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  1. Mmmm....(respectfully of course cause it's a convo ..) but I would have to disagree. We see plays all the time where everyone thinks "someone is down by contact" and then gets up and runs in for a TD... To my knowledge, I don't believe a WR or a RB or a TE can just "give himself up" after catching a QB slant. At least, I don't believe they can. They can, "give themself up" in terms of "them just staying on the ground and waiting for someone to down them by contact", but I don't think they can simply just say "im down, call the play/whistle". Would love to hear more on this topic, more of just a curiosity thing.
  2. On a totally random HOU vs NO game thought (for those of you who lost your matchups because of a Will Lutz 58 yard FG) Last play before that FG, Brees throws a slant. It's caught.... Had Houston's CB not "touched/tackled" the receiver as soon as he hit the ground (ie...if he just waited 2 seconds for the clock to hit 0:00), Wouldn't the Texans have won that game due to the clock running out? To my knowledge: If you're not touched when you fall to the ground, the play is not ruled dead until someone touches you. Until a play is ruled dead, you cannot call a timeout. Therefore, had the CB not "touched down" the receiver, and simply waited for 2 more seconds to go by, the Texans would've won the game, as the receiver had absolutely no intention of getting up to run. CRAZY IN MY HEAD, that if this was the case, HOU would've won.
  3. If I am a Lamar Jackson owner, I am selling RIGHT NOW. Assuming you have another capabale Top-10/12 QB on your squad, I am trading Jackson immediately. This game came against MIA...By far the worst team in the league...The worst team the league has seen in a veryyyyy long time. A team, who, in all likelihood, would lose by 20 points against WAS...who is arguably the 2nd worst team in the league. If you've got another QB option whose Top-10 or 12, and someone is inquiring about Lamar, I would be selling the second that happens.
  4. WEEK 1 CLIFF NOTES Derrick Carr goes 22-of-26 passing. GB and CHI combine for 13 Total Points..Rodgers, Jones, Adams, Montgomery, Trubisky all look like BUSTS. Matt Nagy talks up Montgomery all off-season/pre-season, and then proceeds to give him 6 carries. Malcolm Brown is suddenly fantasy relevant. Derrick Henry has over 150 all-purpose yards and 2 TD against a supposedly "vastly improved" CLE defense. Baker Mayfield and the Browns look like they might not finish with more wins than they had last season. Sammy Watkins buries opposing fantasy managers squads by posting a "random as F*#&" 9-200-3 line. JAX defense still looks like crap. BAL scores 42 points. In the 1st half. Lamar Jackson buries fantasy opponents. And so does Hollywood Brown. There's a legitimate chance that MIA looses a game by 60 points this season. MIN has officially begun it's "run-first" era...With Kirk Cousins only throwing 10 passes. Diggs/Thielen owners not happy. This is what Le'Veon Bell owners should expect every week. 90-100 all-purpose yards. PHI looks dangerous with DeSean Jackson back. Austin Eckler makes Melvin Gordon look like an absolute idiot, posting 150+ yards and 3 TD in his first start. Andy Dalton posts 400 passing yards, John Ross goes for over 100 and 2 TD, and the Bengals actually don't look half bad. Chris Carson will be a force all season long. Kyler Murray won't be fantasy relevant and trust-worthy until 8 games in. SF and TB are both teams you can't rely on. You think you can...but you can't. PIT is going to be in for a loooooong season. Tom Brady is suddenly fantasy-relevant again, having Gordon, Edelman and Brown. Kerryon Johnson, Nick Chubb, Aaron Jones, Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks, James Connor and others throw up absolute duds. Welcome to the start of fantasy football.
  5. Vic Fangio He's great they said...He's a defensive guy they said...This should be an easy one they said... DEN defense can't even muster up 1 freaking sack against an OAK team that stinks.
  6. I just need 1 freaking sack, fumble or int from broncos defense....just 1.
  7. Full Point PPR league, I have a choice between Latavious Murray and Duke Johnson. Who would you start?
  8. Deep 18-team league...trying to figure out my FLEX. Higgins: Could be a sleeper in a CLE offense, as the opponent will likely try to bottle up Chubb and OBJ. Thompson: This game vs PHI has garbage time written all over it...Figure the Skins will be down at least 10-14 points by halftime, thus banishing the run game. This is a tough one, as I could easily see both of them getting 5-7 targets in their games. Thoughts?
  9. Yeah. I actually like Shady now that he's on the Chiefs...but this is a matchup and a situation I'm staying away from this week. Tough run defense...1st game with the team...Probable snap count... Let's see how it plays out.
  10. Not sure why no one has made a topic about this guy. "Another key in the Redskins' offensive backfield: Chris Thompson. He remains their third-down back and they usually like to get him between 12 to 15 touches per game. Thompson said in training camp there was never a point he felt healthy last season. That's not the case entering this season and it showed in training camp. Thompson showed more burst than in 2018. In 2017, he had 10 plays where he gained at least 20 yards from scrimmage in 10 games. In the same amount of games last season, he had one." - From ESPN Today, AP sitting...Guice looks to be the starter, with Thompson taking over on pass-downs and when they run the hurry-up offense / 2-minute drills. This guy's always been great play in garbage time games or games where the Skins go down 7 or 14 points early. Could be a sneaky good asset this season in a year where the Skins are likely to have less than 4 wins.
  11. Is anyone starting him in the FLEX tomorrow? Obviously this would be in deeper leagues. But I feel like this could be a shootout (60 combined points) kind of game, and feels like he could be the pass-down back and hurry up offense guy.
  12. I’ve got an inkling that there are going to be some big plays come the 2nd Quarter...
  13. Let’s everyone calm was the first series for both teams... So far.... A. Rodgers, D. Adams, D. Montgomery, A. Jones, T. Cohen are all busts...
  14. Stoked to have this guy in 2 of my 3 leagues. Only reason I didn’t get him in the 3rd league is because someone nabbed him at Pick 26 before it came back to me. Legit 250-1,200-8 // 40-375-2 upside in my eyes.
  15. It’s really simple.... D. Williams - ADP 24-28 L. McCoy - got him at Pick #98 last night. McCoy has legit 175-750-8 potential and that’s not even including his receiving stats. Ill be taking that all day