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  1. Flacco practiced in full today. Are we still firing up Lamar?
  2. I would consider picking up as defense at this point if I'm not dropping a really good player. This is the time to keep potential game changers off opponents teams.
  3. They.will most likely take it easy on him until.yhe real playoffs. They are the deepest team in the league and a shoe in for the #1 seed in.yhe east so why wouldn't the?
  4. I doubt Hayward does that this season. They can baby him all year because they ate the deepest team in the league. Would not be surprised to see Warren out produce him.
  5. Not only yo be his year IMO. Celtics are too deep and can baby him all year.
  6. I would only do this trade if I'm 0-6 or 1-5.
  7. No he won't. Anytime you are the one getting 2 players, you must hope they both stay healthy to capitalize off the depth/potential added numbers. Another thing is Butler will be traded and that could bump him to the number 1 overall player in fantasy.
  8. They upgraded the offensive line and added Quentin Nelson. The skill positions have also been upgraded and have a healthy Luck as of now. The optimism is warranted.
  9. Going to be ROY although not really a rookie.
  10. Did I win this trade or what? Had many offers from him but feel I waited for the right one.
  11. I was able to unload him for Thielen and D. Cook. The other owner is 5-0 and can afford to wait. I don't have the cuff so I couldn't.
  12. I just wonder if the ride is over when Doyle and Hilton are back.