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  1. should of moved him for sale when they had the chance...alot can go wrong with young arms... see about anyone could of cashed out on puig and missed the boat on that one as well
  2. both have been awful but i think polonco has a better chance of turning it on... he is playing better right now as well so that was a factor in why
  3. was able to swing this deal and i kept max gave marte and trumbo got diaz, knebel, giles
  4. have been punting saves after i traded all my closer and have one of the best teams because of the trade value i got for my closers have two offers that could completely change my team give s marte get edwin diaz and knebel im fine doing that as diaz and knebel look to be doing very well the 2nd deal give mad max get holland, kenley, chapman i still would have kershaw and my team would look like this 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h min inn per week 7 inn sp kershaw, thor, madea, cobb, newcomb, tailon, happ, sonny, urias rp kenley, chapman, holland, knebel, edwin diaz
  5. is bum still a gamble to come back and be his usual beastly self? i can wait for bum to come back so thats not a problem
  6. ha cant even get fringe playoff team to trade me his trout for my kershaw one for one
  7. max and edwin for goldy and a good sp or two on your team or arenado and edwin for goldy and reynolds
  8. 1. if 100% he will 2. who cares.. 5 inn or 90 pitches for 7k's and elite ratios is more than fine
  9. seems like an easy hold if your team is doing well 4 weeks shut down then say another 4 weeks to get game ready? or say 6 weeks after throwing to be safe means he will be back will a week or two before fantasy playoffs in standard h2h
  10. he said 1st on 11th
  11. talent usually rises to the top especially with a player that profiles like trea especially in the ideal situation, hitting in the ideal lineup
  12. sean newcomb
  13. ha.. dont drop holliday id might be fine switching out qunintana... hes been very bad.
  14. no, but he is a fringe playoff team and i dont know if he can wait till after the AS break to get some production... especially since all it takes is a little set back and he could be shut down... not a believer in tailion wheeler or sonny?
  15. bump what if i had to offer wheeler, sonny, and tailion for bum?