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  1. ha they want it vetoed. smh kids these days. ill get to those that left links in a bit. thanks. thought it was about as fair as it gets.
  2. 12 team 1 pt ppr 2 qb gave cook, a. cooper, d montgomery got chubb, julio, shady a bit of a gamble put im a sucker for julio in full ppr and don't see a huge difference between chubb and cook. not sure how shady vs monty goes ROS. comes down to opportunity vs elite offense. 4-0 qb dak qb goff wr nuk wr julio rb chubb rb dj te andrews flex j Gordon flex b cooks bench- shady, penny, haskins, gio b ha, Herndon, f/a
  3. yea go guard heavy then could also add brolo with kp and jjj.
  4. does this change how you/we should draft in h2h? off course depending on when ur playoffs are. is there enough talent to only target guys that are not going to rest? I still think curry is 1.1 and he is the easiest player to trade as well
  5. only won 1. four 2nd place finishes. historically awful final week thanks Flaherty for saving me.
  6. ha sample size and record has little to do with HC.
  7. im always starting Gordon. don't be the guy to miss out on the 150 yd 2 td game.
  8. 12 team, 2 qb, 1 pt ppr I always look to upgrade and trade but my team looks solid. should I look to deal and tinker or roll with what I have. leagues real top heavy 5 teams 3-0. not a lot of depth. any targets or trade ideas? qb dak qb goff wr a cooper wr kupp rb dj rb cook te andrews flex j gordon flex d montgomery bench- landry, penny, herdon, haskins, gio b
  9. any chance he gets pf eligibility? 20/10 with good % and solid stocks. seems lke a great pairing late 2nd with AD or KAT (having 2 center only players isn't ideal but that wouldn't make me pass on KAT Ayton pairing)
  10. not close for me. I wouldn't worry about keepers/keeper value yet if you are in a spot to try and win now. a lot can change and kerryon has rb1 upside if hes healthy ROS. now if you think boyde isn't that far off value wise to kerryon then do it. Id rather roll with kerryon
  11. is Jamaal even that much better receiver than jones? jones looked fine and made some nice rec last night.
  12. agree as someone who had turf toe and how annoying it is adams looked like he was in a lot of pain.
  13. 12 team h2h redraft 1 pt ppr had no rb depth and lost barkley. was thinking about moving him for ingram plus another small upgrade but did this instead. is this enough to weather the barkely inj? give marvin jones and cja got drake and Ronald jones good deal? still got Sutton as wr4 cant wait to chase fantast pts from my rb2 postion with ro jo drake and cohen ha should be fun qb dak wr nuk wr julio rb james white rb drake te andrews flex watkins bench- barkely, Sutton, cohen, Ronald jones, justice hill, gus edwards
  14. hes due and you know Rodgers knows this.
  15. 2015 COL 157 .287 .323 .575 .898 616 97 177 43 4 42 130 34 110 2 2016 COL 160 .294 .362 .570 .932 618 116 182 35 6 41 133 68 103 2 2017 COL 159 .309 .373 .586 .959 606 100 187 43 7 37 130 62 106 3 2018 COL 156 .297 .374 .561 .935 590 104 175 38 2 38 110 73 122 2 2019 COL 153 .314 .378 .586 .964 582 100 183 31 2 41 118 60 91 3
  16. doesn't have to be. if he was on ir he has to miss a certain amount of time. believe 8 weeks have no idea actually, but why would you put ur best player on ir if he has a realistic chance at making it back early. that doesn't rule out the possibility that it takes him 6+ weeks to heal.
  17. not trying to get to league specific but im sure a lot of people play 6 pt pass td leagues/ bonus pts so where would we rank lamar in a 6 pt pass yardage bonus pt league? still #2 behind mahomes? I think he is clearly #2 in standard 1 qb 4pt pass td.
  18. lost at least 19 shares of trout Mookie yelich acuna in 10 leagues. not including bichette, keston, giolito who I had at least 5 shares each, jo ram and jt realmuto had 3 shares each and others. had the best team in 7.5/10 leagues, got 5 into championship, will be lucky to win 1 or 2 thanks to a 5-5 tie breaker rule. doubled up my investment when I should of tripled up easily. last rant of 2019. well....
  19. yea players like ap zeke barkley are a different breed.
  20. I like coleman more than rex. with white and sony I wouldn't feel confident starting him ever. but that's coming from a white owner
  21. don't know if this was brought up but barkley had high ankle spain as freshman in college missed 2 games. not all high ankle sprains are the same but that's encouraging can anyone comform this as accurate as have no idea if this is accurate
  22. 12 team 1pt ppr went top heavy. need rb help. 2-1 high pt total give barkley and white get ingram and d henry have gus and j hill so would have bal backfield on lock. like ingram still not sold on henry. still believe in white so is henry even an upgrade in full ppr? no team has any rb depth other than this team (cant move an elite wr for elite rb or Sammy for rb or even Sutton or marvin for dart throw.) my team qb dak wr nuk wr julio rb white rb cohen flex sammy te andrews bench- barkley, Sutton, marvin jones, cja, j jill, gus edwwards,