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  1. you put the barrel on the ball you are going to have more hits its very simple you want to get into the samantics of me saying 0 affect ok cool it has an affect but it has 0 to to with what goldy is going through
  2. how does a humidor play into if a player can barrel a ball? smh you would see alot more drastic affects if this was true not just one or 2 players still doesnt count for the k rate or other stats that are way off from goldy's last 3-5 years
  3. humidor has 0 impact if a player can barrel a ball. sure maybe a few flyballs that were hits/hrs are suppressed but nothing (outside of mental) you can put on the humidor.
  4. @ReyesMurphyWright humidor should have little affect on goldys k% which is 8-10% higher and his avg/obp
  5. thought andujar was > torres? been hearing that since ST
  6. would he be a top 7 pick if we drafted today? i dont think i would be the one pulling the trigger
  7. as a owner in 1 league i would take any top 15-17 player i like for goldy. for ex jdm, springer (if healthy) maybe get lucky with stanton owner but unlikley after nice 4-4 from stanton you would have better chance offering goldy + mid level sp if you have the sp depth
  8. no ratio killers... very very nice coming from late rd flier
  9. nice 5 game hit streak since activation from dl. (5 rbis as well)
  10. i dont think anyone will give you more than a fringe top 50 player when vlad gets the call and if you are someone that has vlad stashed in redrafts then your team is probably doing well. personally i dont think i would shop vlad jr for anything other than a package deal for a top 25 player as vlad upside even at 19 seems like it could be a bellinger/acuna like. would trading vlad jr for a moose, khris davis, cespedes be a league winning move? or would gambling on vlad jr be worth the risk as someone who traded bellinger for edwin last to take the forsure thing (only lost minimal production) i would usually say trade the prospect for the sure thing but vlad seems special in the acuna/trout/harper type mold
  11. thought owning altuve, harper, goldy, c seager, donaldson, buxton on same team would be fun
  12. a phrase i would never thought would be said. ever whats next bubba starling is a must own fantasy player?
  13. trying to un-jinx him/ half serious... wouldnt take him top 10 if we were to draft today
  14. cleared waivers in 12 team ypro league (maybe some useful info) had #1 waiver and didnt use it
  15. havent even noticed buxton has been inj with the addition of deshields who was a f/a in almost all 12 team redrafts when he went down. still would draft buxto top 75 if we were to draft today. take your time and come back healthy for fantasy playoffs (4 sb in 11 games with a 233 obp says it all)
  16. gave teoscar, solarte, quintana, strickland got springer, lucchesi, fernado romero
  17. id drop lowrie just to move up in the waiver priority if i new someone with a high waiver would add him
  18. just off top head trea, correa, bellinger, seager, posey, abreu, cespedes, hanley, sorry trea had 40 abs the year before
  19. yea its funny how people thought/think he wont be worth top 10, top 5 pick because of lack of talent.
  20. last thing to knock off the complaint list is hrs. cmon on trea hit some damn hrs already
  21. flirting with top 50 value (5x5) hitting 208
  22. ha. the trade went through with no one making a peep. and now a guy has a problem with me trading my cole and schoop for kershaw. smh. wrong trade to be pissed about. hopefully yahoo doesnt veto the kershaw deal
  23. traded for votto and he has 2 bombs in 2 days on my team. thames tears his ucl in thumb who i traded for votto. (along with jose martinez)