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  1. 3 minutes ago, fullonchubb said:

    Lamar is most likely going to beat Mahomes fantasy points record in a season from last year.  Should be him right? Or is there some other factors that make people want CMC?

    got to factor in position. 1 qb league the difference between lamar and low end qb1 isn't as big as cmc and a top 25 rb like ro jo, white, mixon, dj  (200 pt difference in full ppr)

    cmc basically doubled up bell, kamara Jacobs 167 total pts (low end rb1)


    the thing lamar has going for him his adp vs cmc who was 1.1 or 1.2

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Kamura said:

    5 blocks. enough said.


    If people are saying Mitch Rob is a must own buy low guy, then this guy is too. Less blocks but more steals and less bonehead.

    as a noel owner I coming running to flood you with offers if people are thinking like that. as adams continues to get healthier noel will turn back into a pumpkin. hope im wrong (own both adams and noel)

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  3. wheres the love? 3 monster ppr games in a row and looks like cupcake schedule ROS (nfc east rivalry games I guess not sure how they fair vs te.)

    we expecting this to continue?  probably depends on alshon and nelson


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  4. 19 minutes ago, JStyles said:

    There's no reason to roster anyone as a handcuff unless you're in a weekly lock league or in a league where your max games per week is capped.

    that's kinda true minus the players that hold per min value. noel, zubac (been owned for some time), wagner, kuz, and probably dunn/fultz should all be owned for stand alone value

    I also like adding pj tucker if he was floating on any waviers (lucked into him and house like the combo for insurance) and got noel and adams

  5. On 11/22/2019 at 1:21 AM, Bringthesonicsback said:

    Prep for Week 6

    Avoid streaming Wednesday and Friday (lineups will likely be full), the pseudo b2b stream will be very valuable because of that 3 day gap ( especially for leagues w very limited pickups), DEN only plays 2 games but has the best streaming schedule.



    Teams playing 2 games: DEN, HOU, PHO

    Teams playing 3 games: CHI, CLE, DAL, MIN, NOP, NYK, POR, SAC

    Teams playing 4 games: ATL, BOS, BKN, CHA, DET, GSW, IND, LAC, LAL, MEM, MIA, MIL, OKC, ORL, PHI, SAS, TOR, UTAH, WA

    Teams playing 5 games: none


    Low Game Days

    Tuesday: 2 -  LAC@DAL, WA@DEN

    Thursday: 0

    Saturday: 4 - ATL@HOU, CHA@MIL, IND@PHI, DEN @SAC


    No Games on Mon/Tues


    Latest Start to the Week (first game Wednesday)



    B2B Games (streamers that are 50% or under on ESPN, ESPN's %s are trash but its what I'm going off of)


    Sun-Mon: BKN, SAC

    Stream options 

    Shallow (10) : Harris, Prince

    Deeper (12-14+) : Temple (starting), Joseph (if healthy. if not, Yogi Ferrell is up next)


    Mon-Tues: none


    Tues-Wed: LAC, WA

    Stream options

    Shallow: n/a

    Deeper: Beverley, Harkless (starting, doesnt score but does enough of everything else), Zubac, Troy Brown Jr., Bertans (3.1 3s per game is 10th in that category on the season, he needs to be owned), Wagner, IT, Hachimura


    Wed-Thurs: none- Happy Thanksgiving


    Thurs-Fri: none


    Fri-Sat: MIL, CHA, ATL, PHI, IND

    Stream options

    Shallow: Bridges (he may have been dropped, finally provided stocks over the past few games), PJ Washington (he has fallen off hard but keep in mind he got in foul trouble the past two games, still player rank 90 after those duds), Hunter

    Deeper: Sterling Brown, DiVincenzo (lights out atm, needs to be rostered until Middleton returns), Monk, Zeller, Batum, Damian Jones (starting, providing low end C numbers), Reddish, Aaron Holiday (especially if Brogdon is out), Justin Holiday


    Sat-Sun: none


    Pseudo b2bs - when a team plays on low game days that sandwich a day(s) w a heavy slate of games


    Games per day

    Mon: 11     Tues:  2     Wed:  14     Thurs: 0      Fri: 13     Sat: 4    Sun: 9


    Tues/Sat: DEN

    -Gary Harris, Plumlee, Grant


    Tues/Sun: LAC, WA, DAL, DEN ——— typically wouldn't add a 9 game day w a pseudo b2b but considering the number of games played on Wed/Fri + no games Thurs… getting these extra games is important. Basically, stream someone Tuesday and don't drop them.

    -Beverley, Zubac, Harkless, Bertans, Troy Brown Jr, Wagner, IT, Hachimura, Wright, Powell, Finney-Smith, Harris, Plumlee, Grant

    *If you see players listed multiple times, they have a valuable stream schedule.. thus the case w the Clippers, Nuggets and Wizards this week.


    Top weekly streamers for each cat - taking into consideration # of games played, quality of games ( play on low game days), impact on category based off BBM numbers ( using the past 2 weeks sample size) 


    Quality games: LAC, WA, DEN (2), DAL, ATL, CHA, IND, HOU, MIL, SAC, PHI

    Teams that both have 4 games (or is DEN) + at least 1 quality game: LAC, WA, DEN, ATL, CHA, IND, MIL, PHI


    ^streamers to consider from these teams

    using BBM past 2 week rankings ( around the past 6-8 games played). I’m only including the players I think are relevant for streaming.



    Wagner: +2.39

    McConnell: +2.04

    Hachimura: +1.76

    Damian Jones: +1.40

    Cody Zeller: +0.96


    Washington: +0.27

    Plumlee: +0.16

    Isaiah Thomas: +0.12

    Zubac: +0.07


    extra 4 game streamers w/o quality games-

    Clarke: +2.08, Willie Cauley-Stein: +1.17, Hollis-Jefferson: +1.09, Zeller: +0.96



    Justin Holiday: +0.75

    Aaron Holiday: +0.58

    Bertans: +0.28


    extra- Burks: +1.86, Wannamaker: +1.23, Galloway: +1.22, Herro: +1.01



    Bertans: +1.02


    Deandre Hunter: +0.43

    Aaron Holiday: +0.43

    Wagner: +0.24

    IT: +0.24

    Beverley: +0.19

    Justin Holiday: +0.11


    extra- Galloway: +2.18  , Duncan Robinson: +2.18  , Forbes: +1.26   , Jae Crowder: +0.85



    JaMychal Green: +1.08

    Beverley: +0.90

    Zubac: +0.48

    Zeller: +0.31

    Wagner: +0.29

    Batum: +0.24


    extra- Theis: +1.02, Mcgee: +0.62, WSC: +0.36



    McConnell: +1.59

    Aaron Holiday: +1.17

    IT: +1.07

    Batum: +0.49


    extra- Augustin: +0.64



    DiVincenzo: +1.83

    Beverley: +1.60


    Aaron Holiday: +1.06

    Gary Harris: +0.70

    PJ Washington: 0.60


    extra- Fultz: +1.06, Noel: +1.06 WCS: +0.79, Ross: +0.41



    Harkless: +0.95

    Zubac: +0.95

    Plumlee: +0.69

    Damian Jones: +0.66

    Grant: +0.44

    Miles Bridges: +0.21

    Wagner: +0.13


    extra- Noel: +1.47, WCS: +1.40, McGee: +1.32, Chriss: +1.02


    Points (hardest category to stream) 

    Wagner: -0.08

    Hachimura: -0.21

    Monk: -0.31

    Aaron Holiday: -0.33

    Hunter: -0.34

    IT: -0.47


    extra- Galloway: +0.52, Burks: +0.07, Powell: -0.03, Ross: -0.11, Forbes: -0.15




    good luck

    ur making this too easy. I like grinding out the waivers personally but this thread is always money. thanks

  6. hes an elite scorer. can do everything scoring wise

    I think the threes are here to stay and the only thing that would prevent him from top 25 value would be the stocks and ft% if he can hover around 1 and 1 with 75% ft then he should be a lock for 2nd/3rd rd value ROS with 1st rd upside 


    outproducing Giannis 9 cat rank (bbm)