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  1. white and lockett unless im missing something but white has scored 15 ppr points in each game this year (full ppr) maybe less attractive in half ppr and sony will be lead back so if you want forsure toches then sony you want safe floor/low ceiling then white
  2. clevinger, german, freeland,and big ups to andujar and gleybertooth tiger (drafted) trout also been huge especially in h2h playoffs buehler also been one of waiver wire adds of the year (my season comes down to his start tomorrow. don't fail me now)
  3. LAA announcers just said max wont start max career at coors 5 starts 0-3 5.88 era 1.65 whip boy I need anything other than a sub 2.72 era start
  4. id do it. those are some decent pieces in deep league but Kamara and gurley in 14 teamer is deadly Thompson/ lindsey are fine flex options and I think you can roll with 2 of stills, godwin and brown until baldwin is back. if lindsey has big week im sure you could move him for a solid wr2 or better
  5. 12 team 1 pt ppr gurley and j gordon zeke and odb would love to see what Gordon offers and hate moving gurley but I am not very deep and if I can get two top 12 players for sure for gurley and a wildcard like Gordon teams 1-2 (going against diggs who matched gurley) my team qb staff wr nuk wr gordon rb gurley rb gio b te oj howard flex DT bench - r freeman, dion lewis, ty monty, ro jones 2, luck, eifert
  6. only machado, hanley and many rameriez could blow a bubble basically during his finish on a swing
  7. gqorge and its not really close. only thing dipo has going for him is that he is a point guard
  8. lbj westbrook simmons punt 3's, ft%, t/o, that should be around 150 bucks gets some punt ft bigs wcs and payton late for cheap assists, steals fg% ect. both top 50 players, not bad for under 5 bucks combined dunns also mid/cheap option wiggins for points just not sure how this team would be in points
  9. woods has 7 tds last 15 games julio has 9 tds last 33 games just saying
  10. statistically same difference between top 50 and top 70 and top 50 and top 35 value wise according to bbm so yea obviously players in certain builds will be better than their o-rank but with allen the stats he provides are harder to find a big that gets blks with fg% and ft%. let me know where you going to find that after pick 50
  11. watch Gary have a huge championship week ha
  12. I was saying snell has small track record compared to sale when someone was trying to compare sale and snell and how easy of a transition it was for sale to perform in the al east
  13. id rather go irving over kemba that fg% is great from irving I like lavine over jamal for the prices cjm is good get for 25 bucks in auction as well
  14. forgot to mention sale vs snell al east comp. snell has to face nyy and bos, sale only has to face nyy so the east is less scary for bos and nyy sp
  15. yea that's fine but sale had 5 years of track record and was already established as one of the best sp in baseball before moving to the East. snell has 1 year. sure he can continue to be a top 7 sp but it would be nice if snell had more track record . buehler stuff and numbers last 67 inn- 2.14 era 0.89 whip .171 baa 84'ks are on par with snell imo so im taking the sp in NL west yes snell 2nd half numbers are better than buehler but I have seen enough from buehler to put him up there with snell if we are projecting the next 3 years
  16. I don't think its crazy. AL east scares me. I think I would take buehler in keeper
  17. ajg yd/catch 14.6 when he had his best year ajg yd/catch 15, 15, 14.6, 14.4 last 4 years julio 13.8 best year....17 and 16.4 the next 2 years
  18. @StifleTower2 wouldn't 12/8 2 blks on excellent % be top 50ish. kantar was top 50 with 14/11 no stocks on elite %'s turner was 12.7/6.4 1.8blks on 48/77 with 1 three (allens %should make up for 1 three)
  19. that has little/nothing to do with what I said what I was saying is your argument as to why julio and ajg had there best years is because of how many more targets they received compared to the last 3 years not that they lost a step so you want to take 3 game sample size? AB on pace for 306 fantasy pts
  20. you give julio 200+ targets and he puts up same numbers or better than he did when he was younger you give ajg 11+ targets a night like he use to get and he puts up 100/1400/10. (big difference between 8.5 targets a game and 11)
  21. ? AB-128 rec, 11 td, 1120 yd nuk- 106 rec, 5td, 1461 yd odb-128 rec, 0td, 1445 yd and only one of them has a dud of sub 14.5 pt game slow starts and 19 pt fantasy avg don't really mix