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  1. Definitely don’t see him hitting .290 BA, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him post a .260 BA (give or take 10 points) If he can post a .260 BA, I will be stoked. Anything higher than that will just be a cherry on the top. if he stays up the rest of the season (assuming he hits .250 BA or better), could be looking like a 12 HR, 30-35 RBI kind of guy. Feels like he could be a shoe-in to hit out of the 6 spot in the lineup as well, behind guys like Lindor, Santana and Ramirez.
  2. No biggie...Just another 2-hit game and his 1st HR. 😄
  3. Not sure how there's not a thread on this guy yet...but the kid is raking right now. Great hitter, not a ton of power, but great K/BB ratios. 3 games so far... 5-for-8, 3 Runs scored, 2/0 BB/K ratio. all while hitting in the 6th spot or lower. Could force the Twins hand if he continues producing like this.
  4. I think those saying "nothing to see here" with the Pagan back-to-back saves are mistaken... Not saying that Pagan will "all-of-a-sudden" become the closer...but both Castillo and Alvarado have taken L's in 2 out of their last 3 games they've pitched. That's 4 L's amongst the 2 of them. Pagan may not be the closer, but I think he's at the very least put his name into the fire. If Alvarado f's up in the future, you never know.
  5. Like I said, this guy has the chance to be a beast. 1-for-1, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 2 BB... NICE
  6. Yeah...I think the SB is what's going to keep him fantasy relevant...But he's also one of those guys whose EOY SB count will depend highly on how he starts the year off in the running department. If he starts the first couple of months going say...6-for-9...I think there's a good shot he goes for 15.
  7. Can't really say what round (depends on how big your league is).... But if you can get him anywhere after Pick 130/140...I think he's an absolute steal. You're talking about a guy who hits in Yankee Stadium....And has a legit shot (in my mind) to be a Top-50/60 player when all is said and done. My Prediction (Floor): .240 BA, 25 HR, 70 RBI My Prediction (Ceiling): .280 BA, 38 HR, 100 RBI This guy has a chance to be a monster, and owners have a chance to draft a potential monster past Pick 120... Run. Don't Walk.
  8. The BA will be the big thing this year...If he can keep a .250 / .260 BA this year and not fall into that .230 and under range...He will be a steal. I think considering where he's being drafted, he could help owners get to the ship with his upside. He's one of those guys who really does have 20/10 upside. Prediction (regular): .245 BA, 15 HR, 55 RBI, 7 SB Prediction (upside): .275 BA, 25 HR, 70 RBI, 12 SB If he does make it to that 12-15 SB zone....He'll likely be a 12 SB / 8 CS kind of guys.
  9. Just curious? How have Centers been doing against MIL this season? Lopez plays out on the 3-point line a lot, and I worry that Bam/Whiteside might be lifted for more "small-ball" lineups. Should we worry at all?
  10. I am looking for a website that has download spreadsheets (excel) for 6x6 or 7x7 leagues (aka categories).... I'm finding a lot with the typical 5x5, but Razzball seems to have gotten rid of their 7x7 combined pitching/hitters projections...which annoys me because my league includes K's and OPS for hitters and HLDS for pitchers.. Anyone know of any sites? Thanks!
  11. I'd say there's about an 85-90% chance that he's done for the season. The reports are saying he's out at least 7-10 days, meaning best case scenario, he'd probably return mid-week of Round 2 of the fantasy playoffs... With them practically shutting down AD, NOP isn't going to rush Jrue back...Just to play 10 meaningless games at the end of the season. Yahoo still has him on the Can't Cut List...which is annoying.
  12. He's done for the season. NOP has nothing left to play for..
  13. This dude is balling... Picked him up just as a fill-in spot start on my roster about 6 games ago, and since then... He's been avg'n 20ppg/2reb/2ast on like 65.0 FG%, and about 3.0 3PM per game, while only turning the ball over under 1 T/O... Can't ask for much more than that.
  14. As a guy who had both Arenado and JD Martinez last year, JD was awesome. Arenado took a smalllllll step back (hardly worth mentioning), but both are fine picks. Both will undoubtedly hit .290+, 30 HRs and 100 RBI and score 90+ runs.
  15. Teams I'm hearing a lot of hypotheticals on in terms of Kent Bazemore trades are POR, NOP, and maybe Utah. Portland makes the most sense to me, as they've been without a decent SF for a while now. I think we know by now that Aminu and Harkless aren't the answer. Bazemore would provide POR with a starting SF who can play 30-34 MPG, can play defense, and can actually handle the ball. He's a great cutter and "out on the break" runner and to me, he just makes too much sense...There's a great chance that POR ends up becoming buyers at the deadline, and both Aminu and Harkless aren't players who can step up and score between 12-15 PPG consistently. I like Aminu as a bench defender that possibly helps close out games at the 4, but it feels like the Harkless experiment just isn't working. What does POR have to give up? Well, it feels like the EASY deal is to give up their late 1st Round Draft Pick + an expiring contract. Maybe we see Seth Curry or Aminu go out the door with the late 1st rounder. Another scenario involves some of their smaller pieces. Maybe POR leans over the edge a little more and dangles out someone like Zach Collins, who would fit nicely with ATL considering they have Dedmon and Alex Len as their "future" at the C position. Either way, I would say that if Baze is dealt, which I'm hoping comes soon, he'll likely be dealt to POR or NOP...I don't think Utah has it in them to make a move like that.
  16. Well the good thing about today was that Chandler didn't even see the floor. If this can turn into a timeshare between Zubac and McGee, giving Zu anywhere from 18-25 minutes a night, we'll be in for some good stuff.
  17. Could be looking at a pretty awesome jump in production with Dipo's injury... Probably looking at least a couple more shots coming his way and we could be seeing a jump in playing time. He's only been getting 28 Minutes Per Game this season, but wouldn't be surprised if that number jumped to 31-32 MPG now. I'd love to see him get back to that 16 PPG / 9 REB guy, and if he gets the extra couple of minutes per game, he should have no problem avg'n 3 BLKS a game.
  18. Like I said, I think the days of JaVale are over. And if they're not over, they're definitely numbered. McGee had been a Top-40 player heading into January, but through this month, he's fallen outside of the Top-150....Not to mention McGee's playing minutes have gone down from 22.5 MPG to about 15.0 MPG this month... Zubac is averaging 20.0 PPG / 7.7 REB / 0.7 BLK and 81.0 FG% / 88.0 FT% over his last 3 games...and his Per-36 numbers are even more juicy. IMO, there is NO WAY for Luke Walton to keep him out of the lineup. To give Zubac anything less than 20 minutes a game would be a crime. At worst, Zubac should be seeing 16-18 MPG...I think if we see him continue his hot streak in tomorrow's game, it wouldn't surprise me to see him consistently get 20-24 MPG. The Lakers have been trying to figure out their C position the entire season. JaVale, while good for fantasy purposes, hasn't been that good in reality. Tyson, has been solid, providing rebound/tip sparks, but lets face it, he shouldn't be seeing anything more than 10 minutes a game. If you have a chance to scoop him up in a 14-teamer or greater, now is probably your last chance to take a shot on him before he's scooped up everywhere.
  19. Definitely considering Holiday... Granted I'd rather have Tyreke, as I believe he is going to become the "go-to scorer" now and should be averaging 15-18 PPG from here on out. But Aaron Holiday is a very underrated scorer and defender, and if he starts seeing a consistent 18-24 minutes per game, he could have some very sneaky value. His Per 36 Minute Stats 41.5 FG% / 88.0 FT% / 2.1 3PM / 18.3 PPG / 5.0 REB / 5.0 AST / 1.5 SPG Obviously not expecting him to get 30+ minutes a game, but if he starts getting 18-24 minutes, I can easily see him putting up averages similar to 12ppg/2.5reb/3.5ast
  20. Drafted Gordon Hayward last season, lost him 5 minutes into that season... Drafted Victor Oladipo this season, lost him for what? 8 games earlier and now for the season to another sick leg injury... Fantasy basketball has not been kind to me these past couple of years.
  21. I think anyone with JaVale McGee should be trying to sell him immediately... I just don't seem McGee lasting the entire season, putting up 10pts / 8 reb / 2 blocks... In terms of Zubac... How do you not give this kid more playing time if you're Luke Walton...He has excelled in almost every scenario this season when given the opportunity. He was the primary reason (aside from Kuz) you won the last game...and if he's getting 25 minutes a game, he's an instant 13.0 PPG / 8 REB / 1.5 BLK guy... I am not at all saying JaVale hasn't been having a good season...but in reality, it should be Zubac and McGee combining for the 48 minutes...Not Chandler... The Lakers wonder why the 5 spot has been such a problem for them consistency wise over the course of the season...It's because they play 3 different TRUE Centers. Just pick 1, or even 2...and move along. You can't play Zubac 5 minutes one night, 25 minutes the next night, and go right back to 9 minutes the 3rd game... Needless to say, now is the time to pick up Zubac. If he can somehow secure a 20 MPG role moving forward with his recent play, he'll be a lock for 10ppg/6reb/1blk with great %'s and very low t/o.
  22. EDIT Drummond took a blow to the face during Friday's game against the Heat and went to the locker room, Vincent Ellis of the Detroit Free Press reports. Drummond was bleeding after being hit in the face, so he'll get things checked out in the locker room. His return is questionable.
  23. Wouldn't touch this guy with a 10-foot pole. Rostered him in 17', and he destroyed me with how much he was injured...Same thing in 18', injured for 50+ games.... If I'm forced to see this guy in the ADP 25-30 range, especially in a deep 14+ team league, I am staying far, far away.... I've think we've witnessed that he's not going to be of value in the SB department anymore, as even before his injuries in the past 2 years, he was only on pace for 4 and 5 sb....that, coupled with his injury history....bad news. I think now, assuming he can play a full season, he will be a .275 BA, 25-30 HR, 80-90 RBI, 5 SB guy..... But anyone thinking that CC is going to break out randomly for one of those .310 BA, 35 HR, 110 RBI seasons are probably going to be disappointed.
  24. Kyle Lowry is about as good of a buy-low as you can get right now... I own him and floated him out in trade offers....and can't get crap back for him. I've been offering him 1-for-1 for players ranked in the 30-50's, and no one is biting.