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  1. ha I think your confused with drafting a player for steals and being the worst possible center for steals (sorry worst in steals in the NBA) his fantasy game right now is awful and no where near his adp even with his fg% reb and pts so hes good in 3 categories and is one of the worst in ft% volume, blks, steals, doesn't get dimes really needs to avg min 1 blk 1 three to justify his adp. possible but I would count on it
  2. dudes trash in fantasy. he was bottom 5 for centers in blk value, with TT, Kelly O, and kantar and is dead last for steals value. got some sucker to take Collins and teague off my hands for Ayton. maybe some positive regression for stocks but what he is offering so far is awful
  3. agree. you just look at players like wiggins and james Johnson and you can see the ability to be a superstar but likely wont happen edit- ingram is getting close to that as well
  4. dude forgot to put on his jersey and almost didn't start. what a spaz
  5. rather have Mitchell for the steals but it depends if klays %'s are more important
  6. %'s back to where they should be the past month top 27 overall id look to sell high and package with another piece for Ayton (similar player but with more upside and wont have to worry about rest days down the road)
  7. 12 team 9 cat high stakes ypro league last place team is 15 games back of the 6th seed. so basically hes already eliminated team 1- westbrook, DeRozan, harrell team - goran, lavine, dennis smith jr, bjelica id be pretty pissed if westbrook alone was trade for lavine bjelica and goan.
  8. own both and it has to be justice especially if hes shooting the 3 ball with confidence
  9. all should be owned in 12 teamers. maybe not rivers
  10. kawhi and its not close. 1st ones closer to veto
  11. I think its pretty meaningful volume. same positive fg volume as irving ranked top 8 for guards. (curry is ranked 6th for guards) csb-owning j harris, brog, buddy murder my stocks but they are so efficient I think I might punt steals along with assist
  12. only player in nba to shoot 50% fg with 2.5 threes curry and buddy are close
  13. yea I think it would be and I understand it doesn't jump off the page but that's a line I/most were expecting drafting him. but hes also my 3rd center in a punt assist team that is built around efficiency so he really fits my team. you could of always drafted blake or a gordon if you wanted popcorn stats just like Covington and porter get huge bumps in overall value because of low t/o it doesn't translate to every team and build. (and you will have little chance to sell high on any player that is efficient)
  14. umm not really hes what 75ish on the year. and 80ish the last month. he would be close to top 50 on the year if his ft% is where it should be or I should say where it has been the last month. hes 80 the last month with 0.9 blks. that seem very unlikely that that doesn't correct itself. so 60/80 12/8 1.7 t/o last month if he was avg 2 blks that would be top 50 line
  15. bridges for stocks forbes for 3s and pts both have 3 games left with the ability to drop for a sunday stream
  16. im holding for atleast 2 games once McGee is back
  17. no chance. doesn't shoot the 3 and doesn't get to the line if he cracks double digit pt avg that would be a huge win imo
  18. id hold if I owned him. coming from someone who has been trying to trade for him since the draft (didn't even make past pick 10)
  19. you screwed either way. sit lindsey and get stat correction or first play lindsey rushes left gets hit fumbles leaves game with concussion. you have to start lindsey here if its only 1 pt lead
  20. don't know where this goes couldn't find a h2h strategy thread or something like this. would you blow up your h2h team and build midseason if the other top owners have the same build (slightly better because of AD and others) top 3 teams all punting assists including myself. don't think I could win head up with my team as is. but its long season and players get better and get inj. but would it be wise to complete change my roster and go heavy on assists and other categories the top teams are weak at? im talking major roster shake up. go from punt assist to triple punt 3's, t/o, ft%. get Giannis, wall, fox along with my bigs. or do I try and strength my punt assist team and go heads up against them? no one trades in this league most managers don't even respond to trades. Giannis wall fox owner does respond to trades so that why im thinking about it
  21. don't forget the 4/4/4 playoff schedule for most leagues