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  1. Checking back in on Logan and as of today 8 June hes at A(Adv) doing great with more than a K per Inning. Line reads 2.32 ERA, 31 innings with 40 K's and 6 walks. Nice ratios. Hitter hitting .194. This dude has serious tools and is off the radar in most leagues. I say that because you can get him for not much in trades. GRAB HIM NOW fellas.
  2. Hes the Real deal and 2 yrs from now it will be Soroka, Anderson and Fried 1-2-3 in the ATL rotation.
  3. The league is full and we have a bench crew of owners on stand by. Ty
  4. Two teams left. Quit playing around entertaining these other crap leagues you wont be a part of in the next 2 years. Hit me up at if you want to see the team and the rules. Take care.
  5. We have 3 Open spots as of the time of this post. Talking with 2 owners about those options now. It's first come first served gents. Email me at if you want to see the rosters or know more. Ty
  6. If you're a hard core dynasty owner this is the league you have been looking for. Tired of crappy league manages who dont have the guts to cut crappy owners? Tired of 1 LM going MIA and the league folding? Tired of playing against owners who are easy to beat and dont know baseball? This is your league. Here are some highlights of our league. - A team of 6 LM run the league (3 on docs and 3 on sites/admin) - 30 teams 100 minor league slots Roto - $100 buy in (but you get 50 off this year if you take over 1 of our 2 open teams - Deep cash pay out system not winner take all. - Main site is Fantrax with Docs/ rules and finances on Proboards site that is updated hours after you post a change to your team in any way - Slack is our league communication site - We have a podcast for our league as well and interview owners - I am one of the LM and the #1 rule in our league is Dont be inactive and bring down the league! MIA owners get fair warnings and then replaced - 150 mil salary cap, power to do callups/send downs, restructure contracts, offer contract extensions, IR list, trades, draft picks. We created a league were you can do almost everything a real GM can do. - We have a super in depth spread sheet that tracks every teams finances updated daily for you. Much more. Email me if you want to see the 2 teams rosters or get more info. Welcome to the last league you will ever join. Ty Vr Chad Atlanta Braves Owner
  7. LOL sorry kid (Hampson) Your're not old enough to play for COL. Trade Hampson now before your crappy owners realize whats happen.
  8. Tyler Nevin (son of Phil Nevin..who's an A-Hole btw) needs a tag on here. Surprised no to see one. Tyler is 21 with COL at A ball Lancaster in 2018. Hes got a great body at 6'4 200 lbs. Bats R Throws R and is at 1B. Comes with great pro pedigree and im sure that combined with his 2015 draft positions of 38th overall will allow him the time to succeed. So far he had a very solid season at A+ Ball in 2018. Batted .328 with 13 HR 62 RBI .503 SLG .889 OPS with no glaring K issues thus far. Had 4 SB but likely due to situational opportunity vs having good speed. So whats everyone think here? Have a shot to make it to COL as a 1B in the next 2-3 years?
  9. Yea dude for sure @The Big Bat Theory. All Knizner owners rejoice!!
  10. Gents why are poo pooing on Riley? Sounds like we are downgrading his stats verbally because Donny showed up... Look if Braves are in striking distance come late July, then no Riley. The moment two things happen Riley is coming up. 1. the Braves brass agree they dont have a shot at the playoffs they sell Donny and call Riley up. 2 the decent chance Donny gets hurt and Riley is up. Strong chance ATL sells Donny, gets a good return and still calls up Riley at 3B. Lets pump the breaks on saying anything negative on Riley. Dude is 21 not 31 lol, 6'3 220 lbs with a milb career .294 ave with strong early signs of 55+ hit tool and 60+ power. Has the arm to play 3B no problem. ATL is not trying to shove him in RF with a future of Acuna in LF and Pache in CF. The farm is loaded with non 3B capable OF's to play right such as Waters/Jenista/ Demeritte/Wilson. Not to mention they can sign a long list of legit RF free agents this year or next if ATL needs too. Plenty of cap for that option. I for one and keeping my seat on the Riley train.
