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  1. Russell Westbrook 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    he would be ranked 464 in a fg, ft, t/o league ha
  2. Tyler Johnson 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    picking up right where he left off
  3. Antonio Brown 2017 Season Outlook

    if ab gets 7 receptions it will be a successful ppr line
  4. CJ Anderson 2017 season outlook

    have to start him next week because of volume would love to have seen what booker would have done on some of those tosses and on another run when cja could of took one to the house if he made a guy miss still dont know why cja doesnt get 3-5 targets a game
  5. rotoworld mock draft pick discussion thread

    2 more rds after this one for 4 bench
  6. Rotoworld Baseball Mock Draft V1 picks

    marcus semien @Members_Only_76
  7. CJ Anderson 2017 season outlook

    added him a few weeks ago just for this matchup but dont know if i can pull the trigger if i knew cja was going to get 15 touches with a couple targets i would start him
  8. Rotoworld Baseball Mock Draft V1 picks

    barraclough @Fuzzy_Slippers
  9. Serge Ibaka Outlook 2017-18 Season

    hes a must own in punt ft%, assists teams as its hard to have 4-5 starters that dont shoot threes'which most teams in this build have with some sort of whitside/gobert/dj/drumm/capela/dwight ibaka is basically poor mans porzingis that you could of got as your 3rd or 4th big
  10. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    down 25.5 plus his drake vs my brady and NE def kinda feel like its a coinflip the how NE plays during primetime and against miami
  11. Rotoworld Baseball Mock Draft V1 picks

    nick williams @Members_Only_76
  12. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    dropped ebron for anderson in ppr m bryant would get me 36 yds when big ben throws for 500 sanders is dog piss
  13. Rotoworld Baseball Mock Draft V1 picks

    jake faria fuzzy takes j harrison
  14. Most annoying player to own 2017-2018

    smart hard to drop him but i think im going to next week
  15. Rotoworld Baseball Mock Draft V1 picks

    healy @Members_Only_76