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  1. looks like bat heavy was easier to predict/safer/greater odds of landing than sp (with 45% season complete)


    6 out of top 8 sp were drafted outside top 100 (maybe not Castillo going off preaseason rank)

    14 out of top 25 sp were drafted outside top 100 (15 if you include Kershaw pretty sure his adp with inj was outside top 100)


    bats we got

    1 out top 8 (bell) bats were drafted outside top 100

    8 out of top 25 bats were drafted outside top 100 (probably not moose with 2b eligibility)

    and no real surprises outside pence, marte, Edwardo (he has been a good hitter for a couple years going back to min.)

    bell, kepler, and alonso on a lot of sleeper/break out lists 


    but 1st rd hit/miss between sp and bats favors the top tier sp so far. max, sale, deGrom, all hit (more so than the bats like trea, altuve, joram, harper, judge, Stanton, goldy)

    that was predicable as the top tier sp have the highest floor outside the top couple bats. only thing with the top tier sp is health.


    see how it goes ROS

    (been doing well with taking buehler as my highest SP in any of my 10 redrafts)

  2. 20 minutes ago, kmoore1521 said:


    4 IP and 3 ER is a bad start in my book so saying 3 ER or less is misleading imo, texas got crushed obv, and MIA 5 IP 5 ER, so 3 bad starts for me in his last 9, and 7 of 15 overall but the 5 IP 3 ER starts can be argued i suppose, but with middling K's......meh

    take away the blow up game @tex and hes at 2.75 era  1.02 whip in his last 8 starts avg over 6 inn a start

    if my math is correct (49 inn, 15 runs, 50 hits+bb) 

    he wasn't drafted for his k rate

  3. 11 minutes ago, kmoore1521 said:


    was more the 3 ER or less in last 7 of 9 starts (Of which you did not specify much beyond that, such as the MIA start you did not mention, then CHC game you cited, and then the TEX game, so 3 bad starts in his last 9 would have been the more clear way to relay what you were saying)


    just trying to clarify so people do not mis-interpret your message, all good

    ur really going to be that guy?

    is it true that since may 1 mikolas has allowed 3 er or less in 7 out of 9 games? yes. how can you misinterpret accurate information 

    does one below avg start @mia change anything? nope. hes been pitching well


    hes had 1 bad start that wasn't predicable in his last 9. pretty simple

  4. 42 minutes ago, kmoore1521 said:


    one of those was 4 IP and 3 ER so still a bad start, important info 


    and bad start @ MIA wasnt mentioned specifically, just wanted to point that out as well the 5 IP 5 ER outing



    pretty sure I said that 


    49 minutes ago, colepenhagen said:

    since may 1 mikolas 7 out of last 9 starts hes allowed 3 er or less

    facing chc in b2b starts (2nd start @chc that was predicable for a bad start)

    getting blown up @tex was understandable as well



  5. 1 minute ago, Orioles123 said:

    Trout is to expensive to keep, Yellich is $38 and Acuna is $17. No chance of landing Acuna.

    You had me at sb though, I've got plenty but they don't grow on trees and it'll be hard to compensate for the ones I'd be losing.

    don't say no chance on acuna. I could come up with something if interested and you want to post ur lineup and his lineup and prices. if not all good 


    tatis meadows and glasnow 4 acuna for same prices isn't that far off in 14 teamer. maybe take glasnow out and offer a better sp.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Orioles123 said:

    Feel decent about my pitching for this year and following years with guys like snell, cole, boyd, smith all for cheap. 

    I think Meadows is a stud, and Tatis is due for regression.

    Like I said before, Soto is already a bonafide stud, and I need to look into bell more. A lot of moving components to this...

    still like trading with rebuilding team in a few weeks and going after a top 5 player with a reasonable keeper price


    whats yelich, trout, acuna keeper prices. any of them out of contention and going to rebuild?

    glasnow meadows for 10 bucks should net you a huge haul. better than the one ur getting imo but again depends how you view bell and soto

    you also lose a good amount of bags between tatis and meadows. you got enough sb?

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  7. 1 hour ago, Orioles123 said:

    14 team 6x6 keeper league. Draft budget is $300, and it costs an additional $5 per year to keep a player. My team is in contention

    trade would involve me giving away: Meadows ($5), Tatis ($6), Glasnow ($5)

    I would receive Soto ($6) and Bell ($6)

    Essentially these are all unreal values for years to come. I feel like Soto has already reached the upper echelon of fantasy players, but the rest of the pieces in the deal are knocking on the door. 


    depends on how many keepers if you can keep as many as you want depending on the price then that's tough to give up those 3.

    glasnow inj is really worrisome but hes throwing bullpens.


    depends on how you view bell. I don't own him or like him or care about him just completely ignorant on that situation honestly. just disregarded the pirates in fantasy

    if you think hes legit and its repeatable then the deal is fine. I think you can get better value if you just wait a bit for glasnow to get back and sell off glasnow and meadows 4 a superstar that cost a little more and keep tatis.

  8. I own him in a few leagues and treat him as a top 50 player with upside. I think hes right there with khris davis. I think I like the unknow a little bit more than davis and with everyone hitting so many hrs I think davis value isn't as high with the low avg and no sb. id flip alvarez him in a heart beat for snell but not a chance of moving him for those other sp listed

  9. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h


    only weak position is 2b/ss (which ever spot I don't start mondesi at)

    been trying to go after a ss for over a month with no luck


    give kepler and one of pham or buxton 

    get tatis


    worried about league making adjustments to tatis.

    have the depth but still feels like a lot.


    my team

    c jt real

    1b pete

    2b biggio

    3b areando

    ss mondesi

    of yelich

    of stanton

    of alvarez

    util kepler

    util voit


    bench- buxton, pham, robles