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  1. Rays vs Sox Predictions: Who wins? What’s the final score? How many hits for each team? Most controversial prediction?
  2. Spurs got blown out from the opening tip (down 20-4 to start the game), so the reserves probably came in early and probably were the ones that mounted the comeback
  3. I streamed him for the matchup with Vuc and I've kept him today but charlotte might not be as a good a matchup?
  4. Don't encourage them to do the wrong thing by offering advice though??
  5. what do we think, with thibs fired, is he a chance to be a bigger piece?
  6. You need to ask these kinds of questions in the Assistant Coach forum dude. good luck with your season
  7. been here for 12k posts and haven't found the quote button yet
  8. Marshon brooks also traded to suns. Anything to see?
  9. Oubre reporting to have been traded from wiz to Memphis in 3 team ariza deal. Does he start?