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  1. i agree if you are not making your team better with a lateral move... such as correa for seager schererzer for bum ect... but other than that i disagree 100%
  2. yea i dont know how important just getting abs are in a 24 team league but DD isnt going to start so im taking semien over choo and its not close imo
  3. 12 team redraft 5x5 h2h starting rendon at util (have donaldson for 3b) would you make this deal if moose, kepler, ender, bell, granderson are f/a i can grab? so my scherzer and rendon for kershaw and moose
  4. i like the hats... but then again i couldnt tell you anything about what a MLS logo looks like... anyways i dont care, i still like them
  5. i have seager and correa ahead of xander for this year and the future coin flip on seager and correa... i personally want seager
  6. id do two... i cant count on matz for 200 inn and would take diaz with that staff in a heart beat hell no on #1 but im not a fan of fuller
  7. no chance
  8. terrible idea
  9. ATL LAD would be ideal... dont know id LAD is involved just a pipe dream
  10. thats funny 10rd is where i look brantley last year.... lets hope jdm has better news this friday
  11. right where he is going 160-170 or a little bit later your looking at a top 100 overall player when he comes up
  12. yes, this isnt a situation like berrios, giolito, glasnow last year we have seen what urias can do in the show and its just a matter of time before he is starting he has nothing left to prove in milb
  13. their location is pin point compared to where USA pitchers are
  14. entertaining yes... high baseball iq... no