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  1. worth a shot but as a soto and robles owner its still not close.
  2. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h give a chapman or kenley, or colome get jt real (owner has jt real and grandal) teams good and playing good but catcher is my only weakness. like have 3 elite closers and decent sp and really manage week to week vs my oppenents with my sp/rp as is c 1b hoskins 2b jo ram 3b arenado ss lindor of yelich of ozuna of senzel util alex gordon util riley bench- castellanos, alverez, j up sp buehler, flaherty, maeda, Porcello, folty, yu, montas, Heaney, Edwardo, stream/waino rp keenly, chapman, colome
  3. soto and its really not close for me. and I like robles
  4. pts league how close is total pts goldy vs harper? makes sense because you got voit and Alonso so with goldy that's 3 must start 1b.
  5. yes got plenty of arms gary is huge upgrade at catcher and Iglesias looks fine and has solid track record
  6. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h love Arenado but vlads upside is appealing can I count on mancini/robles/riley/castellanos to fill my of2. and of. 3 spots? my team c 1b voit 2b profar 3b vlad ss lindor of trout of hoskins of mancini util trea util riley bench- seager, robles, castellanos
  7. team looks fine to me. acuna, soto and nola will pick it up
  8. that's tought because I value robles highly. id give nola one more start and see if he figured it out.
  9. not a fan. 4 is ok if you need a closer. try kepler or eaton for hill
  10. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h seems like a lot to offer up but I have crazy depth. give dejong, benny, pham get mookie my team c chirnios 1b voit 2b moncada 3b donaldson ss dejong of acuna of pham of benny util j polanco util seager bench/ir- Stanton, judge, riley, jose martinez
  11. keep what you got. hicks is good and you know what he is capable of plus the good lineup and ballpark not a fan of the trade for pham. (I own a good amount of shares of pham)
  12. I think you have to do it. correa is still and elite dynasty asset. mondesi looks good but his floor is very low. you got a good young staff so moving nola wont kill and ray is a decent arm. dejong also looks like a solid 4 cat player in a good cards lineup.
  13. is he an inj risk? outside 2016 and 17 hes been healthy. wasn't 2016 and 2017 the shoulder?
  14. is he a buy high top 25 player ROS? hitting between bregman and correa is one of the best lineup spots in baseball. can we expect 27-30 bombs? (hit 20 once in career)
  15. I added pujols in a deeper league and anytime hes healthy and swinging it a bit pujols can be rosterable. lineup still has trout simmons and ohtani so its not complete sh*t
  16. easy yes. jdm> Blackmon and that's not even close imo getting top 5 closer for free as well
  17. 7sb vs 5 cs. yikes. dude needs to stop running and let mondesi drive him in
  18. gave- harper, hoskins, Alonso got- trout and trea
  19. idk khris davis went 48/0 .247. I think 22/32 is >= 48/0. (will come down to if joram can get to 200 rbis+ runs which seems highly unlikely overall rank doesn't really mean that much (outside roto). if he goes on a perform like hes capable of ROS he still probably wont finish 1st rd value overall but that doesn't me isn't a 1st rder for 75% the season
  20. any idea when LAD/ yahoo will IL him? need to activate trea nvm IL on yahoo
  21. hate to miss on a big week on a hot hitter like riley id compare matchup with mancini
  22. as a owner with couple shares of madbum id probably pass on nola 1 for 1 so getting hill and Holland back is a nice win imo. I think hill will get it going soon. (until he gets inj again)
  23. edwins been in a pretty big slump so if you want to get carp into the lineup you can always sit Edwin id might move yoan to 2b senzel to outfield and riley to util as well. not sure how mancini vs riley looks matchup wise