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  1. J,J Redick 2017-18 Season Outlook

    def are going to have to collapse on simmons and i saw 1 or two more open looks because of that looking good for redick
  2. Hassan Whiteside 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    legit 3 top of key... dwight also made a jumper from just inside the 3 pt line as well (top of key)

    looks like those trade deadline deals are looking good (yu and sonny)
  4. smart please stop shooting 0-7
  5. H2H Punting Saves SB?

    punt saves in all my leagues and had success but that was more about exploiting the market in ypro league where they are highly valued and traded my closers for increase bats and sp.. i wasnt the only one as most of the top 3 team in my leagues all punted saves or only had 1 or 2 closers what about punting sb next year? limit number of sb around the league and people are going to be aggressive going after them which means it seems like a decent idea except that you could win sb some weeks without the top tier speed guys (i guess you could say that about saves) are there enough 3-4 category bats that you can get at a discount in the middle/late rds to give you enough of an edge to punt sb? seems like there are enough ss/2b that dont steal that you could easily build a team without sb that give you an advantage (c seager, rizzo, murphy, schoop, correa, cano, didi, castro, dejong only 6 players stole 30+ bags maybin was one that was total trash in the other 4 categories and merrifled was another who had a solid year but late bloomer not sure what to expect next year for his 5 cat production the other 4 were altuve, trea, dee, and b ham altuve and trea will both be top 5-7 picks in most leagues and dee is only 3 cat producer that will cost a premium top 25 ish pick b ham will also be over drafted and is a 1.5 cat player (sb and runs) the next few were buxton, rajai, deshields, and dyson (not much to say about them...not very good outside sb, buxton with upside) then you have some solid options in that 25 bag range mookie, cain, phan, andrus, trout, jean (drag on rbis and hrs) marte (should steal 30+ in full season) i wouldnt go into the draft targeting punting sb but if it sets it self up who knows
  6. 2018 First Rounders Discussion

    the point i was making about hitting his peak is that he has gotten better each of the last 3 season at age 24-26 and i would be more surprised if he doesnt increase his numbers from last year you dont have to "bank" on 320/55/150 for him to return top 3-5 value but i dont think that type line is out of the question areando could easily hits 45-47+ hrs, drive in 140, score 120, and hit 310+ and i wouldnt be surprised hopefully story, dahl, desmond can actually do something next year for more arenado runs does taking trea, a player who hasnt put together a full season, but has #1 overall upside worth it compared to areando who might only have top 5 upside but is about the safest position player to return 1st rd value if you factor in everything outside of maybe trout, altuve and goldy? (not sure what his sb will look like next year) for me arenado is less risky and you know what your going to get which is why he is right after trout for me (for some reason i have some enormous bias against altuve for no reason at all ha) and i cant pencil goldy in for x amount of sb.. things might change if jdm stays in az but still unlikely i still like trea alot and still had him 5th or 6th i think but i am a big areando fan and on a side not he doesnt get enough respect in real life baseball
  7. 2018 First Rounders Discussion

    dont see how you can take trea over arenado arenados avg and ops has gone up by a good amount each of the last 3 seasons and is a lock 35+ hrs 120+ rbis 95+ runs (all 3 of those would be his lowest output from the last 3 years) and he hasnt hit his peak as he is coming up on his age 27 season i understand the appeal of trea but i cant justify trea over areando especially with arenados stat track record, games played track record, ideal home ballpark and lineup the only thing i can think of is the lack of sb in the mlb and potential 20/70 upside but is the unknown worth more than consistent fantasy greatness?
  8. Davanate or Cooks ROS

    cooks one has brady one has hundley throwing to them
  9. Do I Make This Trade? -- WHIR

    pass got to get a better qb.. smith cant be that much better than whats out there on the wire
  10. Russell Wilson for CJ Anderson? WHIR 100%

    not a fan of wilson at all (rather have dak or other top 7ish qb) but if wilson is the best you can get or you like him then thats a fine trade with your rbs
  11. What to do with this team? (WHIR)

    i would go overhaul... only people i want to forsure keep would be rodgers, ab, cooks (still think he will be a stud) and maybe adams (jordy is getting up there not sure if adams will resign with gb so not sure)
  12. id trust brees and thomas to get it going and i think its a coinflip as is ... add in thomas already had his bye week and id pass and i like hopkins alot
  13. Lost Rodgers. Cam offer on table WHIR

    no one i just grabbed dalton who was the only option on the wire
  14. 12 team h2h redraft 1 pt ppr will be 6-0 if bristet doesnt score more than 17 pts tonight give evan engram get cam newton i have dalton and i have brate my team qb dalton wr ab wr cooks rb hyde rb cmc flex cja flex landry te brate bench - engram, woodhead, kendal wright, roger lewis, latavius murray