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  1. Jose Quintana 2018 Outlook

    whos starting? really need anything but a ratio killer today been on a nice hot streak last 6 starts gets bombed on during day starts - 84 inn 16 hrs ha he is better on the road.
  2. Drop Royce Freeman? WHIR

    no hold freeman
  3. WHIS? Quincy Enuwa or Chris Hogan? WHIR!!

  4. 12 team 1 pt ppr can only start 1 out of... quincy (thus night vs cle) vs golladay (sun night vs ne) vs Dt (sun @ bal) im already starting tate but I don't mind starting golladay as it should be a shoot out vs NE what about Josh Gordon or Dion Lewis (@jax)?
  5. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    this is why u never take a qb in the first 4 rds even in 2 qb league 1. (5) Saquon Barkley RB 2. (20) Christian McCaffrey RB 3. (29) Tyreek Hill WR 4. (44) Travis Kelce TE 5. (53) Golden Tate WR 6. (68) Josh Gordon WR 7. (77) Dak Prescott QB 8. (92) Julian Edelman WR 9. (101) Jameis Winston QB 10. (116) Ryan Fitzpatrick QB 11. (125) Alfred Morris RB 12. (140) Ronald Jones II RB 13. (149) John Ross WR 14. (164) Austin Ekeler RB 15. (173) Denver DEF 16. (188) Quincy Enunwa WR 17. (197) Wil Lutz K
  6. Zack Wheeler 2018 Outlook

    not bad for a late rd/free agent add in all non keeper leagues last 75 inn post AS numbers aren't even fair
  7. 9/19 - GAME DAY THREAD

    anybody starting price @nyy
  8. Waiver Wire - Streaming Options

    cc home vs bal? lance lynn hove vs bal minor home vs sea (much better at home but numbers vs sea are really bad this year 3 starts, 13 inn, 20 hits,11 er but his 1 home start vs sea was good 6ks 1era back on 4/20
  9. Demaryius Thomas 2018 Outlook

    ha so youd trade Dt for a 4th option on his own team (Sammy) or a wr that cant catch in funchess I own golladay, enunwa, and DT so its tough to say but im would stick with DT over golladay and enunwa. now if DT doesn't get the targets this week I would be a little worried
  10. Punt Assists 2018-2019

    depends if you think drum can shoot 55-66% ft% again difference between Drummond and adams is 7 reb and >1 blks+steals in favor of drummond adams smashes Drummond in fg% and much safer in the ft% in fta and ft% and fewer t/o adams has also gotten better each year (increased min has a lot to do with that but still) I wonder how much burn noel will get in okc? he could be a 1+ steal 1+blk
  11. Gordon Trade Value WHIR

    keep Gordon move your other wr for high end rb. who you got? id still take a shot on lamar miller for gordon
  12. Punt Assists 2018-2019

    yes but at the expensive of low steals for the most past. the difference between capela and gobert in punt assists and other centers taken multiple rds later doesn't make sense. maybe the yahoo ranks and mocks are really bad and I wont be able to get adams and whitside in the 5th and 6th rds but there are so many bigs I don't see how you can burn a 2nd rd pick on a gobert and capela when nance wcs nurkic going around pick 80-100 that offer similar stats. is crabee or redick or e gordon + gobert or capela make more sense than embid, beal, middelton butler, otto porter and nurk nance or WCS? almost all centers get a boost in value in punt assist so you want to load up on non big stats early.
  13. Punt Assists 2018-2019

    hate that pairing for a lot of reasons most of all it hurts in pts and threes. also hurts ft% you don't need elite shot blkers you just need a lot of guys that can get blks. you also are going to get guys like j rich or Covington or other wings that get good blks as well. this is especially true if yo decide to punt pts and assists. if you punt pts and assists and take on capela or gobert you are then taking a major hit to your ft% and threes so you are really behind. fwiw even with a down year whitside finished 27th in punt assists, Capela and gobert were 23 and 24 a lot of bigs fit nicely with punt assists so IMO if you sacrificing a 1 and or 2nd rd pick on a center it should be on a center that offers some combination of elite scoring, 3's and blks/steals jo val, ibaka, adams, kantar, vuc, all finshed in top 50 overall in punt assists last year nance also is another solid big for elite steals, fg%, and solid reb in limited action. haven't done any research on how he was in cle or how he will be used but hes a serviceable 4th-5th center im curious if taking jokic and punting assist would be a bad idea (sure he gets elite assists but what you really want are the threes, pts, steals, blks) hes kinda the closest thing to KAT after KAT (minus the elite t/o and super elite fg%)
  14. Devonta Freeman for Mark Ingram

    ingram isn't inj. freeman inj same knee he hurt last year and there is still no timetable when he will be back ingram last 2 seasons- 2000+ rush yds, 5 ypc, 18 rush tds, 4 rec tds, 104 rec, 700+ rec yds