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  1. pair him with landry as your wr 3 and 4. (ppr). pairing ajg and boyde makes no sense
  2. yea Im pretty sure you can only set it to higher seed wins ties or best h2h record but that's for playoffs. don't think you get to set h2h regular season tie breakers. and for some reason I think its the stupid who had the best record the last week of the season and not h2h record vs the tied opponent.
  3. a little csb but shows the positive in drafting early and exploiting rankings/prices if you put in the work/research and getting lucky. also feel like less inj in preseason because no one plays. this is one team draft before preseason. got shady ($2), singletary ($1), josh Gordon ($1), montogomery ($21- $300 budget), lamar Jackson $9 added brisett for free (2 qb league)
  4. anybody know what the regular season tie breaker is on yahoo. doesn't say under league settings. all it has is playoff tiebreaker. I really hope it record vs tied opponent but why do I feel that its whoever had the better record the previous week? anybody help out?
  5. might miss out on first rd bye if I don't win 7-3 because this other dude is going to 10-0 a team that didn't check because he is out of contention. going to come down to my opponent rp throwing a clean inn or 2 to take whip. FML
  6. Im selfish as a blacked out dodger fan I get to watch trout whenever I want. would love to see him on the big stage but would also like him to stay with same team for rest of career like some of the greats.
  7. ? julio and adams are both consensus top 10 picks in 1 pt ppr.(5 and 7 overall actually)
  8. 12 team 1 pt ppr give adams and julio get cmc and evans love adams julio combo in full ppr but have wr depth and like most, want cmc evans is solid but with oj and Goodwin he doesn't have the consistency or ceiling imo of adams and julio. does cmc cover that? my team qb allen qb jimmy g wr adams wr julio rb kerryon rb jacobs te henry flex j white bench- landry, ajg, Sutton, tate, gio b, Rudolph, flacco
  9. think hes a smart handcuff for Gordon owners. rather have this handcuff in ppr over a barber ro jo type rb
  10. understand but you have to think or I should say coaches have to think shady/gore give them best shot at winning games to open the season over a rookie. especially while they are healthy. big difference imo between easing a rookie in at the start of a season and shutting someone down like chubb for no reason. while that is true most young super talents that isn't always the case especially for players that aren't as physically gifted as barkley ap Elliot ect
  11. same reason mlb teams don't waste that many innings on young arms when they aren't competing. why burn up those shiny new toys mileage? let the vets get some work and get beat up and ease the rookies in and give them a little bit more work as the season goes on. im sure the presence of a vet rb helps out a young team as well, pass pro, ect.
  12. didn't he already offer this above? if so that 2nd rd pick isn't out of ur reach. id probably go as low ur 1st and 6th for his 1 and 2 you could even add in some later rd flips as a sweetner if you really like whos at 10 and 15 overall
  13. you hold all the cards as that top 3 pick is gold. he needs to come to your price. ur 1st and start at 7th and move down to 6th rd pick for his 1st and 2nd rd pick. anything other than that ur not interested.
  14. I like good balance goo qb te. dj odb with late 1st rd pick is nice (not a fan of odb but w.e.)
  15. chubb or hill. with 3 wr hill looks a little more appealing but then again its only 0.5 ppr. think chubb is the pick here
  16. no im talking about the 1st and 3rd and 5th rd deal 4 ur 1st and 6th. take out 5 an 6 picks and add in a 7th and have him add in a 2nd instead of 3rd
  17. no 2nd and 3rd is better than late 1st. I would push for a 2nd and you should take the 5th and 6th rd picks out and add in a 7th
  18. so basically a 1 and 3 for ur 1 that's not bad. 10 or 12 teams, standard, half, full ppr?
  19. pass think david holds more value in dynasty than some back up qb. even in 16 teamer
  20. hell no if you want to move a top 3 pick this year you need a 1st and 2nd rd pick for ur 1st and probably 5- or 6th. (couple picks apart so would look better offering up 5th rder)
  21. 12 team 1 pt ppr owner looking to move Rodgers as he has Watson and he also has ertz and henry so looking to swoop on henry (like him a lot with no gates) think Jacobs in for solid year but value wise this deal makes sense? give cousins, d jax, Jacobs, cohen get Rodgers, henry, lindsey, landry (he also have duke who I do like but feel lindsey holds more value right now and I would be looking to trade whoever I get between lindseu and duke my team qb dak wr nuk wr watkins rb barkley rb jacobs te andrews flex white bench- cohen, ap, Sutton, moncrief, gallup, d jax, Humphries, cousins
  22. ill take the elusive, shifty, patient rb over the fast rb that runs right into the back of his oline or that tries to bounce everything outside. have no idea if singletary will be good but the measurables don't mean a lot to me. opportunity is the #1 thing I look at with late dart throws
  23. terrible trade. like the team as is. since you are playing from behind missing picks you need to land Gordon, and white to be a ppr machine again. those lotto tickets are necessary for ur success/team