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  1. ha has a realistic shot with 6.5 weeks left to go 30/30
  2. talent wins out. understand the hate and disappointment but you don't drop talented players that are healthy. just ride it out until they get going.
  3. 12 team 1 pt ppr. im not commish
  4. 2 qb 6 pt pass td 12 teamer give lamar jackson get cousins. seems almost too good to be true. am I missing something? cousins a lock for 4000 and close to 30 td right with digs and theilan and Rudolph and cook I am always a fan or running qbs and if Jackson can improve just a bit passing wise he should be a lock for top 10 production. (my bias which is why I drafted him) my qbs are Wilson Jackson and haskins
  5. forget OJ as my te not that it matters
  6. best player is evans. take evans worry about evans Goodwin problem later.
  7. personally rather have nuk and adams in full ppr over dj. im avoiding all headaches this year minus josh Gordon . zeke is dnd right now
  8. should of got hill with those 40 yd bonus pts.
  9. 12 team 2 qb ,6 pt pass td, 0.5 ppr give r Wilson, a jones, k golladay get j allen, Kamara, lindsey with 6 pt pass td Wilson and jones for allen and Kamara is fair imo with the 6 pt pass td 2 qb league and with the projections. I own freeman and like freeman to eat into lindsey production. like the idea of owning nuk, adams, Kamara with decent supporting cast but allen and l Jackson as my 2 qbs in a 6 pt pass td league isn't ideal. my team qb r wilson qb l jackson wr nuk wr adams rb a jones rb monty flex kenny bench- freeman, shady, singletary, dion lewis, sanders, barber, j Gordon, haskins Jamaal williams
  10. cin. would get burned back in rudi Johnson palmer ocho cinco days, last few years its ajg, gio, mixon rookie year, Eifert. but I do like the idea of getting ajg in auction for 10 bucks.
  11. kinda reminds me of alf morris. first year was great then steady decline. by year 3 he was pretty much done.
  12. its yahoo staff that reviews trades in pro leagues
  13. Yahoo is colluding against me. they just vetoed another deal my keston and gallen 4 giolito and wheeler. amazing they vetoed all 3 of my deals for SP at the deadline.
  14. good balance I like those type of starts. gives a lot of flexibility. not a fan of sony in ppr think I would of took white over sony if it was full ppr like oj and Montgomery. not a fan of odb. would of went a different wr but he does have one of the highest ceilings what rbs were there when you took henry?
  15. 12 team redraft 2 qb 0.5 ppr jacoby worth stashing with luck inj? bench is - haskins, r freeman, dion lewis, j Gordon, sanders, shady, singletary, barber, Jamaal Williams (own aaron jones not sure if I need the cuff)
  16. outside awful june he has 3.5 months of overall consistent month to month production 6 second half starts hes the best sp in baseball hope people go off his overall stats for 2020 had to wait till he got out of 6 inn jam to post this. almost jinxed him
  17. yahoo vetoed 2 trades at the deadline give bregman, gibson get Kershaw, corbin, ray so I took ray and Gibson out of the deal and they still vetoed bregman and marco gonzo 4 Kershaw and corbin. ha really hope they don't veto keston and gallen 4 giolito and wheeler. im amazed that they vetoed the deals. never had anything like this happen
  18. first thought was move up but since its a 10 teamer I think I would pass. might get lucky and land one of nuk or adams, then Thomas or hill, or chubb juju ect.