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  1. Yeah I'd counter with Goff maybe, but I don't move Brees for Olsen.
  2. What will he be playing tonight ya think? Like Fortnite or something?
  3. Lol just got offered CP3 straight up for him from the AD owner. Countered with AD straight up for KAT.
  4. worth dropping Nance or Ariza for him on a flier for a 9 cat H2H league?
  5. No way I take KAT over Harden. That's crazy talk.
  6. Any thoughts on if he'll get PG eligibility at ESPN? Did he have it last year?
  7. RoCo, JRich, J Isaac maybe although not sure he's crossed over from flier to sleeper yet
  8. Man, I apologize. I wonder if I'd gone in and edited rankings.... I didn't think I'd saved them. I just pulled up a mock draft and PG is still 27. LOL, sorry my bad.
  9. Here's my punt assist team from my draft tonight 10 Team 9 Cat H2H. I think it worked out pretty well KAT PG Booker Ayton J Murray T Harris G Harris Mirotic Hield Lamb Nance Isaac Nuric Ariza Fultz Bridges I ****** around too much in the late rounds when I should have landed RoCo and TRich.
  10. Looks like they just updated them this afternoon, right before my draft. Mofos. PG up to 13 is the only one that stands out right now.
  11. And Brandon Ingram says he's going to be an all-star... That said, Embiid does seem to have that kind of upside.