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  1. Mack. IND should be up quick and pound the ball with Mack. Diggs isn't a bad back up option though.
  2. I like Hunt better, but CMC is probably the pick. I have Hunt in a couple leagues and am getting worried he may get rest because of their record.
  3. Depends on what your depth and roster set up is, but Drake is in an awful situation. Drake for me.
  4. You can probably get Amari Cooper. MAYBE Gordon. That trade would depend on whether the Gordon owner needs RB help. Other than that, you're looking at a lot of low floor/high ceiling guys, which you already have. Maybe Tra'quan Smith, if you're willing to take a bit of risk.
  5. Ridley for sure and i think i like Baldwin better. The McCoy situation makes me think DAL will be able to focus on stopping the run.
  6. I would probably drop Thomas. I prefer some young upside. Thomas has the look of a 3 for 30 guy moving forward. Maybe he does better, but he has a target monster and a deep threat lining up with him. Not much left.
  7. Thanks for the help with mine. I think Hooper is your weekly starter. Njoku is loaded with upside, but isn't steady. Doyle is steady, but Ebron takes the TD's. This close to playoffs, i'd probably drop Njoku and roll with Hooper/Doyle. I wouldn't drop a possible starting RB for a third TE.
  8. Marvin Jones is out. Golladay was a target monster without him last week. CHI can give up some yards passing. Golladay for sure if it was me.
  9. He'll be fine for ROS. He had a bad game against a pretty good D. The whole offense was out of sync. Offer it, but i can't imagine the other guy takes it.
  10. My team is in the sig below. 1 PPR. 2 RB/3WR/1 Flex. I'm really weak at RB. 2 keeper league and i kept AB and Hopkins. That killed me at RB. I felt ok about this trade a week ago, but then Cooper had a dud last week. Edelman and DJ score about the same every week, but maybe DJ will turn it around. Not sure if i'm hurting myself just to chase an RB. If i do the deal, i lose Edelman as my flex spot. It becomes a decision between Cooper and a handful of mediocre RB's every week. Unless Adams takes over. QB Goff RB K Johnson, Mack, Drake, J Adams, Collins, Freeman WR AB, Hopkins, Golladay, Edelman, Cooper TE Waivers (Thanks OJ Howard)
  11. You can definitely move an RB for a solid WR. Do it.
  12. Thanks for the help with mine. I wouldn't do this trade. White is your only solid RB. Mack and Jones have both had good games, but i wouldn't want to trust them as my starting RB's. Drake is garbage.
  13. ATL's D is really bad. I wouldn't go near Manning. TEN seems to be up and down. I think Dak is probably the safe play, where Mariota may have the upside. If you're in a good position in your standings, go Mariota. If you really need the win, i'd probably hedge with Dak.
  14. You can afford to lose Diggs, but i don't know that Gronk is the answer. You may just have to sit tight. Gronk has to contend with Gordon taking catches now too. I don't think he'll ever return to his previous stats.
  15. Definitely grab one or both of them off of waivers then turn around a make a package for a top end WR. You should have the ability with your WR/RB depth.
  16. How many RB's/WR's can you start? If it's 2 and 2, then you're looking for depth. I'd see how your WW pans out before doing anything. You still have a bye week coming for Hunt and i like Chubb more than Jones. However, Chubb will net you a better WR in return. I think you're probably ok keeping your team.
  17. If you can start all 3 RB's, do it. If not, i don't know that i do. You won't be as strong at WR. As a whole, i really think you may be trading just to trade. On the other hand, i don't think i would do that trade if i was him.
  18. Is it a keeper league? If it is, i probably don't make the deal. I like Michel if he can get healthy and Belichik doesn't get fancy when Burkhead comes back in a few weeks. If it isn't a keeper league, i'd probably do the deal for Chubb/Cook, in the hopes that Cook gets the backfield to himself.
  19. DEN has a great playoff schedule.
  20. Chubb has the better schedule moving forward. But could have small games due to being behind. Fournette is always involved, but that offense is probably worse than the Browns offense. I'm deep at RB and am looking to package one of these guys for a top WR and have Connor, Hunt and K Johnson for RB's. Thanks in advance.
  21. I need 2 RB's and 1 Flex from the players below. I prefer to get RB's on the field, but i am very weak at RB, so may go WR. I think Kerryon should be a lock. Miller should have a good matchup. Drake may see a large uptick in passes due to the MIA WR injuries. Carson has a good matchup, but how many carriers does he get? Too early to trust Mack? Collins isn't in consideration, i don't think. Love Golladay and think he may get the Flex. Lamar Miller Kerryon Johnson Marlon Mack Kenyon Drake Alex Collins Chris Carson Kenny Golladay
  22. I can't imagine he'd do Kupp for Hyde straight up. Hyde may start losing touches to Chubb. You'll need to do a package, but i'm not sure you have the firepower to entice him with 2 RB's. Maybe Hyde/Carson for Kupp. But then you'd be thin at RB.
  23. Even though they are saying Fournette has a shot to play this weekend, i don't think you can afford to make this trade yet.
  24. Boyd for sure. Drake has the ability to boom, but he sure hasn't yet. Help with mine...