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  1. ha one team of mine went 0-31... dont think that has ever happened to me with a full lineup (trout, altuve, jdm, cano, benintendi, b ham, happ ect) still winning avg... WTF
  2. until he faces kershaw hill urias during fantasy playoffs
  3. yea he has been a monster so far but i dont know how you can trust someone hitting 167 vs lhp with a sub 600 ops to go along with close to 50% k rate (23 k's in 48 ab's)
  4. this guy (traded my only other 3b lamb last week) combo meal have all the confidence in the world
  5. 9 ks 4 inn is he back? velo is solid... not sure if that was even a problem last year
  6. once you juice it changes you permanently, (forgotwho was talking about that) is there an example of a player not doing well after getting popped for peds? cruz best years have come after he got caught very easy to roster.... especially if you punt saves, or punt sp, (h2h)
  7. some fair pts but we are talking about edwin here who hits no doubters not wall scrapers i still would bet edwin will be closer to 300 vs 200 im chalking this up to the change of scenery more so than age/decline (see nelly, hanley, beltre, pujols, braun, napoli, cano, beltran, v mart ect)
  8. for his career he is a 240 ish hitter in april and may and hes a 280+ hitter ros have all the confidence in the world as i just trade bellinger for edwin 1 for 1
  9. trout gp 851 harper +machado gp just shy of 1350
  10. gave bellinger got edwin trusting history on this one
  11. this it really makes me laugh when they say harper is the best player in baseball right now on mlb tonight or how there is little difference
  12. are we looking at the ground work for a 50/30 season?
  13. yea they are.. high stakes 12 teamer he was dropped and i was able to grab with 8th waiver wtf?
  14. ppr #2 off the board after bell?... maybe 3 after bell and dj
  15. no running catchers over, no break up slides on dp, whats next no pitching inside.... get off the plate freddy, rizzo is next
  16. i think you mean 5 tds?..he scored 8 tds in 2011
  17. ^^^ agree wonder how people feel about taking adams, compared to landry in ppr also would you shy away from adams if you took jordy
  18. ha in one big money league so far i have traded.... my Braun (when healthy), kemp, benintedi, britton (when healthy), kelvin h, watson, addison reed, knebel got trout, goldy, scherzer punted saves already three different times... time to restock potential closers
  19. smh he was hitting 316 with 876 ops less than a week ago (may 4th to be exact) id flip benintendi or lindor in a second for turner if i didnt own him already
  20. whats his value ros? top 40 seems like a lock as his hit tool and counting stats will be solid... add in the power and sb
  21. no trout, c seager, pollock, bellinger in one league no arrenado, c seager, pollock, bellinger in another cecil gives up a bomb to freeman to blow wachas win in those two league cobb gets no run support in both those leagues as well