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  1. My team is Pg: kyrie, cp3, fultz, dejounte Sg: book, shai Sf: anunoby, ingram, j rich Pf: isaac, Wendell carter C :jokic, turner Would you still trade cp3? I feel like I have enough assists to compensate for the loss of cp
  2. I'd do it. They're equal injury/shutdown risks and KP is gonna give you better defensive stats at a loss of rebounds but rebounds are easy to find
  3. I wouldn't do this. Even if steph doesn't play another game (this is an unlikely scenario) I still think vooch is gonna be better than those two
  4. Yes. Take it and run. Although be aware that you are losing out in defensive stats pretty significantly
  5. I'm trying to buy low on JJJ. Which pg would you rather trade? H2H, 8 cat if it matters
  6. Hard to put an amount on him without knowing your roster but I'd say between 5 and 10. He's prob good for 13,7, and 1.2 with 1.5 threes
  7. Yes, I agree with everyone who said do it for AD+fvv+broke. I don't like markkanen that much with the lack of stocks and low FG%. Porz health still up in the air imo as well
  8. Yes for sure. I think oubre and harris may finish similarly in overall rank
  9. Would trade tobi and Harrell. Collins getting stocks this year is huge.