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  1. Finished 1st on the regular season...lost in the finals 5-4 (5 triples and i would have won)....stupid moves and leonard, embiid, richardson, gallinari, ayton and ariza all missing game cost me the championship...I still cash out with $600...winner made me an offer to split winnings before the week (1st place got 800) and i accepted it since I knew my starts were probably gonna be rested...but damn it only 5 triples...
  2. my MVP, won me FT% on semis which i needed to win a 5-4 matchup...keep it going boy, 3 more games like these!
  3. Mikal Bridges, and Im confident he is "carousel player of the year" if this was a thing.
  4. I know its not gonna a smooth ride...but if it pans out...for example this year I was the 14th pick in my draft...went with leonard and embiid as my first and second picks....worked out pretty good for me...wasnt a smooth ride but paid off...finished in first place, currently winning semis.
  5. 100% agree on the hat thing....should have done it yesterday with giles, bridges and troy brown.....
  6. I'm gonna go hard at Kristaps Porzingis and Cousins next year. Sure, there is some risk here but the reward is just so high....also buddy hield, guy can shoot.
  7. stlll winning 6-3 but very close and he has more games left....lost embid, leonard games....collision out...ariza out....pick up harry giles and he also decides to fukkkkkking join the bench party....i swear to god if I win this semis it will be a miracle and that championship is mineeeee
  8. I’m just gonna rant and vent here haha…in the semi’s but already lost games from embiid, leonard and collison….Nba should really look into this whole resting thing, I mean, play them 20 minutes, like the Davis situation…but fans do pay tickets to see stars play,…not sit on the bench…plus ir ruins fantasy haha,…anyways im just gonna go and try to win % cats, turnovers blocks and steals…might pull that one off.
  9. Proud owner of Sato, Portis, Ariza, Ayton and Rubio who all teamed up yesterday to fuukkkkk my field goal % yesterday!!!!!
  10. Not fantasy related, but still a feel good story from this guy
  11. i dropped on sunday for shamet to get both monday and tuesday games without using any of my moves this week. If he is available this sunday I will pick him up for his 4 game weeks...but not missing him right now.
  12. give up my kawhi for donovan right now..
  13. Only reason im not dropping him is because im scared another owner will pick him up right away and harris will play hiss a** off against me in the playoffs.
  14. So, if you're still reading this forums, chances are we are headed for the playoffs. Basically I want to use this thread to rate and give tips on your teams, While also getting tips from you guys on my team. That way we all can help each other out and confirm most of our gut feelings. That's what this forum is most of the time...confirm what you know already. So, I'll start. Team in sig 9 CAT H2H 14 TEAMS....any suggestions?? huerter, mikal bridges, ellington, shamet and tyus jones on the wire atm. Thanks in advance...drop your comments.