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  1. 12 team 0.5ppr 2 qb gave cubb and corey davis got nuk had to take the value here right? dude got boned during the draft (auction) and was in need of rb leaves me a bit light on rb but I think I can manage my team qb wilson qb lamar lackson wr nuk hopkins wr d adams rb aaron jones rb david montgomery te walker flex a cooper bench- r freeman, shady, singltary, dion lewis, jamal Williams, p barber, e sanders, haskins,
  2. soto was 3rd rder this year early 3rd fringe top 25 pre draft. think that was a bit aggressive and he has sb upside 2nd year player don't think I will be reaching but 4th rd seems fair with the 4 cat floor, lineup, ballpark.
  3. cooper 101 targets 6 drops landry 149 targets and 11 drops Edelman 108 targets 8 drops tate 113 targets 7 drops ajg 77 targets 5 drops dt 89 targets 6 drops a lot of wr have problems with drops. dt, b marshall, always had problem and I want to say mike evans did early on but cant find drop pass leaders from before 2018 maybe im blind but that's terrible that on pro football reference there isn't a column for drops
  4. maybe they give him an extra day or so in between starts or only let him go 5-6 inn but I don't feel like they will just skip his start in the rotation. just my opinion. I wouldn't want to mess with him giving him 10 days off. sp are creatures of habit
  5. yea you can make it work but its an unnecessary risk in redraft.
  6. agree outside front 3 rds robinson and moore not a chance. if you want to go zero rb you need mahomes you need elite te or very least oj howard, you need the setup to be full ppr, and land nuk or adams. you could go julio m Thomas at the turn but then you are not going to land mahomes or Kelce. not sure id like that there is always an option to go wr heavy which is fine. but going full blown wait till 6 rd for first rb is dangerous and kinda unnecessary in 12 teamer.
  7. I think chubb is safer than what most think. also think you will be able to find a trade partner after the 1st 4-6 weeks of the season if hes going off. someone that is struggling in ur league will take the gamble and trade for him. (if you want to move him and limit the risk) but have a feeling he will be one of the most valuable players to start the year.
  8. year 2 with dak with whole offseason is going to be big
  9. upside upside upspideā€¦ iill take him over a kicker or d parker until I get something concrete
  10. ha like I already said health is the only knock on him and if you were expecting sb then I don't know what to tell you
  11. ive been holding but is his upside from the bump worth it? 12 teamer
  12. first 3 years total (2 years worth of games 310gp) he had 71 hrs, 195 rbis, 178 runs, with solid ops. and avg around 255-260 not bad for ages 22-24 seasons. his career 162 game avg is still 38/100 think major let down has more to do with health rather than talent/production
  13. no have to wait for a trade to go through first you don't think mahomes is worth a 1st rd pick in 2 qb 6 pt pass td league?
  14. how you like the idea of flipping chubb and Wilson 4 mahomes and mark ingram? give me more safety with mahomes and the 6 pt pass td. I really like ingram this year as well
  15. think lindor and trea are a tier ahead of bregman story tatis but still a lot of season left edit plus xander and baez
  16. pass not enough value. push for 5th maybe 6th rd pick and sweeten it with another flip in picks later in the draft. I like barkley and jacobs/ingram/Montgomery/Lindsay more than adams/Melvin/julio/chubb/bell and mixon/juju/cook its more preference but still don't think the value is there
  17. sooner or later the fantasy community is going to wake up and stop putting a 1st rd price tag on him in standard 5x5 reminds me exactly of Rizzo throughout his career. good/great player but fantasy wise not a 1st rder. how many years was Rizzo a 1st rder when he never really came close to 1st rd production? (even when Rizzo stole 17 bags in 2015 he was barely inside top 20) I guess if you want a safe 1st rder bregman is fine just don't think he carries the upside and with all the talent in mlb I do think he gets hot very soon. hopefully
  18. 12 team, .5 ppr, super flex, 6 pt pass td howd it go? could of got a better qb2 but I wouldn't have been able to get freeman or another bench player that I liked. ended up with 3 titans but they all costed a buck or 2. didn't get hunt but im not too worried. qb r wilson wr d adams wr a cooper rb n chubb rb a jones te d walker flex d montgomery s flex l jackson bench- r freeman, c davis, e sanders, shady, singletary, peyton barber, dion lewis, j Gordon, haskins
  19. you have to diversify a big because even if you hit on all the same players all it takes is one or 2 duds in the playoffs and ur bounced. so not only inj risk during the year but that week to week variance during the 3 week playoffs. Im still going to do the same strat in all my auction get one elite rb and one elite wr if the prices are reasonable. nuk Kamara, or zeke, adams/hill. middle/ late rd guys can be the similar if the value is good. can always make trades. just don't draft josh Gordon on everyteam as ur wr3 and you should be fine
  20. you guys think he will play today? b2b or will they baby him
  21. talented, young, healthy players don't struggle all year. we see it all the time Mookie joram goldy this year. they will eventually get hot. a thing to remember for next year when trading. also once yelich said Mookie will be Mookie that really got me excited.
  22. not a bad 150ish game pace of 48 hrs 92rbis 108 run