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  1. anybody remember back in the day when someone was trying to say Mariota would be a better qb than luck? ha good times
  2. looks like hes unplayable with penny getting the questionable tag and it being the sun night game.
  3. umm don't think so. and brees went ahead of him in a lot of leagues
  4. ha he was drafted as 5th qb off board and he will finish as the 6th ranked qb once he passes cam. yep that's a bust smh
  5. see other wr drafted around Gordon and Gordon really wasn't bad this year outside like landry, cooks, woods every other wr has been equal or less than gordon tate, baldwin, dt, Hogan, marvin jones, corey davis, allen robinson,
  6. ok guy. close, not close, anyway you want to look at. to someone who knows about fantasy basketball KAT is the clear choice here and its not close. when I said close in the last comment I am referring to how KAT will be close in ranking to embid just like pg and curry are close in value right now. embid really has no chance to match KAT in overall value/ranking if you look at skill set and history.
  7. kat is better than embid in all the important categories, is much safer bet to stay healthy, and has a higher ceiling, fg% kat, ft%, kat, threes kat, blks tied, steals kat, so embid gets more boards and pts which isn't important it would be like somone asking should I trade curry for paul George. its close but there is a clear winner. statistically speaking
  8. 12 team 1 pt ppr qb luck wr nuk, ab rb Kamara, mike davis te engram flex foster might get l miller off wire if im lucky might play him going against mahomes, hill, Kelce Williams lets go Sea. need a shutout
  9. Kat and its not close (own embid and would flip him + more for KAt in a sec.
  10. 12 team 9 cat punt assist I need more steals and feel I have a pretty strong fg% team. buddy and favors 4 mitchell take hit on fg% and little threes for a nice upgrade in steals? having brogdon buddy combo is death to my steals (hopefully kcp gets moved to HOU.) my team pg dipo, j rich, tyler johnson sg buddy, brog, kcp sf middleton, wiggins pf/c embid, Ayton, allen, JJJ, favors
  11. started Gordon all year and will go down with Gordon in the final game. no better options but still think he is a fine flex/wr3.
  12. im starting (over dion lewis) in ppr if penny is out. there is enough touches in the pass game to give davis 10+ pts especially against kc. carson did go 6/6 on catches but for under 5 yds a catches last week
  13. tyler johnson 3 games left this week on light schedule days
  14. 16.26 from kamara ppr 80 from cam cmc and lutz (scoring favors qbs and big plays so its possible) thanks barkley, Gordon, dak, tate, Kelce, ty
  15. I just made the switch from brate to engram. (brate super td dependent 2/30/0 wouldn't surprise me vs bal) engram has to get 7 targets
  16. more than "a bit annoying" anyways hes playing lets go
  17. sent out kawhi, embid, buddy, and brogdon 4 Giannis wall and bledsoe more than a fair offer to last place team. get this counter kawhi, capela, adams, 4 Giannis favors barnes and you wonder why hes in last place
  18. right when he has been on fire he goes down. any news on the knee inj?
  19. that's misleading in h2h as he has single handily cost me multiple pts/weeks in the standings not playing and he single handily has not won any categories (all/most of those guys production would have done the same) especially since you could move curry/westbrook to ir and get 4+ streams which is huge. you cant do that with kawhi
  20. stadium weather&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=arrowhead stadium weather&sc=8-25&sk=&cvid=6DE481B0D2864A73B357C1F326578813
  21. damn that's huge draft day steal getting ertz and Kelce probably 2-3 rd te discount putting up wr1 numbers going against ertz so I need a dud sorry ha all teams in my leagues still left have Kelce, ertz, kittle, and in 1 league me with brate/oj howard ha are ertz and Kelce top 15 picks next year?
  22. yea just looking to avoid the 3-4 pt dud iv had badgley in all week but maher kicking the 60+ yder last week plus the dome has me all twisted