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  1. I don't play any BA leagues, but sure---he's more useful in those. I still think 280 with 30 steals and big negatives in three cats is actually not that useful, however. You're betting on the upside and at his age that may come through, but it's not a bet I'd make unless the price is quite low
  2. I think Gordon was underrated for years---he was better than Billy Hamilton for years and went for a fraction of the price. But that's in the past, and his game is one that declines quickly. He's a negative in OBP, HR, and RBI and his steals numbers might be helpful in the 40-50 range, but have a real risk of dipping into the 20s---which makes him unplayable. As a $5 or less guy with some position flexibility and help in a tough category I'd be in. But he's going for $14 in the average NFBC auction. That's nuts--he was worth less than $1 in my 12 team OBP league last year.
  3. I'm not a H2H guy, but I used this strategy when I have played and had the same experience---good way to be a top regular season team but tough to win in the playoffs when you are not really competing in a couple categories. This is, as an aside, why I'm not huge on H2H...the small samples are really killers.
  4. Exactly---it's a small factor overall, and it's a small factor which we have a pretty limited ability to project anyway. That means (as noted above) it's perhaps a tiebreaker when all else is equal, and that is a rare situation. I guess I should be happy even on a board like this many people still think it matters, but this particular thread I really look to for truth!
  5. We really should be past idea that team success has a strong correlation to save chances at this point in this thread.
  6. Interesting strategy---I do think there's a lot of these auctions where people stick to their valuations early and then bid higher later as they realize they have more money than there is talent remaining. None of their buys are terrible---though a few (Hader at 15, Bellinger 36) are certainly aggressive. So, interesting to see how it works out.
  7. I was a big believer in a healthy rebound year for him, and I guess that's still my best guess. But the risk factor has gone way up and I think you have to drop him a round based on the reports this past week---last year's guy wasn't a top 50 value and while we think he's healthy, we don't know that and we have a couple behavioral red flags too.
  8. You'd really take Kimbrel without him being signed right now? It's starting to get late and the situation is a complete unknown right now.
  9. I use Fangraph's auction tool here: Fangraphs Auction Tool Using the default 5x5, 12 team mixed settings it projects Soto as 19th best hitter, Cruz 24th, Acuna 9th. I think that's pretty normalish rankings (yes, Cruz is high but they like his bat). I don't doubt you that with some different settings you see something else, but I do think they are so customizable you need to be careful about which parameters you search. Or else the auction engine is just better than the WOBA engine!
  10. I like both Strickland and Swarzak as gambles on Seattle---would be happy with whoever comes cheaper, I don't think there's a lot of reason to think either is more likely to get the gig in the end. Or be a better pitcher in 2019.
  11. The challenge with him is he was in a crazy extreme pitchers situation---so one just has to decide if 'the numbers are what they are' or degree to which context matters. He was amazing, there is no question. Randy Johnson gets forgotten because Pedro was even better in the same timeframe, but some of his best years are better than pretty much anyone else's
  12. On base twice today and did steal a base! So to me remains an interesting guy to consider if one is in need of steals.
  13. That's my observation as well--it has been one of the best-run franchises for literally decades, but there's a lot of reason to wonder if that is now in the past and the current admin is not up to par. They've had several guys underwhelm/disappoint this year (Ozuna, Weaver, most of the bullpen) and others (Pham comes to mind) regress in predictable ways....that may or may not on net have been foreseeable but it's part of the record, too.
  14. Pretty sure players can be traded while on the DL----there just is the obvious question of whether they can pass the medical exam for the acquiring team if they are still 'disabled'