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  1. 15 minutes ago, midlip said:

    No chatter on him - anyone know how he's looking in spring?

    u watch wbc game yesterday? couple hits i think one off king felix

    dude is going to smash and is a steal where he is going around pick 90-100 

  2. ha thx... nice one my mistake... eyes moving faster than my brain 


    villar 19 hrs and marte have the power to match the 15/45


    but the point i was trying to make is if only 4-5 people swipe 47 bags

    then there is a slim to no chance in hell they hit 15+ hrs


    nice to see villar get to that 15/47 number last year as a non superstar, post hype sleeper


    Assuming 550 abs


    I do not expect Turner to hit .300 (safe number at 300 for a rookie i say over 287 which has no affect on me drafting this kid) 287-300 will not make me change my pick
    I do not expect Turner to hit more than about 15 homers. Wrong
    I do not expect Turner to reach 70 RBI. dont care (would bet on under, NL lead off  makes sense) 
    I do not expect Turner to reach 90 runs. Wrong 
    I do not expect Turner to steal 45 bases. Wrong


  3. yea his argument is pretty weak


    how many guys stole 47 bags? three and of those three how many have any type of power one (marte)

    so no wonder no one reached that line


    he makes it seem impossible for a 15 hr 45 bag type line just because it hasnt happened but not to many players with the skill set of trea(i do agree his rbis will likely be lower) 


    hes a faster, prime c gomez with less power (fantasy wise)

  4. 1 hour ago, EmbargoLifted said:

    These are the only players i would take over Harper this season:









    You are getting a nice discount on a tier 1 player this season due to a fluky down year.


    has more fluky down years than tier 1 years


  5. 1 hour ago, Travdaddy10 said:

    How can you say this? He's had hip issues in the past. Maybe his back issue last year was due to protecting his hip. A few years back there was a pitching mechanics guru who said the only thing he was worried about with Kershaw was his hips. The way he throws is why he's having those issues. I don't think it's going to get better as he gets older. Signs are there...

    possible but i dont think the back inj had anything to do with his hip issue or changing his mechaics to protect his hip

    especially because he had a 240 inn season inbetween his hip issue and back

  6. yea as elementary as that sounds  (bb=3b)  it really catches my attention every game


    1st pitch, fb away almost every time for non power hitters 1st time through the lineup (maybe thats why altuve just smashes)



    i would love to see what fastball% dee gordon received on 1st pitch and what his #'s were on 1st pitch fastball (that he swung at)

    or the pitch selection on 1-0 pitches dee receives

    would also like to see how many of dees hits came on offspeed (yea not dees thread just trying to gauge leadoff/speed hitters in general)


    anyways, if trea hit 15 bombs he will produce + value where he is being drafted




  7. Just now, Magoo said:


    No player with 1/2 a season - second half of season - is a lock for something only two people did last year in all of baseball.


    Speed is not the same as base stealing. The more accurate statement would be is that base stealing does not slump.


    I do like the Crawford comp.  

    when you as fast as turner it doesnt matter

    but its not like he was successful 84% of the time as a rookie