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  1. hmm.. phantom hip inj. must be a b2b coming up.
  2. idk @richg24 luka can very easily lose you ft% the way he has been playing. (I actually hate when people say this because one player cant be the only reason you lose a cat. but I think you understand what im getting at.) 69% ft on 9 attempts the last month is one of the worst. 5th worst. worst than capela, westbrook, Giannis I agree this is probably his floor and have no doubt he will improve on his %'s but will it happen this season? someone mention if otto volume goes up his fg% and t/o will suffer which didn't happen last season when he was #2 with wall out. 16 pts, 52.6 fg% 1 t/o. even if his volume goes up more hes not just suddenly shoot 45% especially being a 43% and 44% 3pt shooter the last 2 years even 8 cat he was 29th overall over 27 games with wall out. luka is 28th overall the past month when you punt ft% and t/o and 38th on the year so you could still make a case porter >luka in h2h 8 cat ROS if otto performs like he did last year without wall
  3. 29th overall last 2 weeks 25 min played. no upside
  4. I probably wouldn't do the 1st one as I don't trust cp3 to stay healthy. I also like sato and view him as a top 50-60 player take the 2nd offer with murray and gary. dunn is fine if you don't trust gary to stay healthy and need the dimes
  5. doesn't really matter as the difference in DeRozan and porter and lavine and gallo are both minimal and more on preference where as capela sh*ts on DJs value also don't forget porter has 4/4/4 po schedule, is the 2nd option with wall out and is healthy. I would take him top 30 overall if we were to draft today
  6. no chance capela>>dj lavine=gallo if you factor in gallo inj history. otto>derozan
  7. Probable Saturday vs NOR (ankle) He's not on their injury report. Last night, he said he'd see how he feels overnight so, for now, we're assuming he felt fine this morning.
  8. good to go tonight. amazing how tough this dude is especially after he landed on it after he already tweeked it on that dunk
  9. easy yes if you punt assists as lowry is a 7th rder (and inj) and klay is a 2nd rder
  10. I guess I was too genious giving him bj upton ceiling a few years ago. looks like maybin 2.0.
  11. 12 team 9 cat punt assist and think im going full punt steal. give dipo, favors, d wade get harris, ibaka, cj mccollum seems like im asking for too much so if it doesn't get accepted should I do dipo 4 harris and one of ibaka/cjm which one? my team pg dipo, j rich, wade/stream, forbes sg brog, buddy, sf middleton, wiggins, pf/c embid, Ayton, j allen, JJJ, favors
  12. talent and skill is still there so just a matter of adjustment ultimate buy low if you can get him for a fringe top 80-100 player, even Bledsoe worst stretch probably of his career (starting career) last 30 days hes ranked 131 but still has 46% fg, 79% ft, 4reb, 5 dimes, 1.3 steals, 2.6 t/o 13.4 pts 0.7 threes that line is useful and isn't that bad and it has upside
  13. ad is easier to build around and like someone mention soft punts work very well around ad and it allows you the flexibility to draft better as you don't have to force a punt strategy. it also helps in season as you win categories you aren't great at but when you face a team that went full punt mode on that cat. then its an easy extra pt or 2 depending. add in the flexibility in trades around soft punt build and flexibility for in season option of seeing where other top teams are strong and weak at and building your team accordingly. im not even in a soft punt actually a hard punt assist and I have won it 3 weeks, also in a hard punt ft capela wiggins adams McGee and others and I have won that 4 weeks. you may not consistently win the same cats. every week but there is wiggle room week to week. I have no problem being strong and consistently only win 3 cats each week but have the ability to win 8 on any given week but it takes good in week managing and streaming. I haven't see the week 2 week randomness of fg% 10-2, 11-1 on my 2 teams when I focused a little bit on fg% should be 11-1 but kawhi costed me when he sat
  14. makes sense and the stats/results seem to agree this doesn't mean that dipos role wont increase but it looks like hes content winning doing less as of right now
  15. AD is twice as valuable as the #2 ranked player (Giannis) if you punt ft% and assists. or 3 embids. crazy
  16. he really is 4th or even 5th option Giannis, middleton, brog all clearly ahead of him and lopez been putting up 3's like curry. his ceiling is capped right now but I wouldn't worry too much reb, dimes, steals, are all fine. I would buy low if I wasn't punting assists
  17. in game he had a spill and came up limping, knee/shin, didn't miss any time
  18. yea thad, turner, sabonis have been very good especially the last month + all shooting well over 50% and 15+ pts
  19. makes sense to me. he doesn't have to be the man. doesn't have to do it all and be a usage monster im still treating like dipo is a top 15 asset going forward and with trades but am looking to move him (dipo and brog 4 paul George)
  20. looks fine. playing with a small hand brace. surprised it hasn't affected his shooting
  21. you cant just discount players rank and production because thats not what you value highly or how you build your teams. saying otto porter gets over drafted is not true. 15 pts, 1.8 threes, 1.5 steals, 50% fg, 82% ft, 6.4 reb, 0.5 blks 1 t/o is not a line you can bag on. that's still 39th overall in 8 cat, so how can you say he gets overdrafted when his highest adp (yahoo) was 34 and consensus rank was 38? so even if you take one of his better categories out he still was drafted fairly on his stat line from last year now you can say that otto and ingles have not played well in comparison to their adp small volume doesn't matter if its elite (last 28 games tomas avg more fg% volume than drum, whitside, jrue holliday) the difference between tomas and drum for fg% volume was the same difference between tomas and Giannis (in Giannis favor obviously simmons, curry irving and Bledsoe were the only pg that had more of a positive impact on fg% than tomas last 28 games
  22. yea I just skimmed the rankings on per game avg and he wasn't top 10 pg. which I believe fox isROS