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  1. 14 carries, 66 yds. Against the Bills’ defense, I find that encouraging. But I didn’t watch the game.
  2. I’m quite sure Miller was chosen ahead of Chark in almost every league, especially considering Chark was a waiver pickup in most 12-team leagues.
  3. Predicting is a part of these threads and this forum. Not sure why you’re blasting a guy for giving his opinion on how Chark will finish the season.
  4. Things do look up for Murray with Hicks hitting the IR.
  5. That’s saying something for a guy from south Louisiana. Lol!
  6. Maybe. What I wouldn’t like when looking at his stats is that he was TD dependent. But you are right. If you take his ppg avg and add it to his point total, he’s the TE13 in my 1/2 ppr league. And he’s the TE14 in per game avg (not included injured guys). As for Oliver, I just don’t have any confidence on him yet, but I am going to be keeping an eye on him. There are just too many things going against him...which means he’ll put up 6-80-1 this week. Lol.
  7. Twenty targets and 14 catches in five games? I can’t really agree with your assessment. He had a couple of TDs, but I don’t think that makes him startable. Jmho.
  8. You’re fully expecting a 155yd/TD type game from Murray against Chicago, in Chicago? I’m a Saints fan, and I don’t expect anything close to that.
  9. I am, but it’s not because I believe he’ll do much in the running games against the Saints.
  10. Maybe an RB3, if Drake is traded and Miami commits to giving Walton 15-20 touches each game. In my 1/2 PPR, the point average for RB3 ranges from 10.2 to 7.6 points. With the lack of TDs in the Miami running game, can he get to this level? Maybe so.
  11. The Saints offense looked like crap against the Rams, too, when Bridgewater had to come in for Brees. We haven’t been a juggernaut since then, but the offense has certainly be solid. Give Moore a week to work with the 1s and Reid time to adjust the scheme, and see what happens then. Maybe they improve.
  12. Maybe he doesn’t get traded, but Seattle and Houston can definitely use a TE. I’ll throw NE into that mix. And as far as top TE money...where are you getting that? He’s in the third year of his four-yr rookie deal. In fact, there are 31 TEs making more money than Howard.
  13. I just don’t see the appeal here. I’ve got him on my watch list in case you guys are right, but he doesn’t appear to be fast or very athletic. TE is not a targeted position in Jax. Oliver doesn’t block well. Even in a keeper league, I don’t see much to get excited about other than opportunity. But if he’s not a good blocker, then how much opportunity will he get?
  14. Except Chark’s speed and athleticism jumped off the screen.
  15. If Westbrook is unable to play this weekend, does Conley have some value? The Bengals’ defense is hurting, and I read that two corners will miss the game.
  16. I’m in three 12-team leagues with benches of 6, 6, and 7. He is owned in all three.
  17. I literally belly-laughed when the Raiders picked him. I could see that trainwreck coming. Leadership and maturity as a QB is more than just between the lines. And maybe he just isn’t as talented as you think? I don't think for a second he’s more talented than Bridgewater. Maybe New Orleans would be a good for him. He could learn from Brees and Bridgewater how to be a professional who teammates want to play for and with.
  18. Lots of guys have had talent, but not the maturity. Lots of QBs have had the talent, but weren’t leaders. Physical will only go so far. Brady and Brees are definitely skilled, but they are two QBs whose intangibles are greater than their physical abilities, and the package has made them elite. Brees is not a future HOF QB if not for his intellect, leadership skills, vision, maturity. As someone suggested earlier in this thread, Kelly is the definition of million dollar talent, ten cent head. And to answer your question specifically, I question what’s between his ears and his intangibles.
  19. You were saying? If you were not pointing to the ankle as a cause, then why did you bring it up multiple times? And I noticed you didn’t address the other “facts” you clearly made up.
  20. Fact: I have never claimed it was or was not the ankle. You have clearly pointed to the ankle as a cause, multiple times. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. Fact: I have not once said it was a good call or horrible call or acceptable call. But keep putting words in my mouth. Lol. Fact: Saying Mahomes is very possibly out for the year is, in fact, not a fact. It’s speculation on your part as we await MRI results. So tell me, where in any of this thread have I come down on either side. Where have I played message board doctor? I haven’t. All I did was point out the other side of the coin you flipped. All I’ve said was that your own statement could be turned around on you, and that none of us know if the ankle was a cause or not. But don’t actual facts get in the way of a good rant.
  21. And Chad Kelly is immature and not a leader. You think he’s better than Bridgewater? I’d take Teddy all day, everyday over Kelly, and I’m not even a Teddy fan. Kelly needs to grow up and mature if he ever hopes to play a meaningful down in the NFL. It’s not just about the physical talent or even the numbers put up. He has to have the maturity and leadership abilities to lead an NFL team. And he can’t be trusted to stay out of trouble. It’s puzzling that anyone is pimping him to be starting in the NFL.
  22. When did I say it had anything to do with the ankle? My point is none of us know if the bum ankle played a part or not. Maybe it did. Maybe it didn’t. And I’ve seen the video many times. Who hasn’t?
  23. Message board doctors: “The ankle and the knee are two separate body parts, but if one is injured, it definitely leads to the other being injured. We’re smart. Leave the thinking to us.” See what’s funny is that because none of us know the extent or the actual cause, the snarky comment you made can actually be applied to you, too. Maybe the knee was a result of the bum ankle. Then again, maybe not. You think you’re being clever, but your snark sticks to you, too. Frankly, I’m not on either side of this. I don’t really care why it happened, and it’s not worth the argument. I just hate that it happened to Mahomes...seems like a good kid.
  24. Is Devin likely to be the guy next season? Like 18-touch/game kinda guy? Or does Gore stick around like a roach?
  25. It’s not excitement to see him in this offense. It’s excitement to see him in a uniform other than KC’s to see how different he looks as a player. And in keeper/dynasty leagues, he’s not waiver wire fodder and hasn’t been all season...because he likely came cheaply.