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  1. butler and its not close. its closer to veto especially in 8 team league.
  2. I like it but would try do get another small upgrade somewhere else. the 4/4/4 for both fox and beal is huge. I don't see much difference between beal and dipo ROS with wall done for. (I own dipo and like him) have watched a lot of fox recently and he is a stud and have no problem moving him for conley if you can handle the slight dip in 3's, ft%, t/o (I am a bit bias and don't like conley at all and wouldn't count on him to stay healthy ROS)
  3. I like it as you look to be very strong with guard stats if its for the team in your sig
  4. 12 team 9 cat punt assist build love Ayton and what he offers but love KAT more give dipo and ayton get KAT and bledsoe as of right now I basically break even or get upgrades across the board if you are looking at stat avg so far this year but dipo hasn't hit his stride yet and Ayton is only going to get better. I love the idea of get 2 players that shoot threes over 1 (dipo) and pairing KAt and embid for those 3's and blks from my center position just worried that Ayton is going to put up a top 15 or better line ROS and dipo turns it on
  5. ha I know someone had to end up AD drum gobert/capela Covington j rich anyways Covington going to be huge if he keeps up avg 15 pts a night ROS (ft % also up in min. and if he gets that up to low 80's that would be awesome)
  6. not complaining just correcting your mistake you bring nothing relevant to this thread so you should just stop please.
  7. im not hating but when you just spew non sense with wrong stats im going to say something. you don't have to be Nostradamus to see when he got the increased min last year and this year his blks went down because he is obviously not challenging shots like he was when he was able to do that when he only played limited min. because he wants/needs to stay on the court and out of foul trouble
  8. wrong. 1.1 on the year and 0.9 post as break at 28 min might be upside because of youth and athleticism but not likely this year
  9. ha 0.1 threes, 0.8 reb mean nothing I guess the 1 assist means a little. and its 0.7 steals less which is pretty significant. not saying that wont correct itself just saying its not were it should it be I agree he will get going and his %'s will rise along with his pts just disappointing especially if you took dipo over paul george
  10. small room for error but if you know what you are doing then its deadly its worked so far and it hasn't been close I do not feel sorry for anyone who took westbrook in the 1st without the intentions of punting multiple categories. you knew he was going to be a t/o machine that isn't debatable. hes also only had 1 year of strong threes. I guess you bought into his ft % returning to form
  11. like I said he is a 1st rd player if you went into the draft punting. if you didn't have the intention of punting 2-3 categories then I agree he should not have gone in the top 15-17 it is if its done right you get a top 3 player (right now) at a late 1st rd /early 2nd draft price paired alond another top 7 or even top 3-5 player
  12. he only overrated if you drafted him in the wrong build. he had no business getting drafted in the 1st rd, hell top 15-17 if you didn't plan on punting 2-3 categories. if you paired him with simmons at back end of rd 1 in snake or with Giannis or lbj in auction im sure you are loving what westbrook is doing
  13. its a valid question/complain dipo way down in pts, steals, blks, fg% ft% (compared to last year). its been disappointing season so far with inj and dipo not going on monster stretch yet
  14. was not soft against mia. yesterday but then again whitside didn't guard him he had little man derek jones jr still he was a monster and would only want AD over KAT ROS (edit maybe Giannis if I wasn't punting dimes)
  15. avging 3.4 steals the past 30 days that's crazy for that long.
  16. just went from 6 to midnight see Mookie Stanton benny start.(rather have trout) such a huge advantage picking 1.1 or 1.2. compare that start to the those drafting 1.11, 1.12 and its not really close. love the gamble of snake and logging on to see if you get that huge advantage but you are really behind the 8 ball during the draft picking late in the 1st
  17. ha which is it Collins has good fantasy value and is worth something good because he netted me Ayton yet im trying to fleece the drum capela gobert turner owners? hows that possible with Ayton in the same tier as those bigs and lavine is much better than Teague? already know your response will be Ayton is not as good as those bigs, then ill be like check the numbers and rankings, then someone else will be like rankings dont matter, then we just wasted everyones time. ik your just busting balls to be a d bag but atleast don't contradict yourself and look foolish
  18. alright kid you reached you smile face limit whats funny is how you think one owner from some random league that bought high for Collins has any affect of Collins fantasy value. smh (a kid in my other high stakes league just traded beal and tomas 4 KAT and hardway jr does that mean beal holds top 3 value ROS. see what I did there?)
  19. that says nothing about Collins value other than the owner likes Collins and is also in the bottom 3rd of the league. I tried Collins + lavine 4 every punt ft big possible drum capela gobert and even turner and got laughed at because no one wants what Collins offers (outside punt blks team or team that already have good bigs with stocks.) if I come back from last place 10 games back of 6 seed it will because I moved this dude and his empty lines (along with not having 5 inj players)
  20. Thanks Embid lost another 2 games because of a sunday dnp (lost reb and blks by 1) thats atleast 7 games In the standings I have lost because of dnp on a sunday
  21. ha sorry I value stocks more than pts and reb which you can find everywhere. like I said I tradeed this bum for Ayton today so GL to all taking on that huge black hole in stocks
  22. never said that. I don't think you guys understand how bad he has been in steals and blks but whatever if you like sabonis kantar randle lines from a top 4-5 rd pick who was drafted to avg decent stocks. or am I wrong and he wasn't projected to avg decent stocks and people were expecting 0.6 blks and no steals? your paying a premium mid/early rd pick on fg% pts reb which isn't how most teams are built curious would you guys still have spend a 4-5 rd pick on Collins if we were drafting today? knowing his production so you could punt steals and or/blks