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  1. Bird or Pham in Dynasty?

    5 year age difference N the negative age guy has eye issues.
  2. 2018 - League Settings - General Discussion

    We just make last place teams of both divisions pay an extra 100$ for last so people are not quitting and the draft order determined by standings. We also make rosters completely lock at the trade deadline/September 1st and you can t make anymovss unless your guy was on the DL before lock. Its tough decisions to on who stays all September. Prevents teams comepetimg for $$ unable to take advantage of lower teams out of the money who wouldn't make September moves for $. I This is roto by the way
  3. 2018 - League Settings - General Discussion

    I'm aware of the limits but we are just misunderstanding one another only because I pay for every move I make in Roto so nobody is just grabbing guys everyday. I'm just not use to picking WW guys up often or streaming guys.
  4. J.D. Martinez 2018 Outlook

    JD just rakes as well as anyone to RCF, like JoRam
  5. J.D. Martinez 2018 Outlook

    This is gonna ripple effect now. Geez. He's still going to have to be preparing and be MLB mid season ready. He's in his 30s and not named Benjamin button. What does preserve himself even mean? He can't field, only should DH(should) and is injury prone in his 30s.
  6. 3 SP keepers? WHIR

    Sanchez, Cole, and Quintana. Sanchez is elite when he has finger nails
  7. Using Spreadsheets WHIR WHIR

    That's what I think probably works best but we will see I haven't started yet. Thanks for the input boys
  8. Tommy Pham 2018 Outlook

    Sorry this vid isn't great but it's emough
  9. Tommy Pham 2018 Outlook

    looks like he's swinging a tooth pick up there. That's a vicious hack in 2017.
  10. James Paxton 2018 Outlook

    2.6 FIP is above great
  11. James Paxton 2018 Outlook

    I may be wrong but I keep reading people say he has had some flukey injuries and they have no major concern. I agree it hasn't been structural damage but both happened to his arm side. One was the forearm strain which doesn't seem like flukey or non serious and than his left pectoral.....a lefty throwing triple digits with two arm side injuries doesn't seem OK. Just my opinion
  12. San Francisco Giants 2018 Outlook

    Your 3 keys for their success in pitching explains the giants this year. Not good even with longo and cutch.
  13. Rick Porcello 2018 Outlook

    Well said, but i think he's going to be poor again based on his career numbers. 1) I understand your first topic, but as you said his control went away. I really think he has extremely poor control. He's played 9? Years and his career whip is 1.31 which is atrocious. 2) The fact he isn't a GB pitcher anymore is exactly why his HR totals have been the highest. Sure also location but what do you expect from a 1.3 career WHIP
  14. What's questionable? I'm just wondering and im not saying anything is wrong since its opinion but other than our pitching coach Rush I thought we came to a pretty good plan
  15. Posey is expendable on ur team definitely. Your team can rake for all 5 stats....If you had a bunch of poor hitters maybe not. Pitching is half the battle and the hardest to get solid options off WW or late in draft. Good luck getting solid rated stats.