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  1. I am not smart enough to do Roto. I am out. Sorry.
  2. I am down for that. Get rid of Wins, add Holds. Makes it a little more involved. Good idea!
  3. The points setup you did is nice and simple. Should be an easy foray into H2H points.
  4. We got a little distracted, so I am not sure if we are all on the same page. I joined the Yahoo link. Let me know if anything changes.
  5. Its a long story. But I hate roto. Blame Jeff Smardjzia. H2H points is fairly easy and straight forward. And with H2H points your season is not impacted by one bad start from Samardjzia who was left in too long because his manager with those wee beady eyes who wanted to see if he could give up 8 ER in half an inning just to ruin my season. I am happy to help with whomever is setting up the league.
  6. I hate Yahoo but chose to pick my battles with the site vs. setup