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  1. 28 minutes ago, Benjamin1984 said:

    Was the player I was going to name drop as well. It does remind me a lot of him last year. Both guys need absolutely everything to go perfectly to return value if you are taking at the 1st/2nd turn.

    was 21 overall 2 years ago with a less appealing line. 2 less pts, 1.7 less dimes, 0.3 less threes, (was more efficient in t/o, ft%, fg%)

    think hes a fine pick around the turn. don't sleep on the 0.8 blks the last 2 years.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, StifleTower2 said:

    Well the median in threes is 1.5 so if you’re in roto your top 10 rostered guys should total 15.  If you get 0 from your first two picks then you simply need 8 guys to get 2+ for a total of 16.  That’s not too hard given that your PF and C slots are already full so you can draft guards and wings the rest of the draft.  Granted, it’s still an opportunity cost, and I can agree that if you start Giannis/Drummond then your ceiling in threes is capped.  Probably can’t hope for more than 10 roto points at most in threes, even if you tried the rest of the draft bc at least the curry and harden owners would crush it.  But it’s also ok to soft punt.  Can’t be good at everything.  

    ? a normal build requires 4 pf/c players and standard rosters have 2 starting centers. so ur going to burn another 2 spots on zero 3pt players. assuming its a semi traditional punt ft team. so that leaves 6 open starting roster spots for you do get all those 2+ three guys. unless you go after Brolo and Kristaps for the threes and blks instead of the the standard punt ft bigs. 

    don't think to many punt ft teams wont roster atleast 3 bigs that will get no threes.

    soft punt is fine just letting everyone know from personal experience that when you roster 4 starting players that get no threes you have a tough time winning threes against more than a couple of teams in ur league.


  3. while that's true ur burning 2 starting roster spots basically avging under 0.4 in threes right off the bat. if ur going to roll with 4/5 starting players (which is the norm for punt ft teams) that will get you a zero in threes then you really have no chance to compete in threes vs the top teams that are strong in threes. 

    that's why I have scrapped punt ft and assist build. even with a grip of 3 n d players burning 4-5 starting spots on drum capela, lma, adams ect you get blown out of the water in threes vs the curry, harden teams or guard heavy teams. plus the teams that have the bigs that shoot threes. (personally think bigs that get blks and threes are one of the most valuable guys depending on build.)


    plenty of players that you can get later for steals and threes, danny, winslow, mikal bridges,  warren, smart ect

    still think its an uphill battle going Giannis drum pairing unless you are content on punt 3's and ft% which is a viable option. would recommend it over chasing threes later in the drafting jj red, eric Gordon ect and then weakening  ur stocks. (even with the great start in stocks you have with Giannis drum start)


  4. 21 minutes ago, justaguy said:

    Giannis + Drummond or Gobert is much better. Punt one cat (ft). With Westbrook, you're punting 2, if not 3 categories right away. Tough way to start a draft

    ur threes will be trash as well with Giannis and drum. hard to make that up. either pairing ur punting 2 or 3 cats

  5. balance is better as you can tweak ur build later in the year as you see how the other top teams are doing and where they are strong and weak and how to attack their teams.

    you don't want to go up against a team that has the same build as you but slightly better because they lucked into a top 3 pick. 

    that being said I did go triple punt in my 1st draft when I picked 1.1 but went balance in my 2nd draft.

  6. 12 team 9 cat redraft


    howd it go? not thrilled but I went best available. semi punt blks.

    any ideas on how to improve or what to punt with this team?


    pg fox, conley, dipo (ir) around pick 100 had to gamble

    sg curry, brogdon

    sf Mikal bridges, Fournier, danny green

    pf/c Ayton, love, carter jr, winslow, zubac

  7. expecting an even bigger year with no Westbrook and cp3 running things for however many games that is. adams low post game is underrated.

    any chance he increases his scoring? avg 14 pts each of last 2 season. love the steals he offers for a big. knock on wood - adams also an ironman so needs to get bumped up in h2h leagues.

    with Westbrook gone he could be a monster on the glass as well. well over 10 a night.

  8. On 10/8/2019 at 7:34 PM, a-rob said:

    Yeah, simmons will post several beast lines 18 12 12 in 1 year but hard to win with him if he is not contributing or hurting you in 3 out of your 9 categories. The same thing can be said for RWB if he cannot improve his FT%

    simmons vs Westbrook is one I cant figure out. both have their flaws but both are monster popcorn stat guys that are huge if you know how to build around them.


    Westbrook should have simmons in pts reb and dimes even with the move to hou. think Westbrook and simmons are a draw on stocks maybe favor simmons a bit with the potential 1 blk. so it comes down to is Westbrooks increase in pts/reb/dimes and threes> than simmons elite fg%. I say yes but then you got to factor in the age and inj risk of Westbrook vs simmons continued growth and more usage. need 20/8/8 from simmons if im taking him over Westbrook.



  9. 12 team 1 pt ppr bonus pts 0.1 for pass completion bonus pts for 300/350/400 yd pass

    qb friendly


    can get tyreek as owner needs a qb1 and a wr2


    give Kenny golladay and josh allen

    get hill 


    is now the time to jump on hill? I just got Kenny (moved waller) and like him plus he already had his bye week.

