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  1. going up against 92 inn of 2.74 era 0.98 whip 114 k's.
  2. 12 team 5x5 h2h redraft made same deal in two leagues gave meadows got bum
  3. consistent inn eater, close to 200'k's, good W's . ratios will a weakness surprised he was dropped in some standard 12 teamers early in the year
  4. didn't he hit lower in the lineup last year? his lineup spot is perfect surrounded with allstars
  5. would try and SELL HIGH. ranked 7th overall. elvis and another piece/sp for 1st rder. who knows might get lucky
  6. gave glasnow tailon canning got degrom was suppose to include clevinger on his part but I hit the back button and it unmarked clevinger (havnt made a move like this in a long time)
  7. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h gave altuve, dj lem, matz, caleb smith got judge and moncada probably should of tried other sp first (Hendricks rodon Porcello)
  8. gottcha might want to add that to ur sig. when I see 5x5 I see standard with saves id probably pass then on pereza
  9. staff looking good not sure you need morgan or pressly for ratio boost. id drop morgan for pereza if you need the extra bat and sb
  10. pass. if you trade a top 5 player you need back players that aren't struggling
  11. pass I like Hoskins a lot more than gallo not sure I like Castillo enough but if you think Castillo is a sp1 and need sp help then I wouldnt mind it
  12. jean and nola for lindor and bottom tier sp (not sure I would like your sp staff since you got 12 start max) not sure how ur depth is but id probably do winker and nola for deGrom
  13. 12 team h2h redraft 5x5 give pham and glasnow get degrom should I try tailon instead? tailon vs glasnow ROS? have the depth but I like pham and im not sure I need deGrom with my sp staff my team c 1b voit 2b altuve 3b bregman ss correa of yelich of hoskins of pham util robles util c seager bench myers, senzel, sp- buehler, wheeler, glasnow, tailon, ray, Eduardo, skaggs, kikuchi, matz, canning, r lopez
  14. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h gave moncada, Bieber, meadows got altuve not sure how I feel about it (teams deep is only reason I did it)
  15. 0 chance I would add any of those bats over voit in any league. (not even to hedge)
  16. the way yelich is playing you need to hold out for more I don't even think I would do Rizzo, carlos, jdm 4 yelich votto xander and I like carlos and jdm alot
  17. really hope no one really dropped voit
  18. good luck selling high (no luck here) you keep sending offers for upgrade but ride it out if you aint getting top 75ish player. (SELL HIGH MEANS shoot for top 3-4 rd player )
  19. yea I would also think he needs rehab games hes been out 21 days already
  20. that's why I said wait another week or 2 and hope he keeps it up. (there is also this crazy idea called a 2 for 1 trade ) and a top 35 hitter isn't out the question. now top 35 overall player is out of the question right now
  21. its about eliminating the unknow of players you drafted cheap that are over performing/breaking out and cashing in on a proven player. more times than not it works out and the more you do it the better the odds are in your favor. no one is going to give you a fair offer for a player on a hot streak that is old or declining. that's when you hold and ride it out like the proven old yet having a bounce back season. they will however trade for a young player that they think is on a breakout. you seriously would rather roll with dejong ROS than a proven top 35ish player? if so then you are missing out and don't understand what sell high means. not the other way around