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  1. i sure as hell am not expecting him to win the job midseason if im taking him in the 3rd-4th im expecting him to be a main part of the offense from week 1
  2. yea he always seems to snap out of his funks (even if they take awhile) which is very good to see from a young hitter... he could very easily just fallen off a cliff but he comes back
  3. ha cmon on man thats just wrong and foolish to even think lets see....aenado,ramierez, rendon, lamb, shaw, sano, bryant, marwin, taylo freeman if you want to include him since he has 3b elibility yea his 162 game pace is solid but no chance he would ever play 162 so its kinda whatever i would have to think his counting stats should be close to 100/100 in a 162 game pace in that lineup with a 990 ops hell he was 79/90 last year with a 832 ops in 150+ games and 7 sb is a bit ambitious as he was at two sb on the year before yesterdays two sb
  4. nothing special in fantasy especially in non ops leagues... little power and counting stats are bad
  5. yep thats my plan as well i feel alot better about taking one of those wr instead of mixon in the 3rd as my rb2 (ppr) alot can change once we see what he can do in preseason
  6. hill and gio are both very cheap handcuffs so that is also a plus look at the rbs going after him or at least ranked around him... gillisee- who knows how he handles being a starter and they still have many other capable backs especially receiving backs lynch- year off, older, didnt look good in his final year ty montgomery- i like him alot and would take him over mixon in ppr but he still isnt a much safe option than mixon hyde, ware, lacy??? no thanks not much upside or consistency 3rd 4th rd seems more than fair to me if you dont like mixon in the 3rd then you might want to go rb rb and then wr (hopkins, cooks, dt, sammy, pryor) that seems like it would be safer route at least in name value
  7. id try moving miggy over j turner also if thats an option...might get a bit on name value
  8. i like it phan is a nice upgrade over thames and ozuna and turner are about = this year and ozuna is a much better keeper gray and beckham doesnt mean much to me except he is on fire right now any chance you can take tim and jon out of the deal?
  9. H2H redraft 12 team 5x5 1st place looking towards playoffs and there is only 1 team with more than two closers the other 4 teams have one of two trash closers if i can get chapman for benintendi and schwarber that would give me rosie and chapman what about trying and move bumgardner for kenley, holland, knebel i still would have kershaw but i could also have 5 solid closers and with a stacked lineup my team would be c gary 1b rizzo 2b trea 3b arenado ss c seager of trout, jdm, pollock util bregman, amed bench- ceaser sp kershaw, thor, sonny, tailon, maeda, morton, rodon, castillo, marquez, kennedy, rp kenley, chapman, knebel, holland, rosenthal
  10. im guessing ap will get some preseason reps with new team? lord v said it well... sure you can lock down ingram and ap kinda cheap put that seems like a week to week headache when both are healthy and i would rather draft two different rbs from two different teams in the single digit rds right now i would take ap over ingram without thinking twice... you can also throw in ap over cja and lacy but how do you guys feel about taking ap over cook (ppr)
  11. alot closer than you think and altuve>judge but we will save that for the mvp thread
  12. new england has been doing this for years getting favorable matchups out of the backfield over and over.. about time rodgers adds this into his arsenal
  13. dont think anyone is crazy enough to project 30 sb as much as i like bregman i dont see anyway he reaches top 35 pick next year... unless he puts up 1st rd value ros right now 35 overall is bellinger/rendon production
  14. 12 team h2h redraft 5x5 give bum, bregman, sonny, benintendi get springer and yu bum=springer bregman sonny and benintendi> yu.... ? thoughts? i think i can take the downgrade from bum to yu and loss of sonny.... if kershaw comes back soon my team c gary 1b rizzo 2b trea/cesar 3b arenado ss c seager of trout, pollock, jdm util bregman, benintendi bench amed, schwarber sp kershaw, bum, thor, sonny, maeda, morton, rodon, taillon, castillo, marquez rp rosie
  15. anyone who has watched hill run the past few years knows mixon will blow past hill with the number of touches as soon as the season starts
  16. will start hit home against any team... his numbers home vs az for his caree are really good as well
  17. i just added faria last night and like his k upside more than cobb i have had marquez for his las few starts and am riding that hot streak till it ends... k's have been elite so marquez, faria then walker marquez has nym tomorrow
  18. more gold than mays more hits than pete top 11 all time in sb to each his own but that he would be up there in the all time greats for me you could make a case but then again i am not really all that impressed with anything that the oldtimes did as they played against trash competition but thats for another thread and another time (please dont respond to this)
  19. probably right but his numbers are ridiculous add in 5 more years of 220 hits and 5 gold gloves (15 total) and he might be in the conversation (but will never know what he could of done age 22-27)
  20. 12 team h2h redraft give cano, j turner, d fisher get blackmon i got have devers for 3b and bregman as well if amed does well at ss my team c- mccan 1b- goldy 2b- altuve 3b- j turner ss- bregman of- trout jdm marte util- cano, devers bench amed, fisher, b ham, dahl
  21. idk has the ideal situation and skill set... power speed combo, high obp, plays home games in little league field, in stacked lineup he has to finish strong first and if he does he will be in the conversation especially with ss/3b i think the inconsistent PT in WBC kinda messed with him
  22. i guess the majority dropped or he is just that unlikable... idk i didnt read the twitter feud