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  1. We still have all the money to spend. I think Harper's in play or another big time deal.
  2. I'm thinking the same thing...
  3. I still think another big move is coming. I love the Goldy deal since cards also have Knizer at catcher who's a stud. We have plenty of pitching and didn't give Hudson or Flaherty.
  4. St. Louis Cardinals 2019 Outlook

    Carson Kelly, Luke weaver and Andrew young
  5. With 12 and 13 it was easy for me to go Bregman and Machado. Felt fortunate TBH. Solid base.
  6. That was the right pick for a variety of reasons. I was going as to well. It's interesting to watch
  7. Fantasy baseball books

    I went and got "winning fantasy baseball". I really enjoy it (on chapter 3 now) Major Respect to the Resume Larry has built. Il update later
  8. Well we are still stuck on pick 3. @Fuzzy_Slippershow about a replacement or you just wanna wait? @tonycpsu
  9. Some call me 'The Masta Drafta'. Others say I'm ready to become a GM. If you bums need some counseling just message my Secretary.
  10. 2019 ADP

    100%. There is a ton of both proven and youth in that 13 to 40ish spot.
  11. 2019 ADP

    Scherzer if going by these ADP. Top 5 of Trout, Betts, JoRam, Lindor, Yelich, (JDM, Turner) are close also. Id pick Trea Turner as the possible altuve.
  12. Keeper Help

    Realmuto, Donaldson, and Strasburg and hope the DL is gone. What place did you finish? The team seems fragile/ vulnerable. I could see next year and 2 years will get even tougher to pick keepers.