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  1. in game he had a spill and came up limping, knee/shin, didn't miss any time
  2. yea thad, turner, sabonis have been very good especially the last month + all shooting well over 50% and 15+ pts
  3. makes sense to me. he doesn't have to be the man. doesn't have to do it all and be a usage monster im still treating like dipo is a top 15 asset going forward and with trades but am looking to move him (dipo and brog 4 paul George)
  4. looks fine. playing with a small hand brace. surprised it hasn't affected his shooting
  5. you cant just discount players rank and production because thats not what you value highly or how you build your teams. saying otto porter gets over drafted is not true. 15 pts, 1.8 threes, 1.5 steals, 50% fg, 82% ft, 6.4 reb, 0.5 blks 1 t/o is not a line you can bag on. that's still 39th overall in 8 cat, so how can you say he gets overdrafted when his highest adp (yahoo) was 34 and consensus rank was 38? so even if you take one of his better categories out he still was drafted fairly on his stat line from last year now you can say that otto and ingles have not played well in comparison to their adp small volume doesn't matter if its elite (last 28 games tomas avg more fg% volume than drum, whitside, jrue holliday) the difference between tomas and drum for fg% volume was the same difference between tomas and Giannis (in Giannis favor obviously simmons, curry irving and Bledsoe were the only pg that had more of a positive impact on fg% than tomas last 28 games
  6. yea I just skimmed the rankings on per game avg and he wasn't top 10 pg. which I believe fox isROS
  7. combine westbrook and simmons and you get 47.4 fg%. not bad from 2 starting pg out of top 10 fantasy pg right now only 3 shoot 45% or better. curry, irving, holliday
  8. tj mcconell seems like a decent band aid for Rubio owners searching for assist and steals. (fg% and t/o are good as well but don't expect anything else)
  9. cant comment on technique or sustained improvement but would say that capela is going to take less ft as most of his touches are from rim run, lobs, and put backs where Drummond seems to be more of a old skool back down center. drum over 5 ft attempts, capela under 4 ft attempts. if you don't care about steals the fg% and ft% favor capela by a very high margin.
  10. house or green for tomorrow with bembry b2b on Tuesday and wed forbes 4 games ending on sat.
  11. would love to see what would of happened today if they lost yesterday after losing to SAS the game before.
  12. you think they could be a little more accurate as its not very hard to find a players value Brogdon may not be an explosive player from a production standpoint but he is consistent, providing top-100 value from a fantasy standpoint. (
  13. does he hold any value ROS once bagley is back? (on the wire)
  14. giving us some Drummond lines lately. avg 1.6 steals 1.7 blks the past month. even at 1.2 and 1.3 on the year that's very solid production. (how he was ranked outside top 100 preseason is funny. even though he never made it out of top 60-70)
  15. 0 steals from dunn, jjj, wiggins, Ayton, Anderson, winslow… not like they all avg a steal plus or anything
  16. Best Draft Pick: Harrell 126 brog 139, 128, 109, McGee 108, Covington 60 Worst Draft Pick: otto porter 36 parker 102 Best Trade: Collins and Teague 4 ayton Worst Trade: n/a Best Add: kyle Anderson x2, Drop You Regret: bojan
  17. theres a difference between blks and steals. just because you can jump and are tall doesn't translate to blks. steals is more effort than blks. see every other point guard only jamal murray, lillard and lavine don't avg 1+ steals (top 25 for min played) im sure there are a lot more center in the top 25 for min played that don't avg 1 blk (blake love adams Draymond Ayton joker Collins randal wcs. TT so basically comparing blks and steals makes no sense at all
  18. harkless b2b 4th and 5th (if you don't have full team tomorrow)
  19. yes. I believe turner can keep it up ROS. fair deal. I like turner over pascal and collins
  20. don't see how you can drop ingles 2+ threes 1.5steals is super valuable Teague has track record and I cant drop him either. since you can only start 2 centers I don't see a drop for tomas. might want to try some 2 for 1 deals. and open up roster space if possible
  21. still cant understand why this dude cant avg 1.2+ steals with his athleticism and xplosiveness
  22. I love the def stats he offers and how hes not afraid to challenge and go up for blks. kuzma going in for mri on back