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  1. 2019 Draft Day Targets (Reaches)

    Where is everyone taking Daniel Murphy? I feel like so far he’s flying under the radar (seeing Yahoo Mock drafts have him at around 60ish) To me, he’s still the same guy who went top 30 last year, just 1 year older after missing half the year due to surgery. But now he’s in the best hitter’s park. Am I crazy to reach on him?
  2. Luis Castillo or CMart

    CMart is safer and the logical choice. But life is short and Castillo is the higher ceiling and risk/reward. He’d be more fun I say Castillo.
  3. SBs are pretty scarce nowadays too. You’re not seeing the Billy Hamilton types challenging for 70 SBs (although Hamilton might be a good bounce back candidate this year on a new team) A good idea is to draft a balance of guys that pitch in some SBs here and there as opposed to the types that are purely SB cats Another major trend is HRs are back up again - they call this the Juiced Ball era (self explanatory). Plenty of 35 HR+ types now so adjust your valuation accordingly
  4. Kris Bryant 2019 Outlook

    Does the fact that it’s his left shoulder assuage any concerns? I mean, yeah, you need both shoulders to swing, but doesn’t the right shoulder (for RHBs) generate most of the power?
  5. I'd do that if you're in win now mode and if you have the budget. Long term, I'm a little worried that Kluber might not have much left in the tank - his fastball is getting slower and the breaking stuff he relies on so much (because of a weak fastball) wasn't as effective last year. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/742869-help-me-choose-3-dynasty-keeper-options-7x7/
  6. Good news is that no matter who you pick, it probably won't be disastrous. All 3 are great options and as you've seen, anyone could make a case for all 3. My initial instinct is Turner due to the paucity of steals in this day and age. But you already have a SS who steals some in Lindor, while Machado should pitch in a little as well, while also being able to fill-in as SS to bridge Lindor and then move back to 3B. I say Machado slightly above Turner. I'm too weary of Altuve trending downward in steals and power after a remarkable last few seasons. Help with mine?
  7. Keeper Help ~ WHIR

    I like your thinking, but it's just tough to leave off Corey Seager. He's a rare talent at SS, and if healthy is an elite hitter who is also pretty young still. I would consider dropping Snell for Seager, but depends on the rest of your roster and what you think would be available after all other owners choose keepers. I know you already has a SS in Baez, but you could dangle one as trade bait or use as a Util Since it's H2H, that makes me lean towards hitters more since you can always pick up a streamer SP off the WW in a pinch to make up for a pitcher's start. Stud pitching is rare these days, but you can more easily make up for a lack of it via streaming on a weekly basis than finding a proven stud bat like Seager. Help with mine?
  8. Need Help With My Last Keeper

    Go with Hand, especially since closer is so volatile and unpredictable these days. A proven stud closer is even more valuable now. Help with mine?
  9. Trading Arenado for a SS

    I'd recommend asking the owner of Corey Seager. His health situation from last year dictates that his price is discounted this year. If the reports are that he's healthy, this could be your shot to secure an elite SS for a bargain. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/742869-help-me-choose-3-dynasty-keeper-options-7x7/
  10. Keeper League: Murphy for Hiura? *WHIR

    I'd take Murphy only if you really really really like your chances to win this year (ie your team is loaded and poised for a run). Murphy in Coors should be dynamite as long as he stays healthy. Help with mine?
  11. Help With Final Keeper Please

    Marte and Robles and not hard to think about it. Carpenter could very well fall off the map this year at his age Help with mine?
  12. Dyansty trade for Nola

    I personally don't like that haul for Nola, who is a young proven stud in the MLB already. I don't see why you do this unless you are completely rebuilding for a down the road contention plan Help with mine?
  13. Choosing Between Gary Sanchez Proposals

    Sanchez has flaws but those offers for him a weak. Hang on to him unless you get better offers. Hope he improves this season. Help with mine?
  14. Make this Eloy Jiminez trade?

    If Andujar included maybe as of now, nope. Benintendi is still very young and already a proven MLB commodity. Eloy Jimenez is unproven. Help me with mine?
  15. Hi all, I play in a 10 team 7x7 H2H league (HR, RBI, R, SB, AVG, BB, SLG) X (W, K, ERA, WHIP, SV+HLD, L, BB) I have to choose 3 from this list, and each player is attached to the round listed below. Freeman - 3rd Rd Story - 5th Rd Khris Davis - 10th Rd Paxton - Rd 21 Whitley - Rd 22 NOTE: We have 2 MiLB slots to stash prospects, as we just moved to a dynasty format but in a 10 team league, I'm not sure if Whitley warrants a keeper right now. For a pitcher, I'm torn between Paxton at 21, who is a proven commodity but 30 years old, while Whitley has sky high potential at the last rd 22. COMMENTS: Freeman is the best of the bunch (keep in mind league counts BBs and SLG), but Rd 3 for what should be a 2nd rounder is less of a value than say Story at Rd 5 or Khris Davis at Round 10 (although Davis is 31 years old). I've already chosen 3 other keepers (6 keepers total), which are JD Martinez (Rd 6), Rhys Hoskins (Rd 20), and Nola (Rd 19)