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  1. Totally this. I'm considering keeping him in a keep 6 hitters league. He's so young and still has more potential to improve.
  2. Anyone seeing shades of Alex Bregman in him?
  3. Semi off topic, but what do you think happens to the ball next year? Less juice or same amount of juice? Maybe more juice? Serious question.
  4. 3 things I believe about Yu next year: 1. He’ll continue to strike out a ton of batters next year. The new knuckle curve from Kimberly is lethal and his repertoire is the most diverse in the league 2. He won’t walk a ton of hitters. The control in the 2nd half is for real 3. He’ll still give up a lot of HRs. I think this is part mental and part command. It’ll hold him back from being truly elite 4. He’ll be a top 25-30ish SP. He’s still got some left in the tank. Forget about how bad he has been the last few years. He has figured out how to remain relevant at his age
  5. He got away from the approach that had been working for him, and that got him into a prolonged slump. Good news is I think he’s rediscovered where his bread is buttered (pull the ball, put it in the air but don’t overdo it). He should come at a good bargain next year. He’s a 40 HR hitter in this environment in the middle of a good lineup. He can hit .240-.250. Enjoy the 100+ walks for this in OBP leagues
  6. This is what you could have said about Lucas Giolito last year. His stats are horrible but has that kind of potential. His fastball when commanded properly is dominant. His secondary stuff can be electric. He’s young and your be wise not to give up on him for next year.
  7. Yep, he’s back. Amazing how he has reinvented himself at his age, but in a completely different way from Verlander
  8. He’s basically a younger Daniel Murphy with maybe a bit more power. That plays.
  9. This guy might be my top sleeper SP for next year. Please shut him down soon to keep the secret under wraps. Who does he compare to? A solid pitch repertoire that relies on a changeup... Is he a poorman’s right handed Cole Hamels? Or Kyle Hendricks with a higher ceiling?
  10. Honest question and I’m somewhat confused... so hamate bone bone breaks don’t really take away home run power? Or is it that Olson had so much power to begin with that was even with the hamate removal, he can still mash at 40 HR pace in the juiced ball era? it’d be cool to somewhat settle this debate for this thinking about Joey Gallo next season
  11. His slider was Corbin-like tonight from the left side. All 12 Ks came from that. Are we sure there's nothing here? If he upped his slider use maybe he could make a Boyd, or in a perfect world Corbin impact.
  12. Watched him in relief today. His hard sinker is reminiscent of Brandon Webb and Kevin Brown. But he can throw high 90s to boot. Will be looking to have him on my teams next year
  13. Looking like a 40 HR season for him. Will be 34 next year. Where should he be drafted?