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  1. love bregman but he has a ways to go if he wants to jump Anderson, mondesi, and springer in 5x5 rankings (if you want to talk about final season value) he is one of the safest bats in baseball, in the best lineup (imo), in great home ball park. [...]
  2. 12 team h2h redraft 5x5 gave riley got rodgers gave meadows and navarez got jt realmuto gave judge, lester, riley got yelich
  3. no where near enough for yelich. if you can pull that off you do it. arms are roll of the dice health wise. right now yelich is worth 2 first rders (stat wise)
  4. top 15ish if we were to draft today. will take monster line for him to finish top 10. possible, not likely no order- trout, Mookie, Arenado, Bellinger, yelich, jdm, acuna, story, lindor, verlander (and im sure you could make a case for deGrom, max, sale) I do like bregman over baez
  5. pass I like Hoskins springer more than javy and benny its close either way and I really like Castillo over german i
  6. and how many week ago did he strain it?
  7. that's tough I like Alonso and dahl more but not sure I trust ryu over nola. since you got sale and grineke I think I would gamble on ryu staying healthy ROS
  8. think you need one more arm. but if kluber comes back then you should be fine. not sure I like Bieber, caleb and boyd as my sp 2-4
  9. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h give Kershaw get judge worth it to gamble on judge to comeback soon? I need a bat more than SP and haven't had much luck trading any of my other sp c garver 1b voit 2b profar 3b vlad ss lindor of trout of hoskins of robles util mancini util seager bench/ir- trea, castellanos sp Kershaw, bum, ryu, maeda, ray, kikuchi, Porcello, marco, lucchesi, matz, desciafani/stream rp peacock, stram
  10. is he a stash with realistic chance at getting the call or will col. be col.
  11. peacock looks like trash. very lucky if he gets through 5 with shot at W
  12. gave moncada, aaron hicks, j hicks got acuna gave chapman and hendricks got snell vetoed
  13. yea I think LAD wants to use him for multiple inns in less appearances rather than just 1 inn in more appearances which means more saves
  14. Castillo maeda. diaz and kenley/hand
  15. yes don't like turner or marte but if you need bags marte is the guy
  16. made a deal now have free roster spot. have no idea who I want. more looking short term g Polanco- fool me once... been down this road before Verdugo- worried about splitting time alex Gordon- pretty solid all year hitting 3rd with consistent PT yandy diaz- numbers are there but have no idea if hes a good hitter yuli - heating up. great lineup
  17. going up against 92 inn of 2.74 era 0.98 whip 114 k's.
  18. 12 team 5x5 h2h redraft made same deal in two leagues gave meadows got bum
  19. consistent inn eater, close to 200'k's, good W's . ratios will a weakness surprised he was dropped in some standard 12 teamers early in the year
  20. didn't he hit lower in the lineup last year? his lineup spot is perfect surrounded with allstars
  21. would try and SELL HIGH. ranked 7th overall. elvis and another piece/sp for 1st rder. who knows might get lucky