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  1. Could definitely see a monster day for him. Philly secondary is trash
  2. This. I’m thinking of grabbing the redskins tomorrow for their week 6 matchup with Miami while Chicago is on bye.
  3. Came to see what people are spending Thompson too. He’s burned me before so definitely hesitant
  4. Crazy? Don’t plan on keeping him and he’s been my worst player lately. Playoffs are starting and I need to make a move with urshela coming off dL
  5. I’m fighting for a spot in the playoffs and considering this move. Would you?
  6. Ready to drop for law. Giles is killing his owners rights nowright now
  7. Anyone starting Robby Ray vs the dodgers? I’m terrified
  8. In a 10 teamer would you drop villar for renfroe or Austin Riley?
  9. He gets plenty of mental rest during the games
  10. Sounds like kapler. Driving me nuts as a Phil’s fan
  11. Super annoying to own. The k’s are nice but rarely goes over 5 innings and has gotten rocked lately.