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  1. kershaw has always sat at 92-93 in his career
  2. trout, jdm, mookie, jo ram, lindor, freeman, altuve, arenado, judge, machado, blackmon, trea, correa, stanton, goldy, max, severino, kluber, sale, harper thats not including, bryant, ozzie, degrom, verlander, nola, kershaw,, cole, benny could even make a case for thor, springer, and more love bregman but i dont see his sb upside anything more than 20. if he gets close to 30/20 this year then maybe but i dont see how you could pass on any of the above (maybe blackmon and correa depending on 2nd half)
  3. kershaw still a top 10 top 5 sp hes worth a hell of alot more
  4. i like khris as a fantasy comp (with more upside because team/age/ and sb potential, khris does have track record) with a more 2017 type bellinger 2nd half this year he will have 30-35bombs/100/90/10-12 line
  5. try and keep baez if possible take baez and thor out of the deal. or keep thor in the deal and give up a different piece not named baez
  6. love that trout lindor jo ram combo. it would take max, cole, and yelich. nothing else. like its been said offer trout, skaggs, a hicks/anderson. id try and keep ray if possible
  7. most of my favorite draft day sp have hit (nola, cole, berrios, morton, clevinger, + wacha, and richards when healthy) but got boned on some early rd picks which never happens to me (bryant, seager, donaldson, dozier, gary) i guess its only fair as if i would of took mookie, jdm, jo ram and benny in the first 4 rds and had that staff. damnnnnnnnn
  8. i think a bit aggressive i can come up with 18-20 bats that are easy picks over bregman and thats not including harper, bryant, rizzo, gary, votto + the SP
  9. bomb and a bag tonight why does he suck hitting @home? 130 pts lower ops at home for his career
  10. redraft, auction my sp is pretty trash spent 18ish bucks on my entire staff traded benny and j up for arenado early in season along with my correa and c taylor for trea. just got j up back for morton and tailon
  11. thats tough. you give up best player but you get back 2 elite young players thats keeps you young. blackmon would be a nice upgrade for this season but he is on the downside of his career imo. id take it but i really love gleyber
  12. yea thats what i was thinking a healthy donaldson for fantasy playoffs would be a nice advantage my team 12 team c gary 1b santana 2b ozzie 3b arenado ss trea of trout of j up of acuna (dl) util gleyber util andujar bench braun, bird
  13. jean and picks is a pretty awful package for a top 15 player thats 25 springer + another solid piece might get the discussion going
  14. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h i own andujar but wonder if donaldson upside is worth the gamble as my offense is stacked i own arenado for 3b, andujar and torres at my util
  15. so did he all of sudden just become a 290 hitter? 3 months of 293+ avg. splits look good as well home/away and left/right
  16. toughest guy i have had to gauge with trade value/ ROS value this year i still think owners arent jumping because of recent bad month+ no one will offer top 50 player that is proven for ozzie been trying all year. especially for sp (cant get a top 10-12 arm for him) get laughed at ha
  17. as a owner of both in different leagues i have to lean towards c mart (if you think he is healthy) dallas as been trash and doesnt have the "stuff" like c mart does leaning cmart 60/40 but its close
  18. i need this tattooed on my 4head. dont take draft day value picks early if you dont trust or believe in that player just because the majority said so. probably been said over and over but just want to give it one more time. never wanted any of these players on draft day this year (bryant, harper, votto, bellinger,) and i ended up with all of them because they slide in the draft or got in a trade for what everyone would of thought was cheap. ************ missed on benintendi and jdm everywhere because of rank and not willing to reach (more so with benintendi) SHAME
  19. pennies on the dollar no one will give you a top 50 bat for gary. i think gary unknow/upside is worth more if not then sell for top 75ish player
  20. ops down 80ish pts from last 2 years says alot or i should say slg wayyy down think i would trade bryant straight up for bregman edit- bryant will hit a hot streak soon but still this is brutal
  21. yes take that even if you fall in the rankings and cant win it this year you can deal trout later in the season for a better keeper than pham to a top team. depending on when your trade deadline is
  22. yep he and rizzo both been overrated in fantasy for awhile now. still got suckered in with bryant in the 2nd rd in a couple leagues. (looking at jdm lines stings)
  23. 12 team 5x5 h2h redraft gave j up, votto, mikolas got judge seems like kinda alot but maybe thats just the name value of votto (got him cheap in a trade early in the year, maybe should of stuck with thames and jose martinez)
  24. has 4 home games (vs AZ) week 1 of playoffs, 0 home games 2nd rd then, 7 home games in championship rd would that 2nd rd be any reason to trade him for those in h2h? his home away splits are extreme but he has swiped 7 bags on the road