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  1. "Good luck losing with these losers in Green Bay, LaFluer....."
  2. Not putting too much on "matchups" I was burned too many times starting the wrong guy because of a better matchup. Often times means nothing.
  3. What really sucks is he missed out on a huge run that may have gone for a TD if they didn't get called for the delay of game.
  4. You sure? You’d think it’s to be a high scoring matchup. Trequan doesn’t have much of a sample size so I think looking at home vs away is kind of skewed.
  5. Most clutch player ever! Haha Agreed, TreQuan’s volatility is much higher
  6. I think it may be Trequan as well but the lack of involvement these past few weeks is troubling. I know he was battling an injury but still
  7. Lost Sanders AND OBJ this week. Big underdog now. .5PPR - Who is is the best homerun play at FLEX? Spencer Ware TreQuan Smith Dante Pettis Chris Conley
  8. If you were the underdog in your matchup and owned both, which would you start? Josh Allen has really come along and has had a ton of success on the ground especially. Might have a safe floor because of this. Russell Wilson has done wonders in the red zone, throwing for 2+ TDs for weeks straight. Although tough matchup and Baldwin is banged up again.
  9. Also the combination I’m leaning too
  10. .5PPR, First week of playoffs, and I’m the underdog QB - Russell Wilson RB - Saquon Barkley RB - ? WR - OBJ WR - Robert Woods TE - George Kittle FLEX - ? Options: James White Justin Jackson Spencer Ware Dante Pettis
  11. “A lot of holes in that desert, and a lot of problems are buried in those holes...”
  12. Kearse goes out and gets double digit looks then next game gets 0 points.... Trequen Smith and his 0 points after a 10+ catch game... Fitzpatrick in a juicy matchup and gets benched..... List goes on....
  13. What other RBs would you consider sitting in favor of JJ?