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  1. I like acuna a hell of a lot more than altuve. but again its a pts league so maybe altuve is still a top 30 player even without the bags
  2. I would. he was my #1 stream when hes pitching at home so even if you only use him for home starts he should be worth the claim 1.84 era 0.78 whip @ home
  3. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h this is one of my 2 teams that is bad/struggling (actually playing well last few weeks only couple games out of playoffs) recently traded Alonso, harper, Hoskins 4 trea and trout (I was punting sb but needed to abandon that with the randomness of h2h avg and wins) give riley, giolito get acuna seems like a no brainer but my team might need to get lucky and hit on both riley and giolito ROS to compete I do need that third sb treat to go with trout and trea my staff wouldn't be great but I think I have enough arms to be ok my team c sisco 1b voit 2b dj lem 3b vlad ss trea of trout of khris of riley util seager util castellanos bench - kiermier, stanton sp flarhety, giolito, maeda, lucchesi, kikuchi, skaggs, davies, yu, lynn, sonny, stroman, matz
  4. read that he got 9 abs and ran bases in simulated game off lord Farquhar. can anyone confirm?
  5. i like b. but only because the name value of thor. I would keep jake and trade thor. meadows is probably the best player in the deal but if you are looking for sp that's a decent haul.
  6. 973 ops away this year. is there anything to see here or just sample size? 100 abs.
  7. kikuchi looks like hes going to get that 1 inn start soon after getting blown up his last 2 outings. Porcello looks like a decent add @kc this week. only problem is that his home road splits are bad but he also hasn't pitched against kc this year. mahle @stl doesn't look like a great option but his k's should make him a decent option in pts league. biggio looks like a drop but not sure how deep ur wire is with your large rosters
  8. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h have had no luck trying to move giolito + a bat for an upgraded bat so have to get creative and move gio + another sp for max. (then move max + bat for top tier bat) giolito + who for max? im thinking anyone not named buehler, wheeler. don't want to move maeda starting with gio + ray for max. should I still do it if I have to move Bieber/peacock/maeda and giolito? my staff sp buehler, giolito, wheeler, Bieber, kikuchi, Edwardo, ray, Heaney, jon gray, rp peacock, maeda
  9. ryu has shown he is elite sp1 when healthy that's the only knock on him. really hard to predict inj with sp. edit- if you can get whit and any sp not named german or ryu for max then that's a steal ryu, whit for max is probably still a good deal for you but try and get a decent sp3-5 back considering your staff don't think whit is anywhere near elite bat. also 8 sb vs 5 cs. last year 45sb vs 10cs I believe and is 30 years old
  10. try ryu and bat/chavis. unless hes really set on a top tier bat
  11. actual production and value arent the same. benny and pham have track records. and there is nothing to suggest they wont be valuable. stantons market value hasn't declined especially with him starting rehab games soon. no one is selling low on Stanton now. iv sold him and got top 15 production. (gave Stanton and riley got yelich 1-2 weeks ago) all good people view players differently but you aren't giving pham and benny enough credit. if we drafted today I find it hard to believe pham or benny would make it outside the top 50-75 the way people value sb and 5 cat players
  12. ha no one cares about rankings benny and pham are both valuable and both will go 20/20 or 25/25 both will hit for good/great avg. 5 cat players that's a fringe 1st rder and two top 50 ish players ROS. the trade all hinges on how someone views Stanton. im not sending it because I was going for Arenado and story first. like I already said the dude is starting yuli and schwarber ha. yikes
  13. that's basically how it is every start. need 3 pitches and some type command to get through a lineup 3 times
  14. when your starting yuli and schwarber getting that type of depth is better for his team if Stanton Is back within the next week or so he is still a top 15 option ROS. think you are wayyyy off on ur assessment of this trade.
  15. don't see a drop at all. id send out some 2 for deal today and see if I could open up a roster spot to add didi. but even if you open up a roster spot tatis is back next week so you would need to open up two roster spots in a trade.
  16. id veto if I had the option. and I never veto acuna for torres ok w.e that's a terrible offer but if someone really think torres is breaking out then id be ok with it but then on top of that smith and villar for happ?
  17. nope. meadows is raking. don't think deGrom is a top 5 sp ROS
  18. hiura wouldn't sniff the field with your team so that seems like a wasted pick up unless you/ur league is active in trades. mikolas is a clear add for me. id drop plesac
  19. id keep Eloy and hicks. hicks might be 1st to go. we saw with seager that missing significant time matters. domingo would be my add or dahl. not following col much lately so not sure how his PT is going
  20. my problem is id feel light on sb I like having minimum 4 guys that can steal 20+ bags. like having 5 in h2h if I move benny and pham then I only have trout, acuna, and moncada for sb. everyone else is a no go on sb
  21. idk trout have been as inj prone as Stanton last few years so that really doesn't factor in. hes got easy drops yuli, mcneil, cody allen
  22. depends how your point league is scored and how valuable altuve is. he probably doesn't lose much value in pts league if he doesn't steal bags. that being said acuna >altuve conforto in 5x5 so I would probably take acuna
  23. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h have too much depth and need to upgrade but feel like this is alot if I wait for Stanton and judge to come back my outfield would be acuna, judge, stanton, with my util pham and Benintendi and I would be sitting voit and Jorge Polanco. if I make the trade my outfield would be trout acuna judge, with my util voit and Polanco. my sp is good and deep so my only weakness is 3b but I haven't given up on Donaldson just yet. give Stanton, Benintendi, pham get trout my team c 1b goldy 2b moncada 3b donaldson ss seager of acuna of benintendi of pham util voit util j polanco bench/ir- stanon, judge, biggio
  24. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h gave riley and dejong got goldy (need to make room for judge and Stanton) gave riley, mancini, and ray got judge and domingo santana gave carlos stantana got carp (needed mi help with correa inj.) gave kenley got jt real gave Stanton buehler tatis (too much depth) got mookie