  11. Can we get a deeper look on this dude. I see conflicting things with McKay. Hes 22yrs old which is older for A ball. He didn't hit well enough to deserve a promotion to AA. However he did pitch well enough for a AA promotion. I see ETA's for him saying 2019? I also see ceiling remarks that make him sound crazy legit. hes ranked 24th on the pipeline top 100 (end of 2018 rankings). Do we believe hes getting a cup of coffee in 2019 with TB who is notorious for slow rolling talent to the show?? Thoughts gentlemen?
  12. Yep i picked him up last season mid way through. Everyone i show this dude to say WTF how did i miss stats like that lol. BUY NOW.
  13. I agree lol. The KID is 19 yrs old facing dudes who can throw 90+. We are to critical with stats on kids not old enough to have a dang beer as if that's what they will be when they are 24+.
  14. I know last talk on Ward was 14 AUG but what do we think the chances are that he is LAA 2019 starting 3B? Can he stick there? Will he be given a real shot to break spring training with LAA? Love his Milb numbers and he did get 135 Ab's last year.
  15. Senzel better get some 3B eligibility when he comes up or im going to be pissed...
  16. Nice dig Letitbe793. I'm a little bit of a Braves fan and i have to admit I didnt have him on the main radar. He needs to lift his leg higher to allow his arm to come on top more which will add more downward plane. He doesn't bend over very well. Notice how when he misses he misses up with the FB. Arm is behind when the foot lands just a tick. This problem i bet gets more noticeable the more tired he gets.
  17. UPDATE- We have 2 teams open as of 5 NOV 2018. First come first serve. If you're interested please email me at or ping me on this site. Ty
  18. STL Catcher, 23 yrs old 6'1 200 lbs. R/R. If you read nothing further, just know that all Knizner does is hit and hit very well. So far the "rankings" list across many sites don't give Knizner much respect. He is now ranked 5th in STL top 30 (Milb Pipeline source). He is not ranked in MLB Pipeline's top 10 catchers or its top 100 list. So lets look at what he has done the past few years, and why I feel hes not getting his proper respect. Drafted in 2016 in the 7th round. Has 185 at-bats in rookie ball and bats .319/.492/.915. Shows some pop with 6 HR out the gate. Next season in 2017 he is promoted to Full A and again shows some pop and hits 8Hr across 179 at-bats before being promoted to AA. At AA he bats .324/.462/.833 over 182 at-bats. This season he starts in AA and is promoted to AAA after hitting .313 in AA. Small sample size of AAA numbers but again he hits over .300 batting .313 over 54 at-bats. So we have a C who hits over .300 at every level hes been tested at with some signs of being able to be a 20-25 MLB HR catcher who could hit .280+ imo. Also he has several Milb awards including a 2018 Futures Game Selection. Their is no catcher on MLB Pipeline's top 10 C who is a career milb .300 hitter except Knizner. Yes i know im picking on MLB Pipelines site/ rankings. - We have a June 4th 2018 article from St.Louis Post-Dispatch titled "Heir Apparent to Yadi?" about Knizner. - Another article same site Aug 13th 2018 titled "Yadi's Successor:Kelly or Knizner?" - July 2018 article titled "St.Louis Cardinals: Andrew Knizner is making Carson Kelly irrelevant" I could go on and on with articles. I also am reading rumblings of STL trading Knizner maybe to ATL who needs a long term solution at C. Bottom line I feel the kid needs to be higher in all sites rankings and if you can grab him...DO IT!
  19. Nice list but for me some names are missing that should be in at least a top 150. Guys like ATL OF Pache, CWS OF Rutherford, ATL SP Muller. Not sure when STL C Knizner is going to get his due but for me he's top 140-150 after the continuous strong numbers he's putting up. Also rumblings are its Knizner not Carson Kelly who is the heir apparent to Molina.
  20. Got it bro Ty. ONE TEAM LEFT! Going fast. First come first served.
  21. Small update 4 teams left now. This is your chance to get in on a drama free, 30 team Roto Dynasty. Please email me if interested. These last teams long last long at all. Ty