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  1. June Closer Thread 2018

    It has the feeling that they sent him away so Kapler can't keep trying to salvage his confidence...
  2. June Closer Thread 2018

    You might, but unless you're in a k/9 league you'd be making a mistake. And even then ,you'd be making a mistake based on the win and saves. Going forward....tonight really didn't help a lot.
  3. June Closer Thread 2018

    What numbers are you looking at for the last month? Gsellman has twice as many innings with a slightly lower wOBA. While rate stats are pretty similar, when you figure in volume of usage, it's not close. I agree coming into this year I'd have said Swarzak was a better option---but it's now June, so I'm heavily weighting what they've done thus far. I think Gsellman will keep the role if he performs relative to Swarzak, but yes...anything is possible. HA...of course, i could be wrong too
  4. June Closer Thread 2018

    Personally, I'd go Gsellman. A few reasons... 1) he's been pitching better, I think, of late 2) I prefer his relatively clear opportunity over Roe's completely indecipherable one 3) Gsellman is the best pitcher of Mets options---Roe isn't (Alvarado is, imo) 4) As between Familia's health/trade vs Tampa committing to one guy I think it's a push, or the first is a better bet
  5. May Closer Thread 2018

    Ramos in for Philly—even though no longer a save opp. We’ll see whether Neris comes in for third out!
  6. Kevin Gausman 2018 Outlook

    Not really---there's essentially no pitcher ever who had a sustained BABIP like that, and that includes a lot of complete stiffs with far worse stuff. 6 k in 7 1/3 ip is not too many balls in play.
  7. Kevin Gausman 2018 Outlook

    He had a .423 BABIP last night---that is not going to continue,. There's no reason to worry about the 11 hits unless you think he's the exception to the near-universal BABIP laws
  8. May Closer Thread 2018

    Why do the closer sites think Garcia or Dominguez is the next up in Philly—-I can’t see any reason (including usage) that it wouldn’t be Hunter. Am I missing some info, or is perhaps they put Garcia there whilen Hunter was hurt and haven’t updated?
  9. May Closer Thread 2018

    Any word on who was warming for angels? Not a save situation ,but knowing who was up before they added the 7th-8th runs still data that might help. Bedrosian came in, so perhaps he was the plan all along? Such a messy situation.
  10. August Closer Thread 2017

    Brach is still a pretty high upside setup guy, so I'd really need to hvae a strong alternative use for that spot to drop him. But yes, if one were solely foucsed on saves he's likely not the best best; I'd think one of the Wash guys, Oak guys, Minn options is a better probability saves bet. Most of the available ones, though, likely cost in ratios more than they'll get in saves
  11. Call Up Watch Thread

    Rumors that trade of Lucas Duda is close. Will that bring Dom Smith up?
  12. July Closer Thread 2017

    Madson in the eighth, with majority righties due up in ninth. Much as I was a Madson guy, I think Doolittle has the edge here.
  13. July Closer Thread 2017

    Claudio has an insane GB rate, so that's a plus for him. He didn't start ninth tonight and came in for the lefty, Hosmer (though he stayed on for righty Perez). My read is he's still situational, and with Kela looming I'm not sure I'd invest much. But if desparate for saves and have a spot (and already have Kela) why not? He'd be below Kela on my list, and I'm typically an 'opportunity' guy on saves.
  14. June Closer Thread 2017

    Ditto. Though, ideally it'd be it's own subthread....like, a fenced-in area we can observe if we want but not be subjected to if we don't!
  15. June Closer Thread 2017

    Neftali Feliz DFA'd by Brewers---next stop, Washington? Just kidding.