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  1. Does anyone play, previously played, or have any input on the simulation game Hardball Dynasty? Thought about doing it for so long and finally have decided to do it today. Any advice or criticism would be nice, thanks I didn't know where to put the topic so I thought this would be ok.
  2. Rate the Team

    Giving up DeGrom would be a mistake. What if kluber misses 2 months and wheeler isn't performing as the #2 he can be? Then what ? Your team is strong everywhere and all you would be doing weakening and risking a lot on pitcning. I stand by what I mentioned earlier or just stay. No degrom.
  3. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    They are good pitchers but no way reliable for saves consistently. Hicks can throw 11 balls in a row without an issue.
  4. Rate the Team

    How many U spots? Who else is on ur roster? Nimmo? This changes alot
  5. Well GMs can't do 'this' before 'that' happens. Divisional teams will build according to what's happening and changing. That's showing your hand
  6. Yikes. I like the concept and idea but MLB is gonna go nuts. That's tons of revenue
  7. 2019 League Settings Discussion

    Hell no on the commish deciding on price or doing it by similar guys previously. That has disagreeing all over it. The price thing is so tough to do perfect. I'd cut down on the heavy details on contracts. So confusing. Il get back to u on this. It's alot
  8. That's a very fair point. The agents also have reputation/money on the line for future guys if they are not able to get these guys enormous deals.
  9. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    Mets, rangers, non closer....just saying. I.do.like it tho
  10. Who wins ? (Dynasty)

    B, but I'm not even really a fan of this deal. Giving away 1,2,3 draft picks. This deal almost feels lazily put together. Seems like it's just thrown together with quantity and all these picks. Unless u wanna explain? I think it could be more simple
  11. It's unfair to make the player do that. They are making critical decisions for their families. They earned the right to become a FA and should be able to take all winter
  12. Rate the Team

    He's got Mondesi. He needs a 3b so he can deal murphy. Bregman is stuck rn
  13. Rate the Team

    Well yeah your teams good but if you are unable to make it most efficient then it's vulnurable. 1) Cespedes is dead space. Drop him. 2) (I think he's elg.) Bellinger to OF , Aguilar stars at 1b. 3) Mondesi on bench can be Murphy platoon sorta. I don't know u should deal Murphy and stuck with mondesi Plus story and Murphy in col together. Just look over all options of where guys can go , what works, who has no replacement (Bregman at 3b is a dumb spot to not be able to utilize his SS role, which is why you can't make moves in that area. You would need a 3b elg. Let me know where I'm wrong
  14. First time il admit I don't wanna do it. A
  15. Dakota Hudson Gyorko @shakestreet @DidiFan