    Stafford already had his bye week and Mariota plays kc during bradys bye week so if  brady and Stafford stay healthy then im set.


    my team

    qb brady

    qb stafford

    wr adams (inj

    wr julio

    wr kenny

    rb a jones

    rb ingram

    te ertz


    bench- shady, Watkins, j allen, Mariota, penny, m goodwin




  10. 13 minutes ago, OxyBubbleMan said:

    I just read some article that ever since Bagley took over from Bjelica, Fox's numbers took a dive especially his fg% making his ranking lower than what it was at the first half of the last season. One or both of them needs to improve their shooting for their synergy to work better. The lack of spacing especially when Barnes is cold from 3 is going to hurt. Dedmon doesn't shoot enough to make a difference compared to WCS but maybe he is a better screener.

    wonder what that sample size was considering bagley started 4 games and avg under 25 min as a sub in 58 games. so not sure if that has a directed correlation on bagley or not.



    ha cp3 avg under 60 games the last 3 years and is 34 no chance. more risk

    fwiw Jennings finished as 19th overall in 2011 with a line of 19/3/5 2 threes 1.6 steals 41% 80% (game and stat line have changed but still)


    overall rank and where a player finishes doesn't mean much outside roto. you pay and draft for stats. possible 10 dimes 2 steals and pg with blks and fg% is what and why he is going where he is going. 


    don't see why fox cant avg 1.5 or better threes he shot 37% last year

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  11. 15 minutes ago, hipriest69 said:

    Fox vs Lowry vs Conley vs Bledsoe...


    Fox is going higher than the other 3 in every single draft I've done.  But is there really much difference in value between the 4 players?  Fox finished the lowest of the 4 last year. 


    I'm thinking Lowry and Conley have more value via much more 3's and FT, which more than makeup for Fox's slightly higher assists and steals...


    So I decided to look at BBM...BBM's rankings last year - 

    Conley 27, Lowry 36, Bledsoe 43.  Fox was ranked 70.  


    I was thinking of trying to get Fox in the 3rd round, haven't been able to yet.  I wonder if maybe he's being over-drafted, and it's wiser to wait and shoot for one of the other 3 guards a few rounds later...

    its fox upside and his floor. I wouldn't reach for him if I wasn't punting ft% or threes or both. youth>vet in this situation but I hate conley so there is some bias


    edit- and by floor I don't mean overall rank but I mean his stat line that he offers in steals dimes pts and fg%

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  12. 2 hours ago, Tekno Team 2000 said:


    A healthy John Wall pre-achilles?  No, he is not yet and its solely because of the FT%.  The FT% is the only thing holding this guy back at this point from being a complete stud.  He was at 73.6% in college and he has been a little lower than that so far in the pros. 

    I do believe eventually he is going to get it higher since he seems like someone that works hard on his game, but can he get it higher this season to around high 70's?  I have doubts and the preseason has not lowered my doubts either - so far he is 12/17.

    I was more talking about from a real life perspective. maybe im wrong as I haven't watch a tone of wall but he was more of the Westbrook mold burner type. fox has that elite speed but he plays under control. fox 46% fg in his 2nd season wall had 1 season in his career of 45%. wall has avg 0.9 threes for his career with 3pt% all over the last 3-5 seasons from 30-37%, fox 37% 3pt% 2nd season. wall a t/o monster just a hair under 4 a night for his career. fox under 3 t/o a night. so fox looks more efficient, with more upside on paper and as someone who watched a lot SAC last year hes very good and can get to the rim whenever he wants but he takes what the d gives him.

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  13. 12 team 9 cat redraft


    went triple punt. wanted simmons but he went so had to take Westbrook still think he will be fine


    pg Westbrook, fox, rondo

    sg Bledsoe, goran (winslow handcuff)

    sf ingram, wiggins

    pf/c AD, Adams, Bagley, Harrell, Ibaka (auto pick), winslow


    now looking to move AD for drum + since drum is basically = to AD for my build


    which do you like better


    give AD and Ibaka

    get Drumm and Capela


    give Ad and bledsoe

    get Drumm and Jrue





  14. 12 team 1 pt ppr, 2 qb, 6 pt pass td, bonus pts for 300/350/400 yds. qb friendly league


    main question- is ertz elite? or that much better that Andrews and waller? I think hes safer in full ppr and better days ahead which is why im balking on this deal.


    give j allen, ertz

    get t hill, andrews


    own waller already so would have waller and Andrews.

    have Stafford and brady with marriota and Rudolph still so qb depth isn't a problem as Stafford had his bye already. 

  15. 16 minutes ago, StifleTower2 said:

    Aldridge: 21/9/2.4 with 1.3 blocks, .5 steals 52/85/1.8

    Ayton's upside if he shoots threes: 22/11/2 with 1 block, 1 steal, 1 three 50/75/2+ TO


    That 10% difference in FT is huge.  Ayton and Aldridge had similar TO last year but presumably if Ayton's usage goes up then so will his TO.  In my hypothetical, it would also drop his FG% below Aldridge's.  Ayton's best cat was FG% last year.  Dropping it to a pedestrian number for a big is huge.  You're underrating the value of one third of a block, that's half of the median, which is half a round of value easily.  Last year Aldridge was 1.3, Ayton .9  People tend to eye ball these numbers but if you're using a standard deviation model these small differences absolutely can drop someone a round.     

    you think aytons fg% gets dropped 10ish pts if he shoots some threes?