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  1. I need the INJ TAG!!!! Lonzo Ball returns today and he's in my IL...
  2. Lillard, Trae Young, Embiid, Doncic...
  3. The OUT and GTD are killing my Team
  4. Possible return Saturday against Miami... 3 games out minimum WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE INJ TAG? 3 Games = INJ TAG
  5. Yes, in Yahoo too. I'm in a hurry. Please INJ TAG !!!
  6. In Yahoo only GTD. What happened? I need the INJ TAG NOW !!!
  7. Yes, what happened? It's a BIG problem. I can't make any move now.
  8. Have the draft this Sunday. Competitive Auction 9 cat 12 team league. Playoffs. Free to join. Redraft each season.
  9. I'm in competitive leagues, and the IL is very important.
  10. Six games.... What happened with the INJ TAG?
  11. Please vote to add INJ TAG
  12. Paul George miss at least first 6 weeks.... And the INJ TAG?
  13. What happened? This is the answer .... " Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will forward this to our data provider." But Paul George continue with OUT I need the INJ TAG Is Yahoo a JOKE? Yahoo closed my petition.
  14. I drafted PG with my 13 But without Inj Tag PG is only the 25-30. What happened with the Inj Tag? Is OUT I need the iNJ...
  15. Please vote to add Paul George's INJ TAG
  16. INJ TAG please. What happened? Paul George is INJ !!!
  17. Please Yahoo... 10 3Points and 43 points is a DD. Is it a bug? I play in a Yahoo league with DD... Help.
  18. Ok. I'm losing my money. Yahoo return me my money. You are killing me.
  19. 3 games out 3 games out 3 games out 3 games out INJ TAG INJ TAG INJ TAG IN TAG.... Come ON !!! Why continue with the Out? I need the INJ !!!!!!! I'm losing my finals 4-5 and 3-6