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  1. im down to help come up with some trade ideas the thing is in these h2h yahoo 7 inn minimum innings pitched league closers are like crack to these people especially teams that are punting wins and k's... we will see how it works out punting saves as i really didnt want to do it but unless you got 4 quality closers you are not going to win saves consistently and i didnt feel like over paying for a closer some examples andrew miller was traded for dee gordon and he isnt going to get any saves lindor and adam jones were traded for colome and segera addison russell for rodney ha krod for longo and felix colome, jim johnson, and fowler for adam jones, and kyle seager
  2. ypro $250 league not that it matters i have seen alot of people/experts putting a top 20 value on thames so i didnt think it was that much of a slam dunk
  3. no worries at all.... the 2 spot, xbh, hold very little importance for me on his sb total if he hits anywhere near 290 if he continues to hit the sb will come in bunches
  4. i dont think i would but depends how deep the league is skaggs is owned in very few 12 teams and would have a feeling he will be dropped very fast after one poor outing ender has track record of sb and avg and now he has already matched his power output with 4 bombs so if he adds in a little power he holds decent value and i would not deal him for such a wildcard in skaggs and i like skaggs
  5. yea check yelich numbers compared to xander.... yelich slash line was a good amount better than xander i think yelich is a good comp as well
  6. 12 team 5x5 h2h redraft ypro i was trying to get a thames, moose, melancon 4 one of goldy/arrenado/bryant but no luck so i sent this out and it got accepted to an all closer team gave thames, moose, melancon, giles got blackmon, and lindor will be punting saves but my lineup is stacked ha my team c schwarber 1b pujols 2b trea 3b lamb ss seager of trout, blackmon, pollock util lindor, renfroe bench s marte kiermaier sp cole, wacha, urias, eickoff, wheeler, skaggs
  7. 4/4 in saves
  8. weaver with a sub 1 whip on the year.... ha.... called it
  9. when is thread is only two pages long... cough trout cough
  10. almost as bad as what they traded den for cutler
  11. made a "young" mistake with the two base throwing error on a pick attempt which should not have happened as belt wasnt a threat
  12. urias calm and collected? tracker had him at 90-91 first few hitters... 93 to nunez
  13. 12 team h2h 5x5 redraft ypro gave kemp, kelvin h, watson got scherzer love me some kemp but i have the outfield depth and think scherzer, kershaw combo will be nice i also can add two of renfroe, garcia, peraza my team now c mccan 1b bird 2b cano 3b lamb ss crawford of trout jdm benintendi util kipnis, bregman bench- bham, kiermaier, tommy joseph, sp kershaw, scherzer, urias, eickoff, kennedy, VV, ray
  14. you would think the owner would be smart enough to make it look a little bit better and not something so ridiculous ha