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  1. that's my point. you know what your getting with rendon and xander 300/22-25/5. I know its not smart but I would project that type line from vlad with upside. have seen many minor leagues have good gains in mlb with batters eye, better lights ect
  2. not much different from many of the other wr2/3 that went before/around gordon baldwin, dt, ty, fitz cooper, Hogan, davis, robinson (and none of those wr are even close to gordons ROS value except maybe Hilton if hes healthy)
  3. how high we going for mike davis? $30+ (ito smith, hynes, went for 32 and 50 a few weeks ago, barber $25) might have to wait until more news on carsons inj but seems like he is one of the better cuffs the way sea. is running the ball
  4. I like vlad over a lot of those players taken in the 4th (rendon xander and especially Bellinger)
  5. how in the world is he not getting 25-28 min a night?
  6. ha not 1 for 1. I still think most owners view kawhi as a top 12-15 player in h2h with his inj history. and I own kawhi
  7. its rare but it usually happens with the owners that are consistently in the top half of leagues that actually try to get trades done without huge ownership bias and trying to improve their build, rather than sending out garbage offers over and over and hoping to trade rape someone. in basketball it seems that everyone tries to win a trade by a landslide. in basketball it is pretty easy to evaluate most players value based on what stats they offer and their track record (for veteran players.) (you know evan Fournier has little chance to finish in the top 50 so when he gets traded as a top 25 player last year for example after his hot start its pretty funny as you can see his improvement isn't sustainable with his shooting % as he still lacks the steals, assists, blks, reb, ect) end of rant. sorry owner honestly wonders why I wont trade Covington for parker and evan Fournier ha now with players that are young and improving its harder to gauge the value but that mostly comes down to consistent min and pecking order on their team USG. could buddy hield be a mini/lite lillard minus the dimes and return top 30 value if he gets 32 min a game? possible but by the time/if that that happens there is really no reason to trade him. unless you can package him with another piece for top 15 player. still looks like its too soon to sell high on hield if you are shooting for something better than a top 50 player (which I think is lateral move but that my ownership bias right there ha)
  8. yea I tried that for kawhi (sitting b2b's H2h league) and got called an idiot ha might need more than a 5 game hot streak for other owners (that didn't own him 2nd half last year) to jump on board and give him the value and respect he deserves
  9. hard to sell high as he is a top 50 player imo that you got after pick 80-90. don't think anyone can swing a top 50 player but if you can then I might entertain it. SAC is also winning when buddy is getting these min/lines
  10. hard to look at Gordon without bias great qb great offence great talent improving chemistry/trust with brady but little production wonder what his value is? Gordon>golladay, tate after recent trade? with Gordon as my wr3/flex its hard not to just hold and hope for improvement/upside but at the same time how much leash to we give Gordon before shopping for an upgrade?
  11. has he looked improved on def? ik steals don't = good def but can we expect the min to be consistent at 30min a night?
  12. not a fan and I love covington 14 teamer that seems like a crap load pts moving embid and lavine I like lavine a lot as well and don't see why he cant avg 20 plus with good 3's and decent steals. similar to Covington with a trade off of stocks for pts
  13. not enough but worth a shot if hes that desperate with byes
  14. I wouldn't as I think ingram is fine rb2. if im giving up Thomas ot ab I would want a top 5 rb and I don't view mixon as a top 5 rb. if kupp is healthy then I would be ok with the move. I would wait a week as mixon is on a bye week and since you are giving up best player.
  15. 12 team 1 pt ppr none of my players have had their bye weeks outside dion lewis and oj howard 5-3 on the year projected to win this week vs team with 0 wins give gurley and dt get ab and kamara might have to throw in engram (own howard, engram is just a throw in as I have been shopping him all year and all teams seem fine with the tes they own) my team qb luck wr nuk wr dt wr gordon rb gurley rb d lewis te howard
  16. is there a way on yahoo ypro leagues to block someone from sending you trades? ask him to stop sending these dumb offers and he keeps sending them like 5-7 every day and they are just awful
  17. rarely veto but an 0-7 team has no chance to make playoffs and if he really was trying to make a push for playoffs he would have trade bell weeks ago. easy veto. sucks for guy making a smart deal but that ruins the integrity of the league
  18. anybody think hes safe enough to play if you have no ivory/ other Monday night options? (only other option I have with byes is ty Montgomery ppr ha)
  19. so looks like hes a must sit unless you own ivory. cant gamble on if he will play on monday
  20. only concern is health and I think that's factored in a bit with a 4th rd pick if you knew you were getting 200 inn out of him you would take him in the late 2nd/early 3rd
  21. id gamble on bell if my team is good/had rb depthand all I had to give up is chubb