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  1. Scoring will start week 1, as evidenced by Yahoo's policy: "If your league's draft happens after this deadline, the Commissioner can retroactively apply the first week of scoring"
  2. Owners needed for a $100 auction draft tonight, at 9pm EST. Here are the details:
  3. Thats a little early in the day. I would be super interested 7pm EST or later, and at $50 or more. Would that work?
  4. Two of us are looking for an auction, preferably non-standard rosters/scoring. Can be a keeper or redraft. Let me know what you got!
  5. Any room in the auction tonight?

  6. Link for the league:
  7. $200 draft or auction tonight

    Is it auction or snake?
  8. $200 draft or auction tonight

    I will do anything $50 or above. Even better if its a keeper.
  9. Your link to settings doesnt work. How much? Is it a keeper league?
  10. I promise you IDP is fun as heck. I would consider modifying the IDP cats to make it more general, but I really swear IDP adds a dimension of fun that I have seen missing from most other leagues. If would consider an auction though if you think that would make it more marketable?