

    Feelings on the Browns retaining Kitchens as the HC, and Freddie bringing in Todd Monken as the OC?
  8. Antonio Gates 2019 Outlook

    Grief? Did you miss the “lol” at the end?
  9. Antonio Gates 2019 Outlook

    Man. Won't this guy just go away. Doesn't he realize it's Hunter Henry time? Lol.
  10. Sony Michel 2019 Outlook

    Well, it was his 6th game this season of 98+ yards out of 14 total games. I believe Sony is a solid RB2 when healthy next year. The issue is his health. Can he hold up game-after-game in the NFL?
  11. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    Passed around? This is his second team. You make it sound like he's a journeyman on his 4th or 5th team in his five seasons.
  12. As a Saints fan, I don't like the way we've played over the last 5-6 games. We peaked too early. It was hard enough to beat the Eagles twice in the same season...beating the Rams twice will be a different animal. With Rankins going down, and McVay leaning on the run game more lately, I'm afraid we're going to be exploited up the middle. And the Saints offense hasn't exactly looked explosive recently. As for KC-NE, I like the Chiefs at home. I know Brady is just a step below God, but Mahomes just has this unflappable quality about him. Personally, I think he rises up and plays well enough to win next weekend. Just my opinion.
  13. If the Saints play like this next week, it won't be close. And with Rankins being done for the season, it might not be close anyway. As of now, I'm liking the Rams and Chiefs to meet in the Super Bowl. The young QBs are going to unseat the grizzled vets.
  14. I started Devonta Freeman, so I figured I should start Davante Adams. Maybe I'll go start Devontae Booker next. Lol. Any other Devonta/Davante/Devontaes? As for Adams, this guys seems to be one of the safer WRs in fantasy. We need to see where Brown ends up, but I think Adams and Nuk are the top two (or at least two of the top three) WRs in fantasy because of their consistency and their high floors from week-to-week. Adams is an easy first round pick, imho, and could arguably be the first WR off the board. I guess my only question about him is if a new coaching staff will change things up in the passing game and if they want the ball spread around more. Allison was looking good until he got hurt, and MVS had his moments as a rookie. Even so, Adams showed himself to be an elite and consistent WR this past season. Even if he were to lose some targets, I still expect him to reach or exceed 100 receptions, which should put him comfortably over 1,200 yards. And he's had double-digit TDs in each of the last three seasons. What say you?
  15. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    I absolutely agree...he's the guy next year, imho. They showed some faith in him with $4mil/year, but also hedged their bets a little with the two-year contract. It also helps him, too, if he does produce top-shelf RB numbers. Now, I do think they bring in someone via FA because I don't think they want to go into 2019 with Darrell Williams as their No2 back. I could be wrong, but Darrell just wasn't that good of a RB at LSU. He was solid and dependable as a SR (after he lost 10-15 pounds), but no one I'd look at as a legit No2 guy in the NFL. So imo, either they sign a FA or draft a RB to bring in as their No2 back. Or maybe they just re-sign Ware, which I honestly doubt.
  16. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    In all fairness, he wouldn't be the first come-out-of-nowhere RB to shine late in the season, only to become a turd the next season. People are absolutely within reason to be skeptical that this no-name guy will suddenly become an RB1. He sure looks the part right now, but we won't know for sure until 2019 and beyond. I'm one that has really wondered if Kareem Hunt was that good, or if he was simply a product of KC's system. I believe he is a talented RB, but seeing Damien makes me believe he was as much a product of the system as he was his own ability. This is the reason I don't think KC needs to go open up the checkbook for guys like Ingram or Bell.
  17. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    Yeah, I honestly don’t see a need for KC to go sign a top RB. They have a guy who is more than capable in Damien. I’m not so sure about Darrell as their no2 back. As an LSU fan, I love the guy because he was such a good teammate as a Tiger, but if Damien goes down, I don’t like him as a lead back in the NFL. I believe they need to sign a FA or draft someone to be that no2. But yeah, I see no need for KC to sign Ingram or Bell. Allocate those dollars elsewhere.
  18. Evan Engram exploded on the scene as a rookie...something rookie TEs rarely do. He didn't have an awful 2018 was just riddled with injuries was a disappointment in comparison to the expectations following such a promising 2017. Even so, he was just off his catches-per-game average in 2017, and both his yards-per-game and yards-per-catch increased in 2018. If he had played a full 16-game schedule, he would have been the TE6 this past season...or TE7 if O.J. Howard had played 16 games. In a bad offense, he's produced a 16-game pace of 67-800-5. Not bad, but I know we'd all like to see more TDs from him. I mentioned in the Howard thread that I think the young TEs are going to make the position deeper in the near future, and I believe Engram can and will be a part of that. He's too talented and too athletic to just fade away. Most his final four games of the season, he was targeted 31 times, producing 22-320-1. Man...if he can carry something close to that over into 2019, we could be getting ready to see a nice breakout season. Is 70-1000-6 out of the question for him? How do you assess his capabilities in his third NFL season, assuming he'll be healthy?
  19. Divisional Round Predictions

    I haven’t put my picks in. I’ll say... Chiefs Rams Bolts Saints
  20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2019 Outlook

    Arians in Tamps is going to make the NFC South the nastiest division in the NFL. The Saints aren’t going anywhere. I expect the Panthers to bounce back. The Falcons, as much as I loathe their existence, is still a very talented roster that should be a lot healthier in 2019. Now you have Arians in Tampa. The team that wins that division next season will have earned it.
  21. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Listen, I was not attacking you. You can think that “CSB” is juvenile, but it’s how we keep posters from overloading this forum with info about their teams. To say no one cares about your roster is not an attack or offensive. It’s just the truth, and I was corrected by other posters and mods when I was new to the forum, too. I guess you think otherwise, but listing your roster and telling us how many titles you won is absolutely IRrelevant to this thread and this forum. It is not relevant at all. It’s not trolling. It’s a normal thing on these RW forums for guys to point out when CSB posts are made. Normally, the mods will go through deleting CSB posts or editing the CSB portions out of posts, but I think there is a shortage of mods or something. Do CSB posts slip through? Sure. Are many of us guilty, even as veteran posters? Sure. Welcome to the forums and don’t get so bent out of shape. If you do, the actual trolls will find you and torture you. Lol. It’s all good man. Welcome to these forums. They’re great, and I’m grateful for having found them.
  22. Travis Kelce 2019 Outlook

    No it’s commonplace for guys to say they’ll steer clear of players. Listing our rosters amongst other things in that post of yours is not, however. It was the definition CSB. If being told that hurt your feelings, oh well.
  23. Howard had a decent rookie season, and then showed progress in his sophomore season. TE is a tough position for youngsters to come in and star from the get-go. Most show progress over time, and I'm wondering if Howard is showing that same progression. He had a couple of duds last year, but he averaged 10.35 ppg in 1/2 PPR through 10 games. If he had played 16 games, he would have been the 5th-ranked TE in 1/2 PPR. He was on a 16-game pace to produce 54-904-8 and has produced an impressive 16.6 ypr in each of his first two years. I'm honestly now sure how Arians' TEs do, but I have to think that he's going to use a weapon like Howard liberally. The landscape of TEs was pretty dreadful in 2018, but I think young guys like Howard will have the position looking up in 2019. Even with the expected growth of Godwin opposite the studliness of Evans, I still like Howard to be a 60-900-10 TE next season...IF he can stay healthy. He's already missed 8 games in his first two seasons. Thoughts on him in 2019?
  24. Derrius Guice 2019 Outlook

    It's not. But it rarely has anything do with RB's hands. It's the QB freaking out and throwing the ball high or in the dirt...the RB not getting to the right spot...the OL not keeping the front 7 off the RB so he can make the catch...the OL not keeping the front 7 off the RB so when he does make the catch, he gets dropped for a 5yd loss. We LSU fans have fussed for years about our lack of ability to run a RB screen...or to get the ball to the RBs in the pass game, in general. It is SO freaking frustrating, and we hold out hope with every new OC that we'll finally get our RBs involved in the pass game...but no. Fournette showed good hands. Guice showed good hands. And both were fast and athletic enough to be utilized more often than they were. It's criminal, really. Lol. Aside from the terrible screen game, our QBs have never seemed to know how to go through progressions and swing the ball out to a RB in the flat...or dump the ball over the middle. Nor do we even have many designed pass plays to RBs. And when you've had a stretch of RBs that include Stevan Ridley, Joe Addai, Jeremy Hill, Leonard Fournette, and Derrius Guice, you'd think a priority would be made to get these guys the ball in the pass game as well as the run game. All this to say, I would not judge Guice's hands or his effectiveness as a receiver on the numbers he put up at LSU. It simply has been the product of flawed systems and poor QB play.
  25. Travis Kelce 2019 Outlook

    Nowhere near my roster. Lol.