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  1. go after alderado. pitched 8th inn last night but is the closer and is an elite rp. try and buy low. trade for him as if he is a top 5 closer
  2. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h gave vlad and dj got stanton
  3. had a chance for a sb 2 outs tie game had 6 pitches and didn't try to steal. hiriaino or w.e his name is was quick to home so hopefully that was the reason
  4. disagree on punting c. I am punting c on 75% ish teams. have a couple cheap shares of yadi and one share of jt real out of 10 leagues added jansen with free add if I lose Ik for a fact its not because of catcher. the 1-3 runs/rbis hasn't been a problem this early in the year. talking h2h
  5. no you quit when you stream homer bailey and it works
  6. all pitchers suck sale looks fine. throw out some buy low offers and hope sale owners didn't watch him and just check box score
  7. think you have to give trout the nod in avg and hrs. there is 0 chance trout hits 264 and there is 0 chance trout hits 24 hrs if hes healthy for most of the season
  8. awful slump and he still has more/= hrs +sb as Mookie, Arenado, jdm, harper, story, judge, bregman
  9. arcia with trash play there. call freddy 4 and 2/3 inn tonight
  10. when/if he does sign will he go on rehab assisgnment or just throw a simiulated inn or 2 or just get thrown right into the mix (this seems unlikely)?
  11. ik its early but this is going to be 2 years in a row "clever" drafters taking someone over trout are going to regret it. (hopefully this post wont age well). now the time to offer up that 1st rder and another top 75ish player for Mookie if they want him. could probably get mookie cheaper if you grind it out
  12. im still going to use a very basic thought process. is he inj? no is he old/declining athleticism? no does he have track record? yes did he forget how to play baseball? no, you don't hit 39, 29 hrs and 2 years of 550+ slg with a career 280 avg if your not a good baseball player I refuse to believe a player can go from that type of production to a JAG coming from someone with 0 (draft)shares outside of buying low this last week
  13. so much for 4-6 weeks for rolled ankle. thanks MD
  14. thanks tatis. my 1st bomb in 10 leagues today ha
  15. I would do it if you can get a decent/starting bat instead of hamels
  16. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h have too much depth and cant bring myself to make any deals right now as I cant get the top tier guys and everything im offering feels like an overpay do I just roll with the depth as is or push the envelope looking to trade up and overpay because I can? missing out on some meadows (earlier in the year) hrs and a seager bomb today is frustrating have made one deal - a. chapman and pivetta 4 buehler offering up meadows and tailon 4 soto but even that feels like a bit of overpay right now c 1b hoskins 2b moncada 3b bregman ss correa of yelich of pham of robles util c seager util myers bench - voit, meadows, hampsons, senzel sp walker, tailon, wheeler, ray, Bieber, kikuchi, skaggs, Edwardo rp glasnow, josh james
  17. feels like deja vu. LBJ situation this year
  18. hes been awful. worst play was almoras inf single where he took forever to get rid of it