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  1. I have 2 leagues with one spot open in each. Both are 12 team H2H points leagues with Weekly lineups, redraft, extended online CBS snake draft, Commish League. 1 is a $100 league that uses leaguesafe. The other is a $125 league that uses paypal for payment.The leagues are unique as we use the CBS power ranking to determine the 6 playoff teams. The power ranking is determined using three equal sources:1. Record against one team each week. 2. Record against all teams each week.3. Total Points scored.Each week, your year to date numbers are added up. You are rated 1-12 (12 being the best) in each category and then your 3 numbers are added up to determine the power ranking. So, if you are winning your weekly matchup each week, but not scoring a lot of points, you would do really well in one category, but not so well in the other two. If you are scoring a bunch of points and losing to what seems like the highest scorer each week, you will do well in two categories, but not so good with the H2H record. This makes it so good teams still have a chance to make the playoffs. I feel it is the best way to determine the playoff teams. The scoring is pretty standard for a H2H poiints league, no gimicky rules like getting 25 extra points for a grand slam. If you are interested, let me know and I will send you an invite to check out the site. The payout is 100% minus the cost of CBS. Email me at joemetiva at aol if you are interested. Thanks!
  2. Come on guys, Machado, Rendon, Taillon, Ray, are a preppy solid group.
  3. 5th year running. Good core group that has been retuning each year. Looking for someone who wants to play for many years.
  4. Hello! I have 1 team available in my $100 CBS 12 team H2H points keeper league with weekly lineups (league safe) Each year we keep 3-5 keepers. 1st rd draft picks can't be kept, 2nd and 3rd rd can be kept 1 year, 3th-10th rd 2 yrs, and 11th-26 3 yrs. The first year you keep a guy, you will lose the draft pick he was selected at the previous year. After that, you it will be the previous yr round minus 1. The draft is a CBS long online draft that takes a little over 2 weeks to complete. The open team has 5th draft slot choice. So you will get no worse then 5th pick put can also choose any available slot you want. A few of the keeper options: Manny Machado 2nd rd, Anthony Rendon 4th rd, Eric Hosmer 6th rd, Roughned Odor 8th rd, Will Myers 16 rd, Nomar Mazara 18th rd, Nick Senzel Minor League Keeper (Don't Lose Draft Pick), Shohei Ohtani 3rd rd, Jean Segura 4th rd, Jame Taillon 11th rd, Robbie Ray 13th rd If you are interested, email me at joemetiva at aol and I can send you a list of the complete teams and send you an invite to check out the site. Fun setup. Thank you and have a great night!