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  1. I think it's really important to winning consistently or placing in the money. Winning year after year on WW hits is tough but WW claims can be a skill as well. Being able to put together a team that flows together or that has some logic to the reasoning is key as well. Just having a jumble of guys without any direction is not ideal
  2. Trophy Traditions

    Long term !leagues with very low turnover would be best, as you did. I like it a lot , the league will remain stronger
  3. WHIR 5x5 also Almost always playing Roto but will go and try H2H categorys in $ league 2019 so.... Can you guys list some tips and basic differences in your strategy. Anything to help me gain knowledge
  4. 2018 - League Settings - General Discussion

    I've tried it once over basic roto snake 10 teams and it took much longer. Didn't really enjoy it like I do drafting guys normally
  5. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    Little late but 2 trades this year in 5xroto , redraft this year Before All star 1) Gave:Ozzie Albies Wil Myers and Jon Lester Got: KDavis (slump) and Aaron Nola 2) deadline Gave: Jacob DeGrom Got: Andrew Beinintendi
  6. 10/5 - GAME DAY THREAD

    The Sanchez call was bad on 3-1. That ball was almost both high and outside. Huge call. Happ was throwing so many balls and he won't be successful hardly ever without his control. Especially vs red Sox. The Yankees lineup is stud filled with bombs but it also seems just jumbled together. That's just my opinion at first glance usually with the yanks this year.
  7. Need to cut roster to 12 by Nov 1

    Before / Instead of just listing some 1st cut guys for you in a keeper league, you need to give more info. 1) Do you plan on being a contender or Not? 2) What's the plan for the pitching ? Just a general idea? 3) Just list any idea or plan you may use to help us narrow down the list. Or list guys u really want or something. I really don't wanna just eliminate 6 guys and explain it when I have no idea what your doing or planning
  8. 2018 Celebration Thread- Victory is Mine!

    The 1st league with pitching is what I love to do every year almost . Excellent strategy if done correctly, which starts with multiple elite arms
  9. 10/5 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Stanton didn't have a chance. Kimbrel had super tight slider and that heater on the 0-1 was nice. Stanton guessed 0 for 3
  10. 2018 Celebration Thread- Victory is Mine!

    1st in my main ROTO 5x5 10 team league. Drafted heavy SP and traded for SP as well. Roster: (C) Perez and Gattis 1B) Joey Votto 2b) Gleyber Torres 3b) Matt Chapman SS) Marcus Semien CI) Devers Mi) Andrus 5 OF) Springer, KDavis(Trade), Muncy, Benintendi(Trade) , Merrifield 2 U) Franco , J Turner 9P) Kershaw, Severino, Nola(Trade) G Cole, Paxton, Iglesias, Jefferess, Osuna Categories: finished 1st in no categorys and no lower then 5th in any category. AvG: 5th HR: 2nd RBI: 3rd Runs: 4th SB: 5th Wins:2nd K: 2nd ERA: 2nd WHIP: 2nd S: 5th Trades: I made two deals this season and both were targeting power hitting , since I drafted pitching heavy. 1) The first deal was around the all star break and KDavis was slumping. Gave: Ozzie Albies , Wil Myers, and Jon Lester RECEIVED: KDavis and Aaron Nola 2) The second deal was around the deadline and needed some runs as Springer went down. Gave: Jacob De Grom Got: Beinintendi
  11. 10/5 - GAME DAY THREAD

    The 7th inning next, stay tuned
  12. 10/5 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Agree. Has been all year IMO. His stuff has diminished but he threw 46 strikes outta 60. No walks no runs and 2 hits. Only one K but his whip and Era are going to remain elite
  13. 10/5 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Gardner is trash
  14. 10/5 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I'm feeling it judge!!
  15. 10/5 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Until the 9th?.. I feel it