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  1. Could also drop MacNeil for any of the above. Thoughts either alonsonor MacNeil worth dropping for Dejong, Adames or renfroe
  2. Drop Alonso, who is the temp add: T.Ward, Adames, Bradley Jr, F.Galvis, Renfroe, Semien, DeJong, Nimmo
  3. 10 team h2h non-keeper. Worth dropping haniger, Alonso or bird for zobrist, j.bauers, kinsler, conforto, e.nunez
  4. Naw Hampson has potential but imho schoop>hampson
  5. In a 10 team h2h non-keeper. Worth dropping jomart or moncada for j.bell, wendle, maybin, bird. Remainder of my team is in my sig
  6. Have an open spot in a a 10 team h2h non-keeper. Who's the add: Winker, J.Bell, J.Hicks, I.Happ, Schwarber Maybin, Gallo, K.Seager, J.Lamb, hosmer
  7. any of these arms safe to start today or tomorrow: Urena vs PHI Hellickson vs NYM Minor vs BAL Voth vs NYM Gray vs SEA Samardjzia vs OAK C.Anderson vs PIT