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  1. 1 qb league? if so then easy accept ab>>scary terry monty>l murray you got wentz so murray is expendable
  2. go from starting trout and yelich to luis urias and the todd father in one of my semi finals next week. fantasy gods getting back at me for stacking my team with acuna trout yelich and judge.
  3. 12 team, 1pt ppr, 2 qb, no flex give aaron jones and ertz get zeke roll with waller ROS and sell off ertz? my team qb brady qb stafford wr adams wr julio wr Sammy rb a jones rb ingram te ertz bench- waller, shady, josh allen, Mariota, Jordan howard, moncrief
  4. I just hope he doesn't get nom. early in my auctions if I can get him cheaper than fox then im in. or am I?
  5. no gary no gleyber. did throw a gem last time out vs NYY 13 k's. was 2nd start of the season
  6. ssdd? westbrook going to get his? tough to gauge but that triple punt is appealing especially with the prices the way they are. just don't know if the usage will be there.
  7. nothing better than swapping yelich for fowler, eaton, khris davis, c dick, laureano. just getting ready for fantasy b ball h2h playoffs.
  8. that is true but the waller Andrews hockinson even mid tier engram howard henry look like freak athletes and the big body recievers that atheltic are unguardable. we will see coming from someone who just traded Jacobs for Kelce as a Andrews owner.
  9. own yelich in 6 of my 9 playoffs teams. FML. also have plenty of shares of trout, jo ram, keston
  10. fantasy wise he still on cant cut list. think yelich owners need to swing for the fences maybe get lucky with khris davis hot streak.
  11. im so confussed chasing my tail trying to figure out who to own/start just going to roll with urias and madea and hope I get something from both. (watch stripling be the guy to own. ha fml
  12. that's fair but I wouldn't be expecting to hold onto jones long. all about the master plan of trading up so I can get one of the elite rbs. think jones holds more value than Watkins and is a better trade chip. if we were to draft today where you think Sammy goes? 3rd/4th rd? (half ppr) (seems a bit rich) nothing really has changed except his ceiling is a little higher for the next 5ish weeks.
  13. has to hold some value in 2 qb leagues
  14. want to sell high on Watkins just not sure he can stay healthy but that could be one of the deals that cost you big time if he does stay healthy. already moved one share for aaron jones.