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  1. just did a quick mock and you could easily get something from the 9-12 spot in the draft like blackmon or mookie, correa or jose ramierez, upton , bregman, benintendi or yelich not a bad front 5 that offers floor and upside on fantasypros vs bots dont know how realistic that is but seems possible
  2. roto? elite sp is worth the price in roto have never played roto but i would take kershaw #2 this year as you know he is going to return top 10 value even on 150 innings and if he gives you 200+ inn you are getting the #1 player
  3. if you dont take a sp in the first 4-5 rds then you need to get more than 2 sp before you fill out your lineup keep at least one position open c or 3b or w.e and 2 util you wait 14-15 rds before you take you sp3 and alot/all of the high upside arms will be gone
  4. your not going to get a real big discount because he still will steal 15ish bags in 135 games and will still hit 20+ bombs with solid counting stats and not kill your avg
  5. yea that really wasnt a question to you but directed to anyone taking him in the 2nd rd i guess they are expecting 270+ avg paying a 2nd rd price tag on a 2nd year player and hoping he repeats his numbers (40 hrs) which only 1 player has done in the last 2 years (khris davis b2b 40 bomb seasons) your drafting bellinger hoping he can do what khris davis will do in 3 categories hrs/runs/rbis and your paying 2-3 rd more for and extra 10sb and hopfully a handful extra pts on avg ik you can compare alot of high adp players and compare them with players going later that you think can give you the similar production but this one just sticks out to me
  6. if your expecting 250-260 then why would you take bellinger in the 2/3rd rd (bellinger comp 23 overall rank) talking 5x5 here but there is no way you should spend a top 30 pick on someone if your expecting a sub 260 avg only player in the 2/3rd rd in that avg territory is dozier but he offers 35+/15+ upside and edwin who are both going alot later than bellinger adp/rank for bellinger doesnt make sense to me
  7. yep every ypro league i was in last 2 years have had atleast 2 owners in each league going no SP which created a nice trade market for those that wanted to punt saves and trade away any closers they drafted/added from fa and also devalued sp because only 10-9 teams were drafting/adding sp will be interesting to see what happens in drafts this year and if owners will still pay a top dollar for rp (you will know by 3rd/4th rd which is when the top tier closers get drafted)
  8. no chance he is there in the 4th come ST thor is as good of pick as any SP in that late 2nd rd, early 3rd (bum, stras, thor) personally im not taking any of them but that has to do with not taking an sp in the first 4-6 rds
  9. if you want to throw yelich in with peralta then you better throw bregman and benintendi in also all three of yelich, benintendi, bregman will have similar lines (maybe more upside for benintendi and bregman but yelich gets a boost with move to mil) peralta is 30 and doesnt have the upside overall or sb upside
  10. fantasy basketball info on this site is a joke and this statement sums it up perfectly every single thread i read, the sky is falling. drop top 50 player, ect...
  11. not even close 21 year old turner this year has better numbers than anything hibbert ever put up in his mid 20's/ prime
  12. its pretty outrageous kcp fg% volume is still better than wall, gasol, kemba, lillard, melo, hood ect. anyways i got a good chuckle when i read it
  13. kcp blurb He's been released from the detention center and should be able to travel with the team going forward. He failed to even score on Friday and has missed some road games, so there's a chance he could be available in your league. He had a monster block on Buddy Hield tonight and looked good, so think about grabbing him if he was dumped in your league. He should be good to go from here on out. ( we adding top 75 players from the wire now that avg 2 threes 1.7 steals?
  14. benintendi goes 27/22 307 avg c seager hits 35 bombs
  15. whats he going to cost top 100 top 110 pick? i think thats what his early adp is and there are many (5-10sp) that make more sense to be taken over tanaka at that point
  16. won ft% 87.8 with dj drumm whitside and more (4-8 on the year for ft%. not bad for punt ft team)
  17. next year fantasy wise think more along jose iglesias with more speed and some upside
  18. would much rather hav jbj over puig in LA jbj had a ops over 833 over 220 game stretch from 2015-16 add in jbj def and that he isnt a spaz like puig and you see why bos. rejected
  19. yea just looked at some of the players in the 4th/5th rd and there is no chance i would take buxton over any of them
  20. 4-5 real leagues gives me the ability to obsess and try and tweak each one to perfection without it being too hard or not fun as for the private leagues i have always done a couple free private leagues and over the last 5-7 years i have played in them no one knows anyone outside the random pair of friends that join a league... have never joined a private league where half or more played/know each other
  21. yea i cant imagine his bb% going up at all and i dont think many pitchers will bb trea in the two hole with eaton on base and harper on deck
  22. yea i agree with magoo here as turner would only be affected on a bb with eaton on base and on some hard hit singles to lf with eaton on... hitting infront of harper will make up the difference with runs/rbis/hrs and i still see him stealing 60 bags if he plays 150+ games no matter where he hits
  23. 80 probably right but if he flirts with a 350 obp like he did 2nd half last year he could easily go 20/60 he is interesting player as he has upside that only 1 player has and that other player is going to go top 5-7 overall dont forget he just turned 24 in mid dec and is still 6 months younger than trea turner
  24. was there any info about hitters moving leagues and having difficulty?