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  1. If i can get enough interest by noon ET tommorow, i'll commish the league. All funds through LS. Majority Approval. If you are going to join after reviewing the league settings, please pay your entry fee. First 12 to pay are in. Any questions, please email me.
  2. 1 owner is not responding to my emails i'm sending him. If someone is interested in joining and can pay before the other owner does, the spot is yours. We have yet to randomize the draft order. Thanks
  3. 1 opening left We have decided to go with payout amounts of $3,525 for 1st place $2,325 for 2nd place $1,200 for 3rd place $150 CBS fee was paid by me (My entry fee is $450 not $600) Email if you would like an invite to the league and will pay within the next week. Thanks.