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  1. guessing he looked more like himself tonight?
  2. run support for skaggs. thank you trout. papa slam
  3. me 3. right after I traded trout for him (trout then hits 3 hrs the last 2 days against me ha)
  4. ha don't over think it add hadar and hope he doesn't wise up id also try to get trout for harper and some combo of haniger, puig lester ect
  5. wacha was pretty good his rookie year throwing basically only fb and change.
  6. honestly a little Kershaw in him mid 90's gas good slider and deuce with deception
  7. umpire missed 4 strikes last 2 hitters. so not giving low strike or high strike great
  8. can see why AJ gets bad rep. dudes annoying and that's not even taking into account his on field stuff
  9. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h decided to reach for some player I had no shares of. will probably trade them anyways ha. hopefully belly and mondesi get me something good trade offer- give Bellinger and Stanton get vlad and jdm? jdm and arenado would be fun combo but Bellinger could go 40/15 and smash vlads value not sure what to think about Alonso and voit at rds 8 and 9. I passed on tattis and Eloy for them. hope that works out. peacock pick was kinda dumb but he holds value until josh james is ready who I handcuffed. also took robles over clevinger. probably dumb but I knew that some decent sp would fall even later the way the draft was going. also passed on trea and lindor for Stanton. couldn't pull the trigger as I think stantons inj is minor 1. (5) Nolan Arenado 3B 2. (20) Giancarlo Stanton OF 3. (29) Cody Bellinger 1B,OF 4. (44) Adalberto Mondesi 2B,SS 5. (53) J.T. Realmuto C,1B 6. (68) Tommy Pham OF 7. (77) Victor Robles OF 8. (92) Pete Alonso 1B 9. (101) Luke Voit 1B 10. (116) Zack Wheeler SP 11. (125) Chris Paddack SP 12. (140) Yusei Kikuchi SP 13. (149) Kenta Maeda SP,RP 14. (164) Byron Buxton OF 15. (173) Brad Peacock RP 16. (188) Ryan McMahon 1B,2B,3B 17. (197) Jon Lester SP 18. (212) Josh James SP 19. (221) Tyler Skaggs SP 20. (236) Ramón Laureano OF 21. (245) Steven Matz SP 22. (260) Matt Strahm SP,RP 23. (269) Marco Gonzales SP
  10. didn't see todays hr but robles can hit +gas in. if he can lay off 2ndary stuff off the plate hes in for big year. one day at a time
  11. looks a bit like pujols. maybe im projecting on the no stride. 2 strike approach?
  12. yea from my experience you should win 1 out of 3 ypro $250 leagues. that gets you $1500 on 750. and depending on how many leagues you do you will also chip in some 2nd and 3rd places.
  13. hard to sell high in 1 for 1 deals and I wouldn't say any of those sp are high enough if you want to make a profit. maybe clevinger if I were you and had the flexibility to move mondesi since you got moncada and you cant play either at util?, I would look to package mondesi and a lower tier arm for a stud sp in this situation.
  14. personally I would hold unless you are in a pinch and hope someone else would get dropped at some pt during the year but you know your league and if its as competitive/deep as you say then maybe this will be best type player you will see.
  15. idk gleyber has that javy baez upside in stacked lineup and plays home games in little league field. I love buehler but we talking dynasty I think I want the bat here. not sure if Hampson is even a piece with story and mahoun and Rodgers coming and others
  16. zimm going against mets and phi if I where you I would see how he matches up. track record against the projected sp he will see. im assuming this is short term. if not go with the the unknown who I had no idea who he was until I binged his name.
  17. on paper maybe but what happens when eaton gets inj and robles goes through some rookie struggles top 4 not close.
  18. last year was only his 2nd season. so if he gets some gains in his approach at the dish then who knows I think hes a better add than beckham or even healy.
  19. if you want to know how not to play baseball watch the philly was game. awfulness everywhere
  20. first hit on the year for kemp, winker, schebler combined ha
  21. as a freddy owner that needs a win. put hadar in ha