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  1. see Robert covington bone bruise is almost as bad as a break
  2. disagree he was drafted in most leagues as top 100 player and im sure some after he was drafted for power speed without taking a blow to your avg. whether or not his counting stats are good/great is just a bonus imo.
  3. probably best for fantasy owners in the big picture. saves those inn/starts for later in the year
  4. trea isn't an ideal 2 hole hitter. trea 1 soto 2 is the best option but managers are dumb. who would want to get their 3 best hitters the most ab's (trea soto rendon)
  5. until he drops that 4 inn 2+ whip on you
  6. ha yea I have 0 shares in 8 leagues of every player listed except correa id be fine passing on all those players even if they hit. maybe not Bryant considering his 3rd rd adp
  7. players you have zero shares of that will probably haunt you eloy gleyber (took seager every time over gleyber) story jt real (got burned in every league last year taking gary, Wilson, and buster) judge dahl nola marquez
  8. dudes returning 56 overall value which is right where he was drafted. a shooting slump at the wrong time sucks. its not like he was shooting 50% early in the year when he was avg 20 pts. he was low 40's. only disappointing part about j rich is the decrease in stocks compared to last year but that seems to happen when a player takes on more on the offensive end
  9. 8 leagues yelich 4 Hoskins 4 vlad 4 robles 4 moncada 5 seager 5 voit 5 lindor 3 castellanos 4 senzel 3 kikuchi 5 ray 5 urias 4 maeda 4
  10. you need to better diversity. inj are going to screw you.
  11. gets julio teheran first game of the year 8 bombs, 1700 ops
  12. and to think I got laughed at offering kawhi and McGee 4 his dipo and gobert
  13. capella lma Harrell nurk adams. simmons sato. had kyle Anderson inj. lucked into winslow
  14. its good to see a player have success vs good sp but small sample size and I don't think you can really make any conclusions. remember when everyone got hyped when devers hit that high fastball off chapman his rookie year?