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  1. and baez. I think hes still outside 2nd rd. id rather have story, benny, and probably correa
  2. trout mookie jo ram lindor arenado jdm machado depending if signs with NYY. if not then behind yelich and trea yelich trea max judge sale Stanton, harper, bregman, goldy, blackmon, story, altuve, degrom, kluber freeman, nola, acuna, next 5 -correa, Benintendi, soto, buehler, bauer, snell (preference on the sp) this is tough but you still have cole, severino (should be higher just not for me), verlander, Kershaw who could all go in the top 25 have no idea where soto will go don't think there are any major omissions
  3. roto I agree h2h I don't. avg and sb are devalued for me quite a bit in h2h. they should really come out with h2h and roto rankings. I guess its implied that high avg or 5 cat players are more valuable but still.
  4. only took butt buddies gronk and edelmen to cause some int.
  5. yea its the floor for me. I wasn't all about high floor for 1st rd pick but now I kinda like it/get its appeal 38/100/100 from Stanton in down year. ill take that in the 1st if you told me that was going to be his line same thing for Arenado, harper, and same thing for judge. I get the appeal of sb but give me 38/100/100 floor with 50/120/120 upside I still think I would take Arenado 3 over lindor and jo ram call me crazy. not sure yet
  6. Bryant? yikes no judge? Stanton and judge> bregman
  7. what should we expect with the ft%? about same as whitside and adams?
  8. yea that's fine in all but that line you mentioned shouldn't go in the 1st rd imo. especially over yelich and bregman who profile as much better/safer in the avg department im more surprised with the altuve rank. he is no where near my 1st rd. maybe im way off here but there is so much talent and production in the league that a player on a down year outside top 55 (even with 137? games) should come at a discount since other young consistent players are going after him edit- I also play h2h so avg isn't super important to me
  9. baez had 30% sb success rate 2nd half. no chance im taking him over jdm, yelich, judge
  10. altuve 5? that seems ridiculous with all the talent your passing on hoping he rebounds in the sb department. hes not going to hit 30 bombs. sure he will have solid avg and counting stats but no chance im taking him at 5. not even close to top 10 for me
  11. whats the deal with his quad. was it a torn quad? or is this something that could flare up or be a chronic problem
  12. up 12.7 and have DT going vs Hunt in full ppr
  13. I think it has more to do with how he was good not great with brees and brady and how they moved on from him so quickly
  14. more to do with zeke being a monster today and eating that clock 2nd half and big plays from tate im still starting with confidence (I like the tate, golladay stack someone will eat big)
  15. gameflow sucked but declining targets each game also sucks
  16. this is another reason why drafting top tier sp or going sp heavy in h2h can hurt you. this happens every year on last day or 2 of the year. you can deal with a position player sitting but if your counting on an ace and he sits that hurts alot GO HILL GO CANO, BRAUN, CUTCH need my old man team to carry me one more day
  17. yea its not full punt pts because its 14 teamer and kantar and mirotic are decent in pts but its not a strength for that team id be a little more worried about only having 3 guys that can get blks. gobert misses any time you are punting blks for those weeks
  18. well at least I own rich hill. jCSB ust need either sub 1.18 whip or sub 2.70 era to win what I would give for a clean first inn from hill and a blister flare up ha I think the dodgers are thinking that they can beat sh*tty sf without buehler and saving him incase col wins. makes sense
  19. Gordon if he plays and sony. if Gordon doesn't play then williams
  20. happens every year. still have to start them
  21. white and lockett unless im missing something but white has scored 15 ppr points in each game this year (full ppr) maybe less attractive in half ppr and sony will be lead back so if you want forsure toches then sony you want safe floor/low ceiling then white
  22. clevinger, german, freeland,and big ups to andujar and gleybertooth tiger (drafted) trout also been huge especially in h2h playoffs buehler also been one of waiver wire adds of the year (my season comes down to his start tomorrow. don't fail me now)