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  1. give me brady 1st 2nd and 5th jordy and ajg are just a hair behind julio brady and jordy already is > julio... so you gain a 2nd and 5th for your 7th and 10th if i am reading that correct this seems like a slam dunk
  2. i will not draft crow but at that price both crow and TP are much better options over shady.... keep crow or TP over shady and its not close tp over crow for me
  3. yea but his yds/catch was crazy high and his td where decent.... i agree a solid year but being the #2 behind HOF andre johnson helped as well
  4. you mean he has beasted 1 time in his nfl career needing 192 targets yea that just proved my point... his ceiling is still 1st rd if everything breaks right but his floor is low without a proven nfl caliber qb as you just saw last year... which is why is top 25 ish adp is fairly priced
  5. i would be expecting 85/1100/ 8 floorish if everyone is healthy
  6. last years adp was wack for many reason but the most important was why in the world would you take a wr in mid/late 1st that doesnt have an established nfl qb? would like to know the last time someones adp was that high with a qb like OZ? no one in last 5 + years late 2nd early 3rd im all up on that... solid price
  7. i personally dont like powell so i would decline but that is good value in 14 teamer and if you like powell then you should do it
  8. saw ajayi and allen as well before reading others post but i was going to say get coleman back also add in diggs and williams and try and get another upgrade
  9. i wouldnt.... id go get zeke but hold off on getting another wr and try and get some decent deals at wr
  10. i like the julio/gronk combo i cant bring up starting two rookie rbs as i took mccaffery, mixon in my other draft (did trade for bell) try and package one of bryant/diggs/crowder and fournett and go after shady or freeman give you a stud rb and limit some of the risk plus you have the wr depth
  11. solid team getting cooks mid third is nice as i think he will have good year i took him late 2nd you also have good depth like sanders, coleman, snead, d henry, own them all in a couple leagues drop flacco and probably witten if there is anything you like out there but forsure flacco
  12. i got todd by a good amount le
  13. zeke no doubt especially in 10 team leagues
  14. two no doubt dont over think it
  15. 12 team 1 pt ppr redraft qb- winston (9.3) wr- AB (1.3) wr- b cooks (2.10) rb- mccaffery (4.10) rb- hyde (5.3) flex- nuk hopkins (3.3) flex- cja (6.10) te- brate (13.3) def- denver (11.3) k- bailey (14.10) bench gillislee (7.3) d henry (8.10) john brown (10.10) gio bernard (12.10) cole beasley (15.3) julius thomas (16.10) loved my first 4 picks ab, cooks, nuk, mccaffery then players kinda just fell and i took best available had no interest in hyde, gillisee, or cja but the price was right... hopefully i can use them as trade chips passed on brees and took hyde is the only pick i kinda dont like but winston in the 9th is decent