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  1. im debating between him and morant depending on team needs anytime after pick 50 really. has some kawhi in him.
  2. I blame @iowncrazyhair for creating this thread. I refrained from creating the thread until after my draft(s). well thanks a hole
  3. when the pats need plays made and are in close games they throw to white in favorable matchups. better days ahead. still like him as my rb2 in full ppr
  4. wouldn't be surprised to see him go anytime after the 2/3 turn
  5. to finish my last post after a couple more mocks I really like the 2 guard pairing. as mentioned above you could very easily get jjj late 3rd and lma early 4th which I find as best case possible front 4. or you could go capela and another guard (russell and go full punt ft and get adams and Harrell ect with ur next 2 picks. or could go zion capela in the 3/4. lots of different routes to take after beal jrue pairing. also depends on other owners builds. you might luck into simmons capela 3/4 if you pick 8-10 and where the punt ft teams are.
  6. next b marshall/dt. Denver good at drafting wr. throw decker in there. if you have the depth and some other pieces id go after an inj davanta adams.
  7. I like beal and jrue pairing. any downside im not seeing? t/o high sure maybe not great ft% for 2 guards. both are going to be usage monsters with track record and upside.
  8. outside cmc zeke cook and Kamara I wouldn't move him (cook and Kamara in full ppr) selling high works if done correct by that I mean get creative and don't just go for a 1 for 1. 2 for 2 with a nice 2nd upgrade is how you sell high. and for those that said selling high for gurley last year was dumb they didn't get fair value to begin with. I sold gurley and it worked out fine.
  9. waiting a week. starting landry and sutton
  10. that's basically what he avg last 25 games last year in under 28 min. as a rookie. think his def stats have more upside dude has 7 ft wingspan. and shot 50% last 25 games. I like his game. I believe also has pg/sg so can fit many different builds
  11. wiggins % never really bother or hurt me but I usually am punting ft% and on account of that my fg% is always solid. I still will take him around 100 if I need pts, 3s, and some stocks. he could very easily shoot 45%. pretty sure that's what he avg his first 3 years in the league. I also hate the sf position so theres that 2. ingram going to blow up.
  12. from personal experience the center heavy team was much better than guard heavy triple punt team. then again I did it with Westbrook and simmons so got extra dimes from Westbrook compared to what lbj offers. still think you can get 2 guards that fit this build in rds 7/8-9. also only a couple teams can compete in dimes in the first place so its less important imo. wiggins also fits nicely in this build as his %'s don't matter and beause ur fg% is so great and ur punting ft%. ingram as well for cross the board production. ideal would be landing a top 3 pick and getting Giannis then Drummond and simmons. that would almost be unfair front 3
  13. wiggins and ingram will be on the most winning teams. shai will kill his pre draft adp
  14. could go either way on trade 1. with ur wr depth and 2 flex not sure how I feel about ur depth. Sammy been a bust so far. if brees was qb then I would snapp accept that but still not solid on Kamara. Gordon, chubb, and cook with kupp, Kenny, Sammy/ looks good 2 me as is. value wise I don't like it but im also not a fan of fornette. if you like leonard and view him as a decent upgrade over freeman then its fine with lamar as ur qb. think you could do better if you wait a week or 2 and Watson gets going which will happen
  15. gallup>>Robbie not close for me ur drop is up to you there are a couple droppable players
  16. ju ju. cant start eckler with Melvin back even if he is eased back. fwiw you will get a better and more accurate response if you list the opponents and if they are home/away.
  17. yea it was vetoed. they salty from me trading cooper for Hopkins even though that should have nothing to do with this trade but w.e. cant leave as im commish and its a high stakes league. 0-4 and 1-3 teams thinking they know best
  18. the key is to stay away all season and don't get suckered in and trade for him when hes healthy dropping 5/5 35 pt lines. dnd along with kristaps
  19. probably going more balance and more semi punt. take talent over build, no/less player bias, targeting players less likely to get shut down/inj pick at near the turn im going lbj simmons, then 4 centers then fill out the assists and steals with guards like Teague, Rubio, tomas, rondo, ect the problem will be disguising the triple punt and you really cant piviot. once you get the lbj and simmons getting 4 punt ft centers isn't really hard. well not in the mocks so far. lbj, simmons, lma, capela, adams, Harrell, Rubio, Teague is pretty ideal. and you might get gamble in ur pick in the 70's before you get ur 4th center on someone like shai.
  20. ha they want it vetoed. smh kids these days. ill get to those that left links in a bit. thanks. thought it was about as fair as it gets.
  21. 12 team 1 pt ppr 2 qb gave cook, a. cooper, d montgomery got chubb, julio, shady a bit of a gamble put im a sucker for julio in full ppr and don't see a huge difference between chubb and cook. not sure how shady vs monty goes ROS. comes down to opportunity vs elite offense. 4-0 qb dak qb goff wr nuk wr julio rb chubb rb dj te andrews flex j Gordon flex b cooks bench- shady, penny, haskins, gio b ha, Herndon, f